My Mobile Money Pages Review- Is It Legit Or A Ripoff?

My Mobile Money Pages Review- Is It Legit Or A Ripoff?


My Mobile Money Pages


Welcome to My Mobile Money Pages Review!

The Internet was once a privilege and could only be afforded by the upper class. Not anymore. Mobile Money is the next big thing right now.


Big corporate ventures are heavily investing in this new fad, so as to generate revenue. Now when such things come to light, all of us try getting our bit in the process too.


And in doing so, we do sometimes come across some very interestingly dicey projects and experiments.


Today, I’ll take a look and explain to you how to stay safe in a time like from a scam. Or if it’s a worthy area to invest in.


And here’ I’ll be doing that with the help of a popular product on the Internet recently, known as the Mobile Money Pages. I hope this Mobile Money Pages scam review helps you in making an informed decision.


Before we get started, it’s important to note that is a review and it portrays the whole, and not a biased picture so that you have an open mind while making a fair decision.


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What Is My Mobile Money Pages All About?

Baffled by the idea of Mobile Money and it’s generative techniques, I recently stumbled upon Mobile Money Pages official site, to be greeted by Andrew Davidson.


On a little research, I still wasn’t able to find out who exactly Andrew Davidson was. Nonetheless, the product, My Mobile Money Pages was created by an Andrew Davidson.


The last renewal of the license can be dated back to 2015. My Mobile Pages is basically an online marketing and training program which came out around the time of around 2010. This is supposed to help you in building a website and lets you make money online.


Furthermore, it based on the fact that the software teaches a complete novice marketer or tech-head, with almost prior experience, on how to make a legit 550 dollars a day.


Here’s how it works

On visiting the website, you’ll be first told how dynamically currency is generated these days. Big online corporate firms are using it to analyze the behavioral pattern and in the process trying to generate revenue.


And it also gives you an annual approx. Statistical figure about the money made off this method.


Once the owner has given you all the stats figure and whatnot, you’ll be introduced to a training program – a training video on how to go about building your mobile money page, getting the right keywords, and more.


There is no rocket science to be learned there, but a basic overview of how to use the product. Also, on making a recent, I realised that the software hadn’t been updated for a while.

Here’s a Short Video on My Mobile Money Pages



Which means you’re basically living of an outdated software, whose tenacity to last or work in the proper domain, is unknown to you.


Once you’re done with creating your website, you have to find profitable keywords. Since the whole idea of this concept depends on this, you have out to be smart.


You have to learn what to sell, by knowing what people are actually looking for. After having to go through all of that, it boils down to the monetary aspect attached to it.


It takes an amount of $39.95. Since the product is still going through a few glitches and hence the price is still meager.


What I liked About My Mobile Money Pages

The product has its own set of pros and cons. Since I want to look at the good side of things, I’ll start with the pros:


It provides you with some pretty good content.

The entire concept of Mobile money depends on choosing the right amount and kind of content.


Though the website content Mobile Money Page has is mostly same for all of its users, it’s worth noticing that you do get more. Though, the return does not compensate for the kind of investment you’re making.


You can possibly make some money

This is probably the only reason that makes you want to even check out the concept altogether. This is because the entire system revolves around the possible claim of making some money.


The claim is that when you redirect someone to a particular website, you might actually have the chance of gaining some money.


Because this certain process already exists and is known as affiliate marketing. In the process of affiliate marketing, income is generated by ad revenue that appears on your website, which then turns into site visits. So the innovation in this context is nothing but copied.



My Mobile Money Pages basically putting the websites up on the search engine to get a good amount of traffic. This also includes the collection of data from everywhere, even your mobile phones for that matter.


The algorithm learns what all are you looking for on your mobile phones as well. So this way, My Mobile Money pages can also be accessed on your mobile phones, and you take the software wherever you would want while making it work.


Nonetheless, it saddened me for a moment to see the pros not being good enough and easily getting outweighed by the cons. As for a marketing software, My Mobile money Page holds really little credibility.


What I Don’t Like About My Mobile Money Pages

The software doesn’t work anymore

As I mentioned before, when I visited the website, I realized that the software is as good as the time when the last time Obama was elected President.


If you make a simple search on the internet recently, you’ll stumble across only either spun or sites that basically span.


Whatever money the founder made must be at the time of the initiation of the whole concept. As for this present day, the software has been outdated for the past several years.


Several referrals to other products

The website created by the software refers to products that have no viable holding in present times.


