My Pay Stuff Review- How Does It Work?

My Pay Stuff Review- How Does It Work?

Name: My Pay Stuff

Owner: Unknown


That website is now disabled

Price: Free to sign up

Overall Rating: 0 Out of 10

Welcome to my “My Pay Stuff” review!

It’s now important to know if a product or service we want to invest into actually works or not.

You are doing the right thing by coming here. I have seen a lot of people lose money to a product and service because they didn’t do enough research before they invested into.

My Pay Stuff claims that you will be earning $10 for every 10 seconds of task you perform. Sounds very interesting, right?

The My Pay Stuff had a lot of things attached to it.

In this My Pay Stuff review, I will be showing how does it work and I am also be showing you another legitimate way of making money online.


My Pay Stuff A Brief Overview

My Pay Stuff was a program that allows members to earn through completing a simple task. They also had paid survey in the member’s where you can fill out a survey form.

However, the site was disabled due to several unethical issues. Many people complained about their misleading and putting up bad reviews on the internet.

My Pay Stuff has been around for a long time. They crashed once and came back under a new business name and website.

My Pay Stuff domain “” was registered on October 24, 2016, and the last update was on March 10, 2017. There had no active users at the time of this review.


(Courtesy of WHOIS)


The site was registered with a short life expectancy like many other scam sites out there. The registration will expire in this month.

I don’t think, they will renew the registration because they have already disabled the site and moved to another one.


The Pros Vs. Cons Of My Pay Stuff


  • There are no pros because the site was disabled and the owner moves to another one.



  • Completely bogus claims on the sale page product was about
  • They lured to their program
  • You will never cash out your money even if your work hard at it.
  • They sell your personal information to the third party without your consent.
  • Most experts believe that My Pay Stuff was nothing but a scam


What Was My Pay Stuff?

Before it was disabled, the program was designed to be used for many people. My Pay Stuff was a program where you are paid to complete short tasks and then made money by getting others to sign up.

The problem was that most of the people who joined were a newbie and didn’t understand the legitimate way to make money online.

Immediately, after you signed up, you noticed that there were not many tasks in the member area. To reach the payout limit $300, you had to post your referral link on social media, classified ads or forum to get others to sign up.

They promised that you will be earned $10 from doing 10 seconds worth of work. In fact, this promise alone should be a red flag because legitimate websites were not going to pay you $5, $10 or 20 to complete a simple or short task.

When you reached the ridiculously high payment threshold of $300 or more you were required to complete a survey, an offer or download an app. Even after you completed the survey, completed an offer or downloaded an app, you were not get paid.

Tried Of Reading Lies and False Promises?

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What Happened To All Of The My Pay Stuff Folks?

First, members were worked hard for their money and  saw the money displayed on their dashboard. They thought that it was their money since the site was free to join.

However, they came to know that they could not cash out when they reached the payout limit so they tried to contact the owner of the program but there was no response.

After that, the only thing member can do was to post the bad reviews about the program on the internet. That’s why you saw a lot of complaints on the internet about them.

But where did the owner of the program goes?

After people caught up, the owner disables the website and moved to another one. They came up with a new business name and website, but I have already see the bad thing about this site.


My final Opinion On My Pay Stuff

If you do something and feel “not right” don’t do it. Your instinct is usually right and there are many scams within the online world.

Most of the folks have moved onto other programs in the style similar to My Pay Stuff, you should be wary especially when you are giving them your personal information.

They can steal your identity and sell your email to other scammers and hackers so be careful when you see a program the promise an easy money like My Pay Stuff.


What’s Now

Most people experienced this at some point in their ventures to achieve success online. In fact, 90% of all people that buy a product or service related to Internet marketing at some point feel as though they were been “ripped off.”

For many years, I was trying to find the legitimate program that will work best for me. I tried a dozen programs online to supplement my income after leaving my 9-5 days job.

I was bonded to countless similar programs like My Pay Stuff. 9 times out 10, they let me down except, for one program that I recommended below.

My Pay Stuff At A Glance

Name: My Pay Stuff

Owner: Unknown


That website is now disabled

Price: Free to sign up

Overall Rating: 0 Out of 10

Verdict: Bad Program

Do you have a personal review that you would like to add about My Pay Stuff ( ripped off by chance)? If you do so, I would like to hear your personal experience of the program and how it impacted the way your view the “opportunity” online.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

I wish you all the best!











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