OfferNation Review – Is It The Best GPT Website On The Internet?

OfferNation Review – Is It The Best GPT Website On The Internet?




Today’s review is all about a GPT company called OfferNation. OfferNation claims to be above all other GPT sites on the internet based on their features – is this true? We’re going to investigate and take a closer look at this website to answer this question once and for all to determine if this platform is worth your time or not.


Below is the full review.


What Exactly is OfferNation?


OfferNation is another “get paid to” website that basically asks its users to do something before they can receive a payment. This company is owned by 99 Ventures which owns several other “get paid to” websites. It’s not that unique for a company to be running the three of more or less similar sites but it does beg the question, “why?” Why not focus on one site instead of running 3 virtually identical sites? Perhaps it has something to do with marketing. Whatever the reason is, I kind of wish that they stick only to one website and be creative with it rather than dividing their efforts into three websites that are more or less the same.


As with all GPTwebsites, the premise is quite simple. They ask you to do a task and once you complete it, they will send you a payment. It’s not that different from other GPT websites, and if I were being honest here, most of them are very similar as if they are running the same template for their website. Case in point, 99 Ventures, the company that owns OfferNation, owns 2 additional sites that are identical to this one. Maybe other GDP websites are owned by the same companies to help them saturate the market with their own product.


How Does OfferNation Work?


  • Paid Surveys


The most popular way to make money on this website is by doing surveys. You can see a lot of survey opportunities on the website when you click their “make money” tab. In fact, you will be pushed into their survey section once you click their “make money” section, which means that surveys are their most popular GPT activity. Keep in mind though that most of the surveys you will see are made by third-party survey providers which means that the website is not liable in case you run into a bad survey provider. This is one of the many issues that I consistently come across from these kinds of websites. Most of them are just acting as middlemen and will never claim responsibility for any cases of misgivings their company has led you to.


As with all survey sites, it takes a lot of patience to find one that you qualify for. More often than not, you won’t qualify on their survey for some odd reasons like location, demographic, or gender. Nevertheless, once you do find a survey, you can easily finish it in under an hour, sometimes only in minutes. Like I said, the main issue is actually finding one. You will find that you will spend more time searching for a survey compared to answering one.


  • Offer Wall


Once you go to their website and do some browsing, you will stumble upon a section called offer wall, which is where you will find offers that might interest you. You can earn several ways from that section. You can sign up and get bonus from other third-party companies, or search for an even better website than OfferNation. Of course, not all of the ads from their offer wall are legit. Truth be told, most of those are just scams trying to snatch you away from OfferNation by providing more “money making opportunities.” I suggest that you ignore this section because you might get sucked in into this rabbit hole of infinite offers, each one claiming to be better than the last. Best to avoid that kind of headache.


  • Download Apps


There are some offers that would give you bonuses or rewards when you download an app. Some apps would only count as “downloads” if you get to a certain level using this app. Some app would count the download as soon as you open the app. This is yet another free way to earn money using OfferNation.


  • Promo Codes on Other Product


You can get promo codes to use on other products on OfferNation’s Facebook and Twitter pages. They rarely post promo code offers but they do, and some of the promo codes are good to use. That’s the only reason why following their social media pages is worth your time, other than not, there’s not much reason to.


  • Clicking Ads


This one is also a popular GPT task because it does not require any thinking at all. It’s like a robotic way of earning money but as expected, the pay isn’t good. It works like this – you have to click an ad then wait for it to load for a certain amount of time and only then would it count towards your ads watched. If you close the ad too soon, it won’t count as an ad watched so keep that in mind.


  • Refer a friend


Another way to earn money is by inviting people to join OfferNation. When you successfully refer a friend to this platform, you will earn 25% of what they will earn throughout their career on this platform. This sounds easy at first but let me tell you first hand that this could be hard because you have to make sure that they would continuously use the program in order for you to earn money consistently. Once they stop using the program, you will lose your commission from their work.


  • Contest


If you are an active member of OfferNation, you are automatically eligible to be a part of their contest wherein the top 20 earners will split $1000. The top 1 would get $350 out of that, which is a nice consolation on top of what they already earned as a member. This is a nice incentive for active members to ensure they stay active for many years.


How Much Money Can You Make Using OfferNation?


Here’s the part where you’re most interested with, probably. You will earn in either cast or points, which requires different payout methods. Cash can be paid through PayPal, Payza, Skrill or even Bitcoins, whichever you prefer. As for the rewards, specifically Amazon Giftcards, you can convert those points into cash, with the conversion rate 1 cent=1 point.


It is difficult to estimate how much can you actually earn using GPT websites because of their nature, which to be honest, isn’t really known for their stability. There will be weeks where there’d be available work and there are also weeks where there won’t be any. If you go to their website, they have a section “payment proof” which gives you a rundown of all the payments they have made, or are making, in real-time. The payments range from $1 to $50, which is quite a large range, I’d say. But if we average the payments of what is shown through their website, it would be around $8 per transaction. I know, this isn’t much but compared to what other GPT sites are paying, it’s actually quite respectable. In any case, this should be a good reference of how much you can earn on this platform.





Honest Verdict


OfferNation offers a good way to make extra money but do not expect something game-changing or innovative about this company. It’s just like any other GPT websites out there with the same issues and drawbacks. If you want to earn real money, and not just petty money, you should turn your sights into marketing, affiliate marketing to be precise. I’ve reviewed plenty of affiliate marketing products and one thing is for certain – the earning potential for those is significantly higher than GPT sites. If you want to jump to my review sections, feel free to click here.


However, if you are interested in the best product that I’ve reviewed so far, click my #1 recommended product here.


Now, back to the verdict. OfferNation is a legitimate product, no doubt about it, but it suffers from the same issues tied to the GPT industry. The first issue is the payment structure is so low, especially when compared to other forms of online money making. Other issues are the instability of the platform. You also aren’t eligible to an increasing rate even if you have years of experience. As a matter of fact, your experience has no merit for this kind of site. This site caters to the most needy users available and if you feel that that is you, feel free to use this program.

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