Not only that, referring to some random product, out of nowhere, time and again, makes no sense and only comes off as a desperate attempt to stay in business.


It also leads to crowding on your website, that too unnecessary one. So when someone does visit your website, they get anguished by the state of it and choose to leave instead.


Nothing to make you stand out

The content is all but similar in all the websites lent out by My Money Mobile Pages. Now when there’s the same content running over a certain number of websites, the search engine tends to detect.


When this happens, due to strict plagiarism policies followed by Google, the website that you invested in doesn’t even appear in the first place because there’s nothing that makes it unique. It’s a really sad thing to deal with duplicate content.


Who Is It For?

My Mobile Money Pages is aimed basically at the people who would want to get into the marketing segment with minimum skillset required.


It is also lucrative idea to people who would want to know how the business domain changes on the internet setup. And mostly for people wanting to make easy money.


Since the website does claim about helping you make 550 dollars for just sending people to sites that would propel their wants.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that easy. For a newbie, who might not be aware of the marketing ways, it would seem like a very interesting idea. And why would it not?


The website playing the video as soon as you visit puts up a video which seems to be informative and innovative, but it is hardly realistic. As for the people who just want the money, here’s a troubling fact.


Since you’re being provided with monotonous, and you’re relying only on the search engines for visitation, it’s a fact that won’t be making money, because the ranking system in Google is dynamic and calculative.


My Mobile Money Pages Training and Tool Overview

you visit the software’s website, after having paid the amount, you’re then provided with a site builder kit. But the kit isn’t very fancy or sophisticated, which would actually get you an audience.


As in this case again, the owner has made some abruptly blank promises. Unlike the claims provided, no training is given.


There are huge automated works out there in the world today that would fetch you good money.


But when a certain website claims that you don’t need the skill to make up for it and abruptly asks you to sign up for a certain format of lessons, without holding any credibility or liability, it is sort of out rightly lying to your face.


Having said that, automate training is complex, and My Money Mobile page offers you no formal training to deal with it.


Just assigning you a website template without explaining to you the functioning leaves you in a mad loophole.


Does Andrew Davidson Offer Any Help When You Need It?

My Mobile Money page provides you certain elements regarding support. It’ll provide you with a certain amount of content when you choose a certain keyword.


The tough part is though, that when you do choose a certain keyword, whatever content is in it, it would just be copied texts or ideas from some other website.


They provide you with a site builder kit, which again has the same monotony on all its design, and as I have mentioned above, how the software is out of the upgrading process, it’ll only be a miracle if it does get you any audience at all.


The website provides you with a Keyword Interceptor to help you with finding the keywords. But even that isn’t profitable as they do not help you in understanding the notion of rankings.


Further, the owner offers you a sub-domain to host your website, in which, the controlling spear passes on, and you would be losing all the pages that you built on your own website.


And above all, it promises you guaranteed, which to be honest, isn’t actually guaranteed. Cause so far, things don’t seem to work out as they should be, and there’s no legal claim binding the owner to do something about it.


How Much Does My Mobile Money Pages Cost?

The price is pretty reasonable. Unlike a lot of online software schemes, it’s prices aren’t ridiculously sky high, thus giving everyone a fair chance to experience tech. Also, if it doesn’t work out for you, it is easily refundable.


The Mobile Money Pages has a decent refundable policy. But there is a certain amount that does get deducted once you’ve invested in the software. So it’s better that you take a good bright call before investing yourself in it.


But it turns out it acts less as a benefiting scheme and more as an economical wastage. The software close to $40 for the building of website without the guarantee that the money is put to work that would bring you returns.


And even if for starters it might not seem like a big deal, you need to realise that automated processes skip out a lot of important and relevant information, thus making you lose out on big money in the long run.


Here’s What I Really Think

In my fair opinion, I wouldn’t advise someone to go ahead with it. It’s a new idea and sounds very appealing, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to deliver on the same.


You could put that money to better use, and save yourself a lot of trouble by making an investment where you’re losing out, instead of gaining some.


If you really want to be part of a segment such as this, I would recommend you to check out software that has a legit client base.


You want one that has up to date technology, a set of quality content meets user needs, and most importantly is taught by someone who is well aware of investment and technology.


So make sure you get into this sort of work with someone who has credibility and legitimacy.


Do you happen to have any previous experiences with this program that you would like to share with everyone else here today?


Tell me all about it in the comment box below!



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