Miracle System Review: Does This Worth Your Time and Investment?

Miracle System Review: Does This Worth Your Time and Investment?

Miracle System review


Welcome to my Miracle System review!

Let me ask you: when was the last time you were able to convince your friend to invest together in a business idea? Let me guess: Never! If you are anything like me, recruiting people is probably one of your weakest points.


However, every now and then, people who are looking for a new way to make money online stumble on a website that promises riches within one week only if you can recruit 2 to 5 people.


Recruiting new people into an online business especially an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) can be the hardest thing you will ever do. Personally, I tend to avoid such businesses because of two reasons.


The first reason is that I’m always skeptical about such business because of my weakness when it comes to recruiting new people.


The second reason is that the business may end up being a scam and your friends will blame you for referring them to such business. Recently, this new program called “Miracle System” is making a lot of buzzes online.


Like you may have guessed, Miracle System is another program that depends heavily on recruiting people into a network.


According to the people behind this program, you can earn between $3,000 and $40,000 within one month after joining their program. This is a huge amount of money.


However, the authors of this program were so sure that this is a real deal and you can make so much money from the program.


After receiving several emails to review this program, I decide to make my research and provide you a detailed and honest review of this program called Miracle System. Keep on reading to learn more.


Name: Miracle System

Type: MLM

Author: Domonique Barbee

Price: $110

Recommended: 2.5/10

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What is the Miracle System?

Miracle System is an MLM system that claimed you can make between $3000 and $40,000 in the next 14-30 days after joining the program. The name of the person who created this program was not given on the website or sales page.


However, the person who created this program’s Facebook page is called Domonique Barbee and I believed that he is the one who is behind the program.


According to the guys who are behind this program, Miracle System will help you to instantly turn your debts into banks. There is no doubt that whoever created this program made several bold claims without evidence.

See the Screenshot below.

Miracle System claims


Nevertheless, I’m not going to give a verdict yet until I take a look at how the program works. Below, you can see in details how you will supposedly earn the $40,000 in a week as the Miracle System claims.


How Does the Miracle System Work?

This is where it gets very interesting. Miracle System is a multi-level marketing platform (MLM). What this means is that you will need to recruit people into the program to be able to make money. Miracle System was founded in January 2019.


The owner of the program claimed that within one month of joining the Miracle System, you will cut your debts and turn your bills into banks.


Here’s a Quick Video on Miracle System.



In their lead capture page, Miracle System claims you can cut down your monthly bills into zero. The purpose of the Miracle System is to take care of your residual bills like mortgage, taxes, gas, childcare, vacation, health insurance, and more.


To join the Miracle System, you will have to pay $110 to the person who referred you to the program. They have different levels which they call banks. When you join the Miracle System, you will have to purchase a number of banks. There are 17 different banks. These banks include:


1. Housing
2. Taxes
3. Car expenses
4. Fun bank
5. Childcare
6. Clothing
7. Vacation
8. Health insurance
9. Life insurance
10. Entrepreneur
11. Personal
12. Contribution
13. Retirement
14. Holidays
15. Investment
16. Real estate
17. Nonprofit


Are you wondering what these banks are? Basically, they are just different levels with different entry price. The lowest level is housing and it cost $110 to purchase this level.


Take, for instance, if you decide that you want to enter at “Vacation” level, you will have to pay more money. You can even join at the highest level for $1725.


The goal is to bring 1 person after you join the program. The person you referred to the program will also pay $110. After your referral makes his payment, you will receive a direct $100 deposit while $10 goes to the people who created the program.


The goal is to purchase 15 banks so you can reach the “Non-Profit” level and earn $1725. However, to do this, you will have to bring enough people to be able to purchase banks you need to reach that level.


Alternatively, you can purchase it with your own money and then hope to get referrals from the program’s rotator. You are required to recruit a new person per month. If you fail to recruit someone, you will pay the money with your own money.


Take for an example, if you purchase the whole banks with $1725 and fail to recruit someone the following month, you will have to pay another $1725 out of your pocket.


Like every other MLM programs I have seen, the Miracle System has a very complicated compensation plan. I’m thinking it was intentionally designed to confuse people who want to join the program. No doubt, this program is not transparent and has a lot of questions.


How To Make Money With the Miracle System

Well, according to them, the way to make money with this program is to recruit 1 person after you joined the program. Your goal is to reach level 15 where you can make the maximum amount of money which is $1725.


Despite their claims that it is very easy to recruit people, you can still fail. Recruiting people into MLM is very hard. If you cannot recruit, you have no chance of earning a cent from this program.


Fortunately, you have other opportunities to make money from home without recruiting. You will want to check out My #1 Recommendation if you want to make part-time or full-time income. However, if you are looking for just some extra cash, you can try sites like Inbox Dollars, Daily Rewards, and Swagbucks.


The Ugly Truths About the Miracle Systems Revealed!

It is MLM

The fact is it a network marketing is enough reason to stay away from the Miracle System. Studies have shown that only 1% succeeds in every MLM before it crashes.


You are expected to recruit new people each month, if you fail to recruit, you will be booted out or use your own money to pay up. No MLM is as easy as it sounds.


 No Product Whatsoever

Miracle System has no product. All they do is recycle payment from one member to another. You are just paying your sponsor while hoping that someone else pays you.


It is only a matter of time before people stop entering into the program and it will come crashing like a house of cards.


Hidden Owner

Perhaps, one of the biggest red flags of the program is that the owner of this program tried to hide from the public.


A little research revealed that the person behind this program is Domonique Barbee – a man who is known with so many failed pyramid schemes in the past.


In the past two years, Domonique Barbee promoted other pyramid programs such as “Coins of Change” and “Abundant Bitcoin Crowdfunding”. Both programs failed woefully causing a lot of people to lose their hard-earned money.


What I Like About Miracle System



Is Miracle System a Scam?

I heard that a lot of people made money from this program. So far, I have not seen any proof. However, during my research, I saw multiple claims of people that they made some cash from the program.


Honestly, this is not impossible. In every MLM program, people who are first to invest are usually the ones to cash out big before others are sucked in later with promises of riches.


If there is one thing that every MLM programs have in common, it is that they are going to crash one day. It is only a matter of time.


At the time of writing this review, Miracle System is already on its way to crashing like a house of cards. My word of advice to you is: Avoid!


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Miracle System






Overall Quality



  • None


  • It is MLM
  • No Products whatever.
  • Hidden Owner.

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