Offervault Review: Does Promoting Your Product Here Make You Money?

OfferVault Review


is offervault scam


Product Name: OfferVault

Price: Free

Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Verdict: Since this product is free for both the browsers and advertisers, I don’t really see any downside of using this service.


One of the best industries to get into if you want to make money on the internet is affiliate marketing. It’s one of the oldest money-making industries on the internet. It’s arguably one of the pillars of the internet, allowing users to thrive by promoting different products across different websites.

When the internet was first introduced, the only way you can make money was by selling items. You either run a merchant store or something similar. It took a long time for people to actually realized the potential of the internet with regard to money-making.

It was only in 1989 that a man named William J. Tobin introduced the idea of allowing people to sell his products to earn commission. That is basically how affiliate marketing happened. The idea quickly caught fire and not even a decade later, it became the #1 money-maker of the internet.

Today, in this review, we’re going to take a look into an affiliate marketing company called OfferVault. It’s been gaining popularity because it is simple and easy to understand. In this review, we’re going to put all their claims to the test. I am going to help you determine if this product is worth your time or not.


What Is OfferVault?

Make no mistake, OfferVault is unlike the usual affiliate marketing companies you may be familiar with. The most popular affiliate marketing entity remains to be Amazon and that’s the affiliate marketing model that people think about when they read “affiliate.”

OfferVault is unlike Amazon in that it doesn’t promote products for you to sell as an affiliate. OfferVault simple is a reference tool for affiliate marketers to browse different products that they can sell. Think of it like a newspaper page ad full of different items that you sell for yourself and earn a commission. But before you can sell an item, you must contact the merchant owner to register.

This is unlike Amazon wherein you can become a member and sell any of their products under the banner of being an affiliate. OfferVault is basically a news ad for affiliate marketing products.


How Does OfferVault Work?

It’s just a webpage full of affiliate marketing offers that you can register to. If you see a product that piques your interest, you can click the item and see the description. You then visit the website and register.

Ultimately, people buy ad space on OfferVault. Since this website is a known hub for internet marketers, it is a good place to promote affiliate marketing products. Marketers are willing to spend money on digital ads because that can convert to leads if they are smart about it.

If you think about it, it’s pretty simple, actually.


What Makes OfferVault Better Than Other Ad Pages?

Since OfferVault is mostly listing affiliate marketing products, they have a reliable way of categorizing all of their items. They have a search bar with plenty of filter options that allow you to search using keywords, latest to most relevant, list by category, by CPA, and many more.

What’s great about this is if you have a target product in mind, all you have to do is do targeted research. You can then arrange the list by category, ultimately giving you a powerful tool to decide what products you should be promoting.

You may be thinking that you can always find affiliate marketing products on your own. But here’s the thing, they aren’t neatly categorized in a way that’s easily digestible. OfferVault basically lists all their products in an organized fashion. All you have to do is click and select.


How To Become A Member?

If your goal is to just look for potential affiliate marketing products, then you don’t need to join the website at all. Just browse as you do other websites and you’re all set.

On the other hand, if you want to promote your own affiliate marketing websites here, that’s the time you will need to register on this network.

Once you become a member, you can now post your affiliate links for FREE. Yes, you read that right – for free!


register offervault


What’s The Catch Using OfferVault?

Now, you may be thinking that there’s a catch with using OfferVault. After all, they surely must ask for something in return for that free advertisement. So, what is it?

The answer – you being there is payment enough. Yes, that’s right. You are the payment. The exposure that they receive from you IS the payment!!

If you go look near the bottom of their page, you will see plenty of sponsor links. Those are the products that pay for that prime ad space. Every visit to the site gives those sponsors potential views which then translates to money to OfferVault. The more views = the more they pay to OfferVault. Therefore, you don’t have to pay when advertising on that site.

One thing to remember though is you have to be a member before you can post. Also, there are plenty of competitions out there. It’s not unusual for your advertisement to be buried especially when they have a high number of incoming traffic.


Pros And Cons Of Using OfferVault


  • This website has a lot of affiliates offers that you may be interested in
  • If you are searching for an affiliate offer to try, this is a good place to search
  • It’s FREE to advertise on this website
  • They even include webinars for free (only if you wanted, of course)
  • You can save your searches (only if you are a registered member)

training offervault


  • Due to the number of advertisements on there, it can quickly become overwhelming
  • Since posting is free, you will have plenty of competitors
  • OfferVault is not liable for any fail investment that you might make for an affiliate offer you saw in there
  • The conversion rate for advertising on this site is not exactly good


The Verdict – Is Using OfferVault Worth It?

The keyword here is FREE. I just feel like throwing that out there before I give you my verdict.

Since this product is free for both the browsers and advertisers, I don’t really see any downside of using this service. You might get a bad conversion rate here if you advertise but then again, it’s FREE! Your only investments are your keyboard and mouse clicks, really.

That being said, this website can easily become overwhelming especially for marketers who are just looking for a product to promote. I observed the website for several days and most of the offers on there are outright scams. If you’d ask me for a percentage, I’d probably say 95% of ads on there are scams.

That is not a good number. Not at all.

If you’re not looking to find a product to promote though, and instead, you want to advertise, then OfferVault offers you a free opportunity to do so. The only problem here is you will be competing with literally thousands of other ads for the views of the visitors. But then again, it’s FREE!


Alternative To OfferVault

If you are looking for another affiliate offer aggregate site, then there’s really nothing to recommend. As far as I’m concerned, all affiliate aggregate websites basically function the same as OfferVault. If I compare, I’d probably rate OfferVault as being the best of the bunch.

Now, if your goal for using OfferVault is to search for a product to make money from, then why not save a step and use my #1 recommended affiliate program instead? I’ve been recommending this product for years now and so far, I’ve only heard great feedback on it.

If you want to learn more about it, just click the link above. That’s how I make money online, and you can surely do it, too.

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