My 10K Model Review- Is It An MLM Scam Or Real Business Opportunity?

My 10K Model Review- Is It An MLM Scam Or Real Business Opportunity?

Name: My 10K Model

Owner: Michael Mansell


Price: $25- $1000

Overall Rating: 7.1/10

If you are looking the most important review fact about My 10K Model, you have come to the right place.

Is it another an MLM scam or a real business opportunity? If you join, what should you expect them.

This article will show you the various mode of operation, the cost of joining them and every detail needed to make the necessary decision about this business opportunity.

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My 10K Model a Quick Overview

Online marketing has become one of the top ways to make money. In fact, it is the most preferred type of marketing currently. As long as you have access to the internet, making reasonable cash at your comfort is possible.

Over the years, people have come up with various online marketing programs that provide profit for many. Other programs bring benefit through selling products and services while others rely on recruitments.

My 10K Model is a new opportunity we have today on the Internet. If you are looking for ways to make money online, My 10K Model can be that opportunity that will help you start earning on the Internet.

I will advise you to go through the whole of the review to know how the system operates and what they stand to offer you as a member.

What Is My 10K Model All About?

My 10K Model is one of the systems that work by recruiting people for marketing a program than paying commissions. At one time, I joined a similar program known as MOBE, and my 10K model is not any different. An organisation pays for marketing its service and recruiting other members to do so.

However, my 10K model is not a program itself but a funnel system that supports another marketing program known as Easy 1 up. It is more like getting paid to market an online marketing program.

What Will You Be Doing Once You Join?

Once you register, you are ready to earn immediately. No schedule shows how often one is to obtain. It all depends on how much effort you put to get more people to join the system.

The basis of the system is that you earn a commission every time you recruit another person successfully. The commission you receive depends on how many people you convince to consider my 10K model. In fact, so people earn as much as 10,000 dollars every day just by getting others to join the system.

It may seem tedious but the job is easy, and anyone can manage. A determined person cannot get disappointed with this money earning system. How hard is it to access the internet and talk to anyone with the intent of convincing them to do something for their benefit?

There is a 90% chance that once you become a member of my 10K model, you will manage to recruit at least two members on the same day. It is possible since you already have contacts of people you feel that they may be interested.

In conjunction with that, social media helps a lot when it comes to recruiting. You can approach as many people as you like. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide you with an extensive market.

The cost of joining the system is as low as 25 dollars hence several people are likely to join or at least consider being a member later when they get the cash to purchase the level that they prefer.

What I Like About My 10K Model

  • My 10K Model is available at a low price. The advantage that comes with the low price is that I can begin earning a reasonable profit with as little as 25 dollars. If the 25 dollars is not available at the moment, I can borrow a loan and return it within the first few hours or days of recruitment. In conjunction with that, I will compensate for the starting capital within a short period just as long as I make an effort to recruit as many members as I can.
  • Another pro regarding My 10K Model is that it consists of several levels. The benefit that comes with the five levels is that I can upgrade my status at any time. Upgrading to a better level means that the amount of commission I earn increases. Additionally, there is no limitation associated with the level upgrade. If I have the money to buy the one that I prefer, I can get it at any time. Also, I can buy a better level system the first time. There is no need of purchasing the 25 dollars system if I can afford a better one.
  • The funnel system also offers specialised tools and training. The advantage of the tools and training is that I can know how to operate the system immediately I become a member. Michael’s marketing platform provides tools for private mentoring and group coaching not forgetting other significant devices such as the traffic rotator which sends traffic to my page hence increasing opportunities for sales. Even if am new at the game, I will know how to go about all the processes within a few minutes or hours recruitment.
  • Michael’s platform can be a foundation of another personal business. I can use the network to earn money for starting my most preferred business. Once I return the cash I used for purchasing My 10K model, I can save the rest of the commission to get necessary materials required for my private business. Once I gather the amount of money I need, I can decide to keep operating my or resell it to someone who needs it.
  • My 10K Model offers knowledge and skills required for online marketing. I can become a professional in marketing just by using My 10K to earn money. The platform is not just a system that assists in making cash but also an educator for marketing skills. Marketing job may not be my initial intent when I join Michael and his team, but through learning to go about the process and using the available apparatus, I can acquire significant skills for online marketing which will help handle future business issues.
  • The platform provides employment opportunities for many individuals. The benefits that associates with employment opportunities is improved standards of living. Frankly, a lot of individuals struggle when it comes to landing jobs. When they hear that they only need 25 dollars and internet access to begin earning their cash, they do not become hesitant. My 10K model has employed for many especially youths and teenagers which keeps them out of the streets.

