MedSurvey Review: A Survey Site For Healthcare Professionals

MedSurvey Review: A Survey Site For Healthcare Professionals

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Product Name: MedSurvey

Price: Free Membership (must be a medical professional)

Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, MedSurvey belongs in the upper echelon of survey companies. It pays well. It delivers on time. I would recommend it to anyone who meets its requirement.


Answering survey questions over the internet is arguably the easiest side hustle you can find online. It helps that it is being promoted heavily on all search engines. You can see it when you type in “side hustles on the internet” and you’re flooded with thousands of survey membership offers.

There are several thousands of survey websites on the internet today. It’s safe to assume that not all of them are good. Most of them are actually pretty bad. A good chunk of them are downright scams. But fortunately, many of these survey websites are legitimate money-making side hustle.

In today’s review, we are going to look into another survey company to see if it’s worth your time or not. The name of the company is MedSurvey and you may be assuming that this survey site is for medical professionals only, and you are mostly right. To know more about this company, join me in my full review by reading further.


What Exactly Is MedSurvey?

MedSurvey is a survey site that is designed for people working in the field of medicine. You can consider this its own category in the survey industry since it only caters to select individuals which is very different than the survey websites you are familiar with.

Because it is considered a niche, the payment for each finished survey is a bit higher than usual. To give you an idea, a normal survey can earn you anywhere from $0.50 to $5, depending on who’s the provider. For this survey company, the payment is higher than that. In fact, it’s more than tenfold that amount. To learn how much more you can earn from this, just stick until the end.

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How Do You Make Money Using MedSurvey?

It functions the same as other survey websites. As soon as you finish a survey, you will get paid. The amount of payment is proportional to the amount of effort you put in, of course. Granted, not anