Opinion City Review- Can You Supplement Your Income With These SurveyJob Opportunities?

Opinion City Review- Can You Supplement Your Income With These SurveyJob Opportunities

Is Opinion City a scam? Will you earn a bunch of money by joining the opinion city? I will review all that you need to know about these survey job opportunities. Most people are looking to make money from their home comfort.

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Keep on reading below to find out my full review for Opinion City.

Opinion City Review- Overview

Opinion City is a company that deals with researching the top survey sites in the market to make sure you earn money easily. Much like the other take surveys for money types of programs, such as “Swagbucks“, “Fusion Cash“, “PaidviewPoint“, “Take Surveys for Cash” and others.

Opinion City connects you with top companies after comprehensive research. They make sure you have the best connections that guarantee the highest possible earning potential.

A lot of surveys can have a negative name and customers can become suspicious of scams; Opinion City looks into these companies to confirm whether they are legit.

With these online surveys, you will be able to know which companies you can earn the best from and become your boss. Opinion City promises to connect you to top research marketing companies to earn money by taking surveys.

Here’s A Quick Video On Opinion City

I have heard some people say that the opinion city website directs you to something very different instead of the proper site.

On their home page website, they say that you will be making $ 500 per week by working for the survey companies.

You can try and sign up for a few offers and surveys, but I assure you that you won’t make $500 per week as they keep promising. Most survey companies are time wasters that pay very little for a handful survey.

In some cases, you will invest about thirty minutes into a survey only to be kicked out as not having qualified. Opinion City lists sites that will not make you any money.

Most of these sites do not pay you for the time spent in filling out your profile questionnaire while these take much time to ensure you get the right surveys.

Opinion City sends you to work and sign up for a different survey company. When I first saw Opinion City, I thought I would get paid to do surveys for them. It is a survey hub that earns through getting paid each time that join a survey panel through them.

Opinion City has three tabs on their website that promises to earn you money after joining. The first tab has surveyed and paid offers where they send you to enter different survey panels. Some of these are known scams while others are legit.

The paid offers need you to link your credit cards to join and often you have to spend some of your money.

The next tab has coupons and freebies. They may link you to sites where you will get discounts.

The last tab is work from home, and it recommends you to register at home opportunities that a huge sum of money.

If you are looking for the best opportunity to make an online income, this article gives you all information and truth about Opinion City review.

What I Like About Opinion City

One of the pros of Opinion City is that you can make money with some of the websites that they recommend. Unfortunately, you should not expect to earn lots of money as they promise in their work from home tab on their website.

Even with some illegal sites, their website has a list of legitimate paid survey sites hence it may not just be a ploy. You may earn some cash from the recommended survey companies.

What I Don’t Like About Opinion City

The worst con associated with Opinion City is that you don’t always qualify for the surveys. This means that you will not always be eligible to work through an actual survey to completion even after spending more than thirty minutes trying to answer the pre-qualification questions.

Lacking to qualify for the survey may not always be but the highest population of the people on the internet experience this problem.

You will have spent thirty minutes on something that you will not receive payments. This problem is global as it is affecting most of the survey companies.

The company’s goal is to improve and develop more products. The survey sites for example Opinion City are hence looking for specific people that will help do so.

Additionally, surveys can be very frustrating to wait. Most people will not always qualify to complete a survey. This is more of the company problem as it targets a specific group of people that fit their plans.

This will lead to lots of people not getting enough surveys to generate sufficient money. If you are unlucky not to fit into the company’s profile, then you will not be able to take part in the survey. This specificity has caused a lot of frustrations.

Opinion City recommends various scam sites that are not legit. Their main goal is to get you registered with the websites sites they recommend you to while they do not do proper investigations to approve their legitimacy.

They get to earn when you sign up. That’s not a problem if the website they recommend you to is legitimate. The problem is that they direct you to sites that are well-known scammers.

It is likely that Opinion City can direct you to any site that will pay them regardless. I make money online by directing people to purchase items that I believe are legit.

Lastly, you cannot earn as much money as they claim. Surveys will earn you about $2-$4 per hour at best.

Who Exactly Is Opinion City For?

Opinion City is meant for all those people willing to make money and income online. If you want to make income at home by just logging in to the online website, this is the convenient spot for you.

Despite the many reviews referring to Opinion City as a scam, the site is meant for any willing person. However, there are those that fit the business more appropriately than others.

