ModSquad Review: Is Social Media Moderation A Good Side Gig?

ModSquad Review: Is Social Media Moderation A Good Side Gig?


modsquad review

Product Name: ModSquad

Price: Free to Join

Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, I am definitely going to recommend this to people looking for work-at-home opportunities.


What Is ModSquad?

ModSquad is a company that employs people to work as internet personnel for various companies around the world. By internet personnel, what I mean by that is any job that entails you to deal with customers/users over the internet. This could be something like managing a social media account or answering customer emails. It depends on the company you are applying for.

ModSquad has offices in the US, Europe, and the Philippines. Philippines is where some of the jobs get outsourced which is the reason why they have a head office down there.

Their most popular job title is moderator. The job description of being a moderator is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve posted the description of this job title below – this is taken directly from their website.


what is a moderator?


What Exactly Do You Do In ModSquad?

As I’ve said, you will get assigned different tasks depending on the needs of the clients. Some clients would only need one skill while others would need more than five. Again, it depends on the need of the client. But to give you a bit of an idea of what skills you should aim for, here is a list of the tasks you can expect from ModSquad.

  • Manage social media account
  • Moderate forums
  • Flag spams
  • Become an online customer support
  • Carry out virtual assistant duties
  • Carry out email tasks
  • Create and manage online communities
  • And many more

what does modsquad do


What Are The Requirements?

To become a member, or rather a ModSquad independent contractor, you will need these requirements.

  • Good grasp of the English language
  • Stable and reliable internet
  • Must-have your dedicated work area (since this is home-based)
  • Can easily follow instructions down the letter
  • Must own a computer
  • Must possess the skills to moderate online forums


How To Become A Member?

Becoming a member is actually very easy. The first thing you need to do is visit their website and apply online. The information needed is a bit more extensive compared to other online earning opportunities but considering the platform, it makes sense. After all, you are going to also upload your resume here, so it only makes sense to have a more in-depth profile for your account.

Once you have submitted all the requirements, the company will respond with an acknowledgment within 72 hours of passing the requirement.

The acceptance rate is surprisingly very high. After all, all the tasks listed above does not really require any specialties. Most people that are well-versed in online socials can do a fairly good job if they put some time into learning it.


How Much Can You Earn As A ModSquad Independent Contractor?

The answer is it depends on the client. Since you are an independent contractor, the amount you will be paid depends on the type of work you have, and the budget of the client. If you are lucky, you will land a client that pays well.

But to give you an idea of what is the fair pricing for your services, here are some of the things you need to consider.

  • How in-demand is your skill
  • Your previous work experience
  • Your availability
  • Can you keep up with the deadlines
  • Do you meet the skill-level needed
  • Many more

These are only some of the questions that you need to have a clear answer for before you can decide on your rate. Since you are working independently, you will decide your rate. Bear in mind that you will have lots of competition when applying so make sure your rate is fair market value.


How Do You Get Paid In ModSquad?

ModSquad uses Paypal for its payment. The payment is done monthly.

Another thing that I feel like it should mention is you won’t ModSquad does not pay overtime fees. Therefore, if the project you’re working on requires you to make an estimate of how much time do you need to finish it, make sure that you give plenty of wiggle room in case you run into some troubles.


What I Like About ModSquad

ModSquad can be considered a job portal for online workers, and it shows. It functions just like any other job portal, only that it offers a smaller talent pool since the not every one wants to work as a virtual assistant.

  • You can take several jobs at once provided that you can complete your tasks on time
  • The requirement for most of the jobs is not that much
  • The pay rate is considerably higher than other online opportunities
  • You can negotiate your work hours (depends on the clients)

These are some of the few things that pop up when I think of good things about this company. I’m sure there’s still plenty of good things I can say about this company but for the sake of brevity, I will only list the qualities that prop up.


What I Don’t Like About ModSquad

  • If you compare ModSquad to other ‘real’ office jobs, the pay rate is relatively low
  • Some clients expect too much for too little payment
  • Reports of customer support failing to answer queries
  • It’s not a consistent source of money
  • Your training depends if your client will provide it. Otherwise, you are expected to already have the skills to start working immediately.


The Verdict – Is ModSquad A Legit Company?

From my research of the company, I can confirm that ModSquad is indeed a legitimate company. It’s not as big as other job aggregate sites but they do provide great work opportunities.

The majority of the available jobs here are home-based so if you are looking for those kinds of opportunities, this is the perfect company to use for searching.

Granted, the payment won’t compare to actual office jobs but if you consider the convenience of working only at home, avoiding traffic, office politics, and drama, perhaps the wage cut can be somewhat acceptable. It really depends on how much you want to work.

Overall, I am definitely going to recommend this to people looking for work-at-home opportunities. This is especially more enticing because of the recent quarantine crisis where many people are finding themselves jobless. It’s not a perfect website for work opportunities as I’ve outlined in the section above. But it really is good as it is, a platform for people to search for jobs.


Looking For Other Opportunities?

If you are not particularly a fan of working as a moderator for different clients, I should probably direct you to affiliate marketing. It’s very different that this website that I’ve just reviewed but it is a great online money-making opportunity.

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