Microsoft Rewards Review: A Detailed Review

Microsoft Rewards Review



In this review, we are going to look into a program named Bing Rewards, now known as Microsoft Rewards. As implied by the name, it is a program run by Microsoft that aims to have internet users switch to Bing as their main search engine of choice.


There are a lot of incentives in using Microsoft Rewards. The rewards and gift checks alone make it an intriguing product to use. But of course, that depends entirely on your preference. Many users would just stick to using Google because that’s what they’ve been using all their life, while some users would take free rewards as a good enough incentive to switch.


I am going to help you determine if it’s worth your time to switch or not. I am going to write about the pros and cons of this program to give you an insight into what you should expect when you use this program. I will also give my fair assessment of this structure of the program, as well as tips to help you maximize the use of this program. Without further delays, here’s my complete review.


What Exactly Is Microsoft Rewards?


Microsoft Rewards (previously known as Bing rewards) is a side program that is run by Microsoft that gives rewards to users that are using Bing as their main browser. If you think about it, Microsoft basically pays you to use their browser, Bing. You can use any kind of browser you like as long as you use Bing as your main search engine.


You will get your “rewards” in points. 1 point is worth about $0.001. You accumulate 1000 points and that’s a dollar. That doesn’t seem like much but if you think about it, it’s like free money. Just search the web the way you always do but use Bing instead, and you’re entitled to several points per search. At the time of this writing, the rate is 5 points per search. That means that you have to search 200 times per day to earn one dollar.


Again, that may not seem like much but it’s better than nothing – which is what you’ve been earning ever since you started searching the web.


Microsoft Rewards Levels


There are levels to this – you may have come across this saying in one way or another. It actually applies to a lot of things, and in this case, to Microsoft Rewards.


At the first level of the program, level 1, you are limited to 50 points per day.


Now, if you want to get to level 2, you need to earn at least 500 points in one month. You will be downgraded to level 1 if you fall below that threshold. Ultimately, you need to maintain 500 points per day to retain your level 2 status. The main difference is at level 2, you are capped to 250 points per day instead of the usual 50. That is a huge jump if you think about it.


If you do some quick math, that comes to about 10 searches per day on level 1, and 25 searches for level 2.


Earning Money On Microsoft Rewards


Above is the most popular way to earn on MS Rewards. But unknown to some, there are actually more ways to earn using this platform apart from just using Bing as your main search engine.


Use Microsoft Edge as your main browser


Microsoft Edge, in case you are not aware, is the new built-in browser for Microsoft machines. It replaces the infamous Internet Explorer, and for good reasons too. For years now, Internet Explorer has garnered a reputation of being the slowest browser in the history of browsers. It’s pretty hard to get back the reputation lost from the constant slander of the program.


As a way to change the image of its built-in browser, it launched Microsoft Edge. A better and faster browser than Internet Explorer. Problem is, the bad reputation bled into the Microsoft system itself which makes marketing Edge a nightmare, hence the promotion. Microsoft has launched a program to give you rewards just for using the Edge as your main browser. If I’m going to be honest here, it’s actually faster than most of the browsers I use. Take that as you will.


Limited Offers


If you become a user of Microsoft Rewards, you will sometimes be given limited offers that don’t require personal information. This is a start contrast to reward sites that would only give you points when you lend your credit card information to them. That’s a bit too risky for my liking. Microsoft Rewards does none of that. Rest assured, your profile is safe when you avail of their offers.


Cashback from shopping at their Windows Stores


If you buy something from their Windows store, you are entitled to a 1point cashback for every $1 you spend there. This may seem like a tiny amount but if you are constantly using their store to buy stuff, that would add up pretty quick. Add to that the fact that you may be using their other programs, and you might earn some pocket change out of almost nothing.




Microsoft is planning to introduce a Refer-a-Friend program to MS Rewards. This is to further expand the reaches of their enterprise. They seem to be doing a huge push on their browser product line to finally rival the giants Google Chrome and Firefox. That is evident in the number of marketing gimmicks they are throwing around Microsoft Edge.


Referring a friend to the same reward program that you are using seems like a good move altogether. Once they introduce this program, they certainly would feel a boost in their usage.


Play to earn

You can earn reward points for what you already do on Xbox One. You get some fun and easy challenges on your rewards page and through email. Then, you can redeem your points on real rewards. When you play more, you will get more rewards.


If you would like to learn more about home how you actually make rewards on Microsoft’s reward, I recommend you to check out “Can you Really Make Money with Microsoft Rewards?” post.


How Much Can You Earn Using Microsoft Rewards?


To be honest, not much.


I’d be happy to show the math but it’s boring so let’s skip to the answer – $9.15/month.


$9/month is nothing but if you consider that you would be getting this for absolutely no effort seems like a good enough reason to use their reward system. I’ve reviewed a bunch of reward sites that don’t even come close to this value, and for those, you have to make an effort to actually earn something. That’s the opposite of this program. Install Edge and have Bing as your main search engine and you’re almost there.


Can You Withdraw In Cash?


Sadly, Microsoft Rewards don’t really hold cash value.


You can withdraw them but as gift cards like Amazon or Starbucks. You can also opt for Xbox or Windows gift cards which would also work pretty well. If you are feeling a little bit generous, you can choose to donate your earnings to charity.


The minimum payment threshold is a low 1,600 points which is equal to just $1.25. However, if you want to get your gift cards as Microsoft Store points, the payout threshold would become 24,500. The payout threshold actually changes depending on what platform you use for redemption. It’s a bit confusing but it is what it is.


Microsoft Rewards Pros And Cons




  • Free to join
  • Free money for just changing your browser and search engine
  • Earning points is effortless
  • Backed by a huge company which means it’s safe and secure
  • Available worldwide (21 countries)




  • Bing would need some getting used to
  • No affiliate program (referral program) but it’s coming soon enough


The Conclusion


Microsoft Rewards is a legitimate way to make some extra cash online. However, do not expect to make bank using this simple program. It’s designed in such a way that you can only earn a measly amount from it.


It’s one of the easiest ways to earn free money online and I simply love the fact that you won’t need to expend any effort to actually earn from it. Just do your thing as you normally would and the pennies would come at the end of every month.


If you don’t mind using Bing as your main search engine, I highly recommend installing Microsoft Rewards. However, if your work sort of ties to you to Google, you should skip this program and just use something else.


Now, if you aren’t interested in earning pennies, and want to actually earn a respectable amount, perhaps an affiliate marketing program is more to your liking. If you want to learn more about earning passive money online, head over to my most recommended program. Click the link down below to learn more.


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