Moola Vine Review: Is It Just Another MLM Scam?

Moola Vine Review


moolavine review


You have probably come across this program because you are looking for a program that could help you make money online. If you are, then you certainly came to the right place. Well, technically speaking, this is not the right place because you’re probably looking for the product itself. However, this page is a review of the product, which I’d argue is an even better find for you. That’s because instead of getting to the sales pitch of the program, you will get shown its review – which is more revealing. The name of the product we’re going to review is MoolaVine.


This article is going to go over the program called MoolaVine and examine if it is indeed a good product or not. Is MoolaVine even legit? I will answer this question right before the end of this review but first, we’re going to summarize the program. I am going to write a short description along with a summary of what it does. I am also going to discuss how it works, and some tips and tricks about it.


Here’s the full review.


What Exactly Is Moola Vine?


Moola Vine is an affiliate program that claims to help you earn money through the power of automation. When you go to their website, their sales video will automatically start with the narrator saying that you can earn money using their automated software. The video uses all the known tactics to lure you into the program – free time, automated, success is guaranteed, vacation, and a whole lot more. Obviously, the narrator is mainly using those arguments to get you into the program, but are their claims true? Or even a part of it? Today we’re going to find out.


Moola Vine claims to have a proprietary affiliate system in place to make sure everybody earns by a clever rewording of the referral system. I will discuss this more thoroughly in the section down below – How Does Moola Vine Work. But from the looks of it, this program seems like any other program you will see on the market. There’s nothing much special going on about it if I were being honest.


Who’s The Guy Behind This Program?


Bryan Winters is the creator of the program.


As per my research, it seems like Bryan Winters is a real person and a successful one at that. He is a known internet marketer that’s been making good cash online for many years now.


Bryan Winters being a real person sure does add a lot of points into MoolaVine being a legit program. Below we’re going to discuss how MoolaVine works. Are there any issues stemming from the system? We’ll find out soon enough.


How Does MoolaVine Work?


MoolaVine claims to have a system in place wherein everybody gets to earn by way of cooperation. That is, you will buy things through your mentor’s link and your recruits would buy items using your referral link. This way, everyone gets commissions instead of no one. The price of the item won’t change but if you buy through your recruiter’s link, they will earn a commission that can help them tremendously. If you have recruits of your own, you will also earn a commission when they buy items from your referral link. MoolaVine claims this is their cooperation-based system, but it does sound a little familiar, yes?


Their system, “cooperation-based,” is literally just like any other referral system you can find elsewhere. They just rebranded it in a way that sounded like you are helping someone in need, when the fact is, affiliate marketing has been done the same way since time immemorial.


moola vine review


But before you get any commissions, there is one requirement. You need to be in what they call “Green Days.” This is a time-frame when you are eligible to receive a commission. If one of your recruits buys an item using your affiliate link but you aren’t “Greed Day-ed,” you won’t get a commission. For you to have “Green Day” pass, you would need to buy items from their marketplace. Think of it as some kind of membership fee.


To put it simply, you need to recruit members to be your downlines. But if you want to keep getting a commission for their purchase, you need to buy items from your upline yourself. This program seems like a clear-cut MLM membership program, no matter how much they don’t claim to be.


How Much Is Moola Vine?


According to the website, you don’t have to pay anything in order to join. The joining fee is a staggering $0 – but that’s according to them. You will soon find out if you join that while joining is free, keeping your membership is the thing that would cost you. In order to receive commission and additional perks, you need to spend money on JVZoo or Clickbank. If you fail to do so, your membership will be revoked and all your possible earnings would be thrown out the window.


moola vine review


If you don’t want to purchase items or programs on either JVZoo or Clickbank, you can elect to just pay a membership fee of around $30. This is probably the easiest choice but is one that can cost you more money since the only thing you’d get from the $30 is the membership. Compare that to when you spend money on JVZoo and Clickbank – at least you would have an item to show for.


Nonetheless, you will spend money either way, so in my opinion, the better choice would be to opt for the JVZoo and ClickBank option. With that option, you would get something out of your money.


Who Can Benefit From Moola Vine?


Moola Vine is perfect for aspiring affiliate marketers who want to experience their first marketing gig. According to the website, this program is geared towards automation, which makes it somewhat perfect for newbies.


However, from my own experience using and reading about this program, I can’t, in the right conscience, recommend this to newbies. Moola Vine offers absolutely abysmal training where instead of teaching you the ropes, it hides you from it. Their training is more about explaining how their system works and not how you can make money off of it. That isn’t the right way to go about training.


If you are interested in a better affiliate marketing program, I suggest that you read up on my #1 recommended program.


Honest Thoughts About Moola Vine


  • It’s an affiliate marketing product


Affiliate marketing is a legit marketing system that’s been used for a long time now by many people. I personally know a handful of people who are earning passively through affiliate marketing. As far as the legitimacy of affiliate marketing, there’s no question about it. It’s real.


  • They claim that it’s free but it’s actually not


They claim that their product is free to join but once you read the fine print, you will soon learn that they have some sort of hidden membership fees. I’ve discussed those in one of the sections above.


  • They have a lot of upsells


One of the many grips I have with many affiliate marketing systems is the numerous upsells. The more the upsells the company has, the more I hate it. This one’s no different. But to be fair to them, their upsells are not the “in your face” kind that we’re all so familiar with.


  • Misleading claims


This program is based around hype. The income claims are incredible but you have to really be gullible to believe that the majority of the users of this program earn that much money in a short period of time. The income shown is possible if you are the creator of the program perhaps. But if you’re just a user, the potential income is way less than what is shown.


  • Abysmal training modules


They don’t have good training materials. It lacks even the most basic training modules to help assist new members with their recruitment techniques.


  • There is a money-back guarantee


One good thing about this program is there is a money-back guarantee. Just make sure to request your money back before the 30 days have passed, that is if you want your money back.


The Verdict


Moola Vine is a legit affiliate marketing program though I have some reservations recommending it to my readers. One of the biggest issues is their training module does not provide any kind of support whatsoever. Their training is lacking in ways that are detrimental to their members’ successes.


While you can theoretically earn using this system, you will find that it’s incredibly hard to have someone believe in this program when it’s just like any other program out there.


Overall, I won’t be recommending this program to anyone. I have plenty of other affiliate marketing systems that have brought success to my readers and I’d be a complete sellout if I recommend this product instead. In short, beware of this program and tread lightly if you ever cross paths with it.


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