What I Don’t Like About My 10K Model

  • One has to pay to join the team. Michael’s tool does not provide opportunities for free entries. The drawback of funding to become a member is that things could not work as expected and one will end up wasting money and regret becoming a recruit. Many people fail to earn with My 10K model in the long run because it takes a lot of effort to convince people to join the group quite a number of them decline the opportunity thinking that the platform is a scam. Also, some people may not afford the 25 dollars that seem so easy to get. The platform favours only middle-class people and others who earn high pay but gives the low-class individuals fewer chances of a purchase.
  • The marketing tool could break down and hold all the commission earned. Suppose the system malfunctions due to issues like inadequate members; I would lose my money and compensation is not guaranteed. If few people join the scheme, there will be limited funds to support the system itself and pay all the members. If the breakdown happens, there is no alternative. All the money available disappears without a trace, and that is it. Also, the authorities can decide to shut down the scheme for security reasons. There are a lot of risks and second-guessing instances of joining the group.
  • My 10K Model gives you commission as per your level. I cannot earn extra commission even if I manage to recruit more members than expected. If my I bought the scheme at 25 dollars, I can make earn 25 dollars as my highest commission. The same goes for all the other levels. The amount of money received earn depends on the level that I use.
  • The platform does not allow a free trial that enables one to decide if it is worth paying for the network. The disadvantage linked to lack of testing trial is that I can end up signing for what I do not like. Free tests are significant are they prevent people from falling for scams. I have to pay 25 dollars to know how the scheme works and if I find out that it is something I do not wish to work with, I will regret throwing away money that would be important for other projects.

Who Is My 10K Model For?

My 10K Model is a perfect project for everyone apart from young children who do not know anything to do with marketing. However, the leading target group is the youth.

First, the teens that are young adults and teenagers have the highest rate of unemployment. Micheal provides an earning method for the young people that are yet to get job opportunities and the ones who are less fortunate and do not have any other means of making ends meet.

The scheme is an easy to make money, and it captures the attention of individuals that wish to get easy cash. Young individuals have a lot of time to access the internet look for more members. Statistics show that most young people are unable to secure jobs hence most of them are available for programs like My 10K model.

In addition to that, youths know how to deal with social media because they use the social media platforms frequently. Operating scheme does not require any precise knowledge but a broader connection to other people using social media platforms.

Also, the starting capital is low to give many youths a chance to meet all their needs. Young people are the most energetic group, and marketing required that kind of energy to be successful.

The money making method is also perfect for individuals who are physically disabled and cannot work in regular working places. For instance, people that have limb disabilities can try out the scheme since it does not require too much movement.

A computer together with internet access is all that a person needs to operate the system. I can even do it from my bed if I want to. People with limited mobility do not have to stay jobless just because they have physical challenges.

Additionally, stay-at-home homemakers can make use of the system if they wish to find something that keeps them busy.

Besides making money, the marketing tool connects people which is helpful because it is possible to form meaningful friendships out random business conversations. People who love to interact with new individuals will like the design because they get opportunities to know as many new faces as they can.

Personally, I can take advantage of the tool to meet people who will be of great help in future. For instance, I may happen to know and meet a competent lawyer who will help me solving a case later in life. Using My 10K model is fun if someone gets to understand it.

The model is also perfect for individuals who wish to pursue marketing careers. Getting to know how the network operates instils one with significant knowledge about all the issues related to online marketing.

The individuals who are yet to begin their marketing courses can have a more practical idea of the details taught in theory. I can learn a lot concerning marketing just by interacting with other people from different locations.

For instance, I will be aware of the best tactics to use while marketing products and services and the challenges I may face. Tools like the traffic rotator can assist in learning how to attract more clients and in increasing sales.

If I finish my marketing course, I can use the scheme as a platform for practising skills that I acquired in class. My 10K Model can teach future marketing professionals how to succeed in the competitive world market.

Training/Too Overview

Michael Mansell’s marketing funnel system provides tools for training new members. I do not need to meet personally with the management team so that I can master how to work with the network.

The platform contains YouTube video guides that show how the model works. The videos are easy to understand as their explanations are in simple language; therefore, any literate person can know how to go about immediately after recruitment.

Apart from that, Mansell offers private mentoring for those who cannot understand the information explained in the YouTube guides. The individual mentoring comes in handy for many who are determined to invest in the business. Step by step explanations is more advantageous than following general online illustrations.

