Reviews- Is it Legit or a Scam? Can You Trust Reviews- Is it Legit or a Scam? Can you Trust

Have you been looking for a way to manage your finance and think that Mint would help you to achieve that, but not sure if they are legitimate or not.

You’ve done the right thing by coming to our website to get the nececessary details about this company because not many people take such steps and end up complaining after getting their fingures burnt.

In this review, I will states all the various upsides and downsides of this company to determine if they are a company you can join or not.

What is

Mint found at is a free, web-based peronal finacial management service for the US and Canada. Mint was founded by Aaron Patzer in 2006 and is currently headquared in Mountain View, California, United States.

With, you have a reason to smile as it introduces a Mint app that makes it possible for you to manage all of your finances from one location. Mint serves to uphold your personal money management.

Consider how it feels to have a personal finance software that comes with tracking and
budgeting features that are not difficult to use.

So far the Mint app has more than 15 million users worldwide hence who are you not to be among the daring millions of users enjoying free online personal financial management.

It’s penniless to sign up and it will only consume a couple of your seconds to add new accounts into the program. Another interesting bit about the Mint is that your financial data automatically gets updated each and every time you sign in into your account.

With just a simple glance to the mint’s dashboard, you will be able to get details of your personal finances in a quickly summarised form.

Here’s a Quick Video on Mint.

Here are some of the Mint features:

Budgeting and tracking expenses makes budgeting simple to set up. It achieves this by making it possible for downloaded and synchronized transactions to be auto-categorized into predefined classes.

You are allowed to make your own subclasses but limited from modifying the top-level ones. In addition, you have an option of making modifications to your transactions after
you have downloaded them.

Monitoring credit scores

Recently, Mint came up with a free credit score tracking option which makes it easier for you to keep track of your entire monetary details.

Here is how to go about it; press on the “show details” button to see your credit score, history of your payment, the number of years your credit account has lasted
and many more.

Creating and managing goals

With Mint, new goals such as saving for a new house is set up in a simple manner and get easily reflected in your budgeting of the month.

Let’s Take a Look at the Pros and Cons of


  • Users are made aware of what had traversed with their finances in the past week
    as they get emailed with their weekly summaries
  • Users are alerted through SMS or email concerning their pending bills and how to
    save cash on their transactional dues.
  • Users expenditures are graphically represented to make it easier for them to
    understand how and where they exactly utilize their money.
  • Users enjoy automatically sync of their financial data.
  • Users are at a position of validating their Mint usage before logging in through
    their email messages or cell phone messages. This shuns away scam.
  • Mint makes it possible for users to have a view at their credit score, account
    usage, payment history and errors at a glance hence credit score tracking.


  • does not give an option of importing data from Quicken which is also
    another personal money managing software.
  • Users are not in a position of reconciling against their monthly bank statement.
  • The service is less attractive as its Bill Pay features were canceled by it.
  • Lack of report generation as the one and only method of generating a report is
    through exporting a CSV file to a spreadsheet.
  • Has synchronization issues as at times there is the breaking of bank syncs which
    takes lots of time to be corrected.
  • Lack of investing features as personal capital which is an alternative personal
    finance management software which gives alternative better tools of investment.

Who is Made for? can serve anybody who is yearning to maintain a good personal finance

Groups of people who are well served with are; personal finance newbies, investors, young investors, smartphone users, budgeters and bill paying individuals.

For instance, the bill paying individuals usually have a lot running in their minds that they may be prone to confusing between the already paid and the unpaid bills.

With the aid of mint, such individuals can get access to a summary of their previous week transactions and hence get to know both their paid and unpaid bills. also makes it possible for such individuals to have a view of their payment
history by just a glance.

For the case of investors who deals with huge amounts of money, they are protected from as the software makes it possible for them to validate their mint usage before logging in through their email messages or cell phone messages.

The data of their huge amount of money is also synchronized each time they
carry out transactions thus making it easier for them to track their accounts.

I know some may be inquiring how does it compare to other personal financial
management software like Quicken?

From my personal experience, while I was using Quicken primarily to manage my whole finances, I too got it to be fantastic. With Quicken I was able to create spreadsheets for maintaining portions of my portfolio., however, doesn’t seem to have managing tools for some areas in my finances. I ended up transferring the total amount into my Quicken account.

With the above well said, I personally believe that Quicken still has superior features which are non-existent in Mint.

You might be asking “How do Mint makes money from its free services?”
makes money by recommending various financial services from which it earns the referral fee.

Mint also came up with ad banners on its website to monetize users. Mint, in addition, sells aggregate financial data to different provides.

It must be stressed that the above data does not give the referral to the usages of individuals. This clearly indicates how mint does not obtain funds in a fraudulent manner.

Here’s My Personal Opinion on

I believe has all it takes to become the best service provider in personal
financial management.

If mint makes advantage of correcting the above-mentioned cons such as introducing its pay bill features then it will be at a position of favorably competing Quicken and even overtaking it.


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