The people in the category targeted by the survey companies are more advantaged as they understand the job better.

www.opinioncity.com is an Opinion City site that explains about the company and how one can make a good income from signing into it where one is directed to survey sites.


After joining the Opinion City website, they asked me to provide my name and email address. I checked the box to agree to their terms and privacy policy. An optional checkbox opting into their newsletter is also available.

I checked in to agree to receive additional Opinion City promotion materials. I regretted checking in as I henceforth got hammered with many spams loads. The promotional materials could be anything.

To further entice people into joining the newsletter and receive the spams, they promise to include you in a weekly Facebook competition draw where you could win $50 cash. The competition doesn’t exist, and this is to get you to check in the box.

The website is easy and free to join requiring no training. With the basic online smartphone knowledge, I guess you are good to go. When you now actually join the Opinion City, it often does not direct you to the survey site that you wanted.

The Opinion City site is more of an advertising platform instead of a survey site. It has a sign-up page, a block of text and ads page on the rest of the pages. The website is like a portal that directs you to various survey sites that it recommends.


Many companies offer many types of businesses online and surveys that will help you earn money online. Finding an income generating work is hence simple because of the various offers.

Unfortunately, there are also many scam companies that target to grab off your hard earned cash so you shouldn’t fall for any rich schemes advertised.

Opinion City offers you an opportunity to earn online by directing you to survey sites to make money.

I came across it, and to my view, it is a chance to earn from the internet just like other many companies provide the opportunities.

Opinion City is an axis in which the user’s access survey links to paying websites. The websites elements are orderly with well-elaborated details of each section.

Users access the sections of the site easily without struggle. As the website states, its features are legal and legit and are one of the tops in this industry.

The websites persuade the user into signing up for one of a kind opportunities presented. Opinion City website arranges the survey sites from those with the highest earning chance to those with the lowest.

Despite the opportunity, you should first scrutinize it to make sure the survey company is not a scam and to get the assurance that it is your best choice to invest.

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages at play here, and it only depends on your view.

How Much Does Opinion City Cost?

The price of joining Opinion City is a hundred percent free. The website provides a free sign up and while they would not want to cost anything extra to deceive you into signing up.

They only offer opportunities to join some good looking deals while most of them are scams. How does Opinion City benefit?

There exists an affiliate kind of relationship between opinion city and the survey sites that they recommend. Opinion City earns by getting a percentage of your earning from the survey company or by affiliate commission outright.

You can refer your family and friends to the survey websites to earn a portion of what they earn through a reward program found in most survey companies.

Websites and blogs can also get external affiliate programs that often earns them a specific amount per sign up. This is only successful if they can get people to sign up.

People easily get to sign up for a survey related website as it is free to sign up. Signing up is even easier if you give them unrealistic earning expectations that do not exist? It is more profitable to get straight commissions for people signing.

This is due to the prevailing trend of majority people who don’t take any further action after signing up. Many only complete a few surveys while a few continue to carry complete surveys regularly.

Even with the scam sites, they have on their website; they still earn affiliate commissions from them. Opinion City survey sites can only net you a little cash if one is lucky enough.

Work from home section is designed for every money you have so be careful not to join that section.

Is Opinion City A Scam?

Opinion City lists various survey sites on their website making you able to find them all in one place. The problem is that they recommend and connect you to various scam sites.

I won’t call Opinion City a scam as these guys do not take your money and run. Opinion City creators were just set to make as much cash from you as the can so technically the Opinion City website itself is not a scam.

On the contrary, there is some Opinion City scam offers that makes you spend your money. Additionally, the site does not provide any account information procedure to sign up hence questionable.

I would thus not recommend you to take on this Opinion City site. Most of the sites offered are deceptive to try and trick you into something completely different that you even did not sign up. With Opinion City, the chance of being paid is minimal.

My Final Opinion On Opinion City

Opinion City is a big thump down for me. If you decide to join opinion city, it is your decision on what you want to do in your financial future. As for me, Opinion City does not provide a guarantee that they will direct you to safe sites considering how its system works.

It is definite that Opinion City front interest is to earn good cash from their affiliate links without carefully screening the legitimacy and quality of the sites it refers to people.

Doing surveys will earn you the no reasonable amount of money. Most surveys only make you $0.5-$2 per survey. You better find another way of making money online to spend your time better. You should not waste more time on offers and surveys you don’t want to try.

Overall, there no way I can recommend you to Opinion City. If you don’t want to land yourself in danger, take my advice on avoiding this site.

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