Aside from private mentoring, Michael has a coaching group that specialises explicitly in teaching new members how to start earning cash.

The training department is perfect and well backed up hence I cannot struggle while trying to figure out the function of the available tools and the method of operation.

As if that is not enough, the funnel design has impressive devices such as the traffic rotator which sends traffic to my page hence increasing the chances of getting sales. That is awesome because I already have a market and my work is to reach out to available clients. However, the traffic rotator is only available at the fourth and last levels.

Fortunately, Michael provides a free traffic generating method for users with the first three levels of models. The training comes with several benefits for users as they upgrade to a better status. What more can I ask for concerning the training system? Mansell’s coaching is reliable and cannot get any better.

Does Michael Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Speaking of Michael’s support team, the group is well organised and very involving. Michael himself follows up for everything that happens within his scheme. He is always ready to help whenever he can.

For instance, Mansell participates in various online conversations regarding the legitimacy of his money making system. He answers questions posed by potential clients when he can. Frankly, I become relaxed when I get receive an answer from the owner of the program.

In case any member faces any challenge in the system, Mansell can help if he is in a position to do so. Additionally, Mansell recognises his competent employees among the online conversations and appreciates them for their determination. He even invites some of them for lunch dates occasionally.

The manner in which the support team responds to complains is exquisite. Michael and his team follow up for every complaint that users make about My 10K Model.

In case of any challenge that members face, the support solves the problem as soon as possible. For instance, at times, the system may slow down, or some available apparatus may not be working as expected.

It is incredible how Mansell’s team take note and come up with reasonable solutions within a few hours. Even if the I fail to go about my regular schedule because of a particular issue associated with the account, I am sure it will usually be running in less than three hours.

Am fascinated by the way the support team comes up with new ideas regarding running the model. For instance, the members of support suggested better traffic rotators for individuals with systems of the first three levels and Michael considered it.

The support’s suggestions clearly show that the members of the team do not only care about earning profit but also focus on making My 10K Model a better marketing tool for its users. If the system improves at any point, I will know that the support group is involved.

Moreover, the members are always ready to assist any user who is experiencing difficulties while operating the scheme. If I were to rate the team out of 5 stars, it would still be five.

How Much Does My 10K Model Cost?

The price of My 10K Model varies as it has five different levels. The first level, known as the elevation tire goes for 25 dollars only. Away from that, the elevation tier primarily teaches how to operate the system such as creating leads, getting to your traffic and the best affiliate programs to join. The elevation tier also permits the selling of membership to enable sales for higher tier memberships.

The next level is the elite elevation tire. It goes for 100 dollars hence the highest commission I can receive at this stage is 100 dollars. The elite tire, just like the elevation membership does not offer any special tools. The training provided at the elite level is more than that at the elevation level. It contains YouTube training videos explaining the basics of social marketing.

The vertex tier is the third level of My 10K model. It is quite pricey and goes for 250 dollars which means you can make commissions as high as 250 dollars. The vertex tier contains more YouTube-based video training and guidelines on affiliate marketing. I would be comfortable investing in the vertex tier as the commission is quite high and sustainable.

The vertex elite tier is the fourth level of the account. Its price is 500 dollars which are expensive, but the commission earned at the degree is worth the price. I can receive as much as 500 dollars commission per sale which is good money. The vertex elite also consists of specific tools such as the traffic rotator which brings traffic to my page which means I have a better opportunity of getting sales compared to the first three levels. Moreover, the product level provides additional training from all the other system levels.

My most preferred product level is the vertex pro level which goes for a whopping 1000 dollars. The name itself says a lot about it. The vertex pro is the highest level and the one which offers the highest amount of commission. I can earn 1000 dollars commission per sale; therefore, I believe I can make more than 10000 dollars per day since the traffic is more than those of other lower levels. The traffic rotator provided at the vertex pro level is better than that of the vertex elite tier, so I believe with the pro level, I can earn a lot of money if I make maximum use of the system.

Here’s My Final Opinion About My 10K Model

My 10K Model is an efficient tool for generating income primarily for first- time earners. However, it is not sustainable because I do not get to sell any real products or services.

The success of the whole system largely depends on the number of total recruitments which means it can fail unexpectedly at any time. I would not entirely invest in the funnel system because I will have lost a lot of money if the number of recruitments is not enough to keep it running.

I believe the best action to take is making as many sales as you can once you but any product level so that in case the system breaks down, you will already have compensated the money you used for purchase.

Thanks for reading this review and hopefully I have given you more information than you need. If you have any questions about this or any other opportunity, just leave them in the comment box below.



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