Mingle Cash Review – Can You Even Make A Single Cent Off This Program?

Mingle Cash Review


mingle cash review


Most incomes online are direct results of online advertisements. If you know someone that makes money online, chances are, they are able to do so because of online advertisement. The ads you see on Facebook, for instance, are paid for by the companies that want them shown. How much they pay depends on what was agreed upon by the two parties. Some companies opt for pay-per-impression while others choose pay-per-click. Either of these would work as long as you get enough exposure. This company that I am about to review is all about boosting advertisement numbers – it’s called Mingle Cash. Basically, you are paid to view ads that are loaded into your computer whenever you are browsing online. How this works isn’t entirely clear but for this review, I am going to find the ins and outs of this system. I am going to check how it truly works, and it’s ever worth your money.


Without further introduction, here is my complete and honest review of Mingle Cash.


What Is Mingle Cash?


Mingle Cash is yet another “get paid to do” type of website that promises to pay its users by watching banner ads and browsing the internet. However, if you look closely, you will find that it doesn’t actually pay you for the amount of work that you do, but for the number of recruits you will give them. I will discuss this in detail below. But first, allow me to introduce you to a program that I’ve reviewed recently. It’s a very different from this program but it’s worth checking out to serve as a palate cleanser before we dive deep into my Mingle Cash review. Here’s the link to my #1 Recommended Program.



How Does It Work?



It’s actually pretty easy since all you have to do is install the Mingle Cash browser extension to your preferred browser. Once installed, you will get pop-ups every three or so minutes while you are browsing online. As we all know, banner advertising is a great way to make money. Facebook and Google have both been capitalizing on advertisements for years now and only now is it trickling to smaller companies. Advertisements gigs have always been a great money-maker. The more people see the ads, the more it pays, which is exactly how Mingle Cash supposedly works. It shows several ads to users and in turn, this would be counted by a third-party company, translating into a quick buck.


The website promises that their ads are not going to interfere with your browsing experience. They claim that these ads are so subtle that you won’t even see them until you minimize your browser windows. Another feature is these ads won’t load if you are doing something like watching a movie on Netflix or something static. The browser extension would only work if you are actively browsing the internet. Otherwise, they won’t refresh at all.



How Do You Earn Money?


Here’s the tricky part, you don’t actually earn anything from watching the ads yourself. Instead, you pay by recruiting people and having them watch the ads on your behalf. These recruits would be your downlines and in order to get paid, your downlines should watch at least 10 ads per day. When your first level downlines recruit for themselves, you would also get a part of the earning of their downlines – think of it as your level 2 downlines. This can go on and on, but of course, the further the downline from you, the smaller your commission is.


As you can see, the potential for earning using this website is very much there. As long as you are able to recruit downlines, and they actively use the site to view ads, you can get a respectable amount of passive income. You don’t even have to do anything. However, it is suggested that you also use the browser extension to be able to earn for your upline (the one who recruited you in the first place).



Red Flags of the Program


  1. You don’t actually earn from the work that you do


This is a bit surprising because using their mechanic, you are likely to focus more on recruiting people other than watching the ads for yourself, ultimately not doing your part for your upline. The reason this is bad is that your downline might realize this and neglect watching ads altogether rendering you unable to earn a penny. What this company should’ve done is give incentive if you keep watching the ads because that would equate to better earnings for your upline, their upline, and ultimately, the company itself. It’s just weird that they decided to make the system work like that.


  1. You rely on the work of others


This is still related to the first red flag. You are made reliant on the work of your downlines. If they don’t work or view ads, you earn nothing. But this is the tricky part, they don’t actually earn when they view the ads themselves, so why would they even watch it? The money is in the recruitment and the sooner they realize this, the sooner they will abandon watching ads and just focus on recruiting people.


  1. There is a minimum number of ads watch threshold


There is a threshold of 10 ads a day that your downlines must watch in order for you to earn. If they fail to hit this mark, you won’t earn anything at all. It doesn’t matter how many ads you watch because you are reliant on your downlines by a lot.


  1. This program is all about referrals and recruitment


In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is a recruitment-heavy based program. You won’t earn anything if you just focus on watching ads. The name of the game is to recruit people under you and have them recruit people as well, all while ensuring that all of them are active because if not, all your efforts would go to waste.


Who Owns The Program?



Nothing is known about the identity of the owner. The location where the company is registered is also unknown. The fact that very little is known about the origin of this company should make you worry. Even if you search the identities of the owner/s, you won’t find anything. It’s either this is by design, or by mistake. I am leaning towards the former since owners of companies are usually proud of their work. The fact that the owners chose to hide their identities speaks volume to us.


Is Mingle Cash Legit?


Farming advertisement views isn’t a new way to make money. In fact, it has long been used as a way to boost the reach of the advertisement. However, in this case, this was not done effectively. It’s as if the system only wants you to recruit more users but will never pay you. That is by design. They just want free exposure for their ads to make them money. You will not see any of this income, of course, but they make it seem like you will.


Overall, I would not recommend this program at all. I’ve seen a lot more products that are more truthful and honest than this program. The money you earn isn’t based upon the amount of your work but rather the amount of work of your downlines. This design simply wouldn’t survive and is a bit counter-intuitive. Why would you want to view ads when you know you’re not going to earn from it? Your downlines will stop viewing ads once they realize this, thus netting you zero money. Can you see the problem with that?


Luckily for you, I have a program that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. This is because it is a no-fluff company that only tells you how it is. They don’t make grand claims,and in fact, are very modest about the potential income when you choose to be a part of their growing network. If you are curious as to what this company is all about, you can click the link down below.


My #1 Recommended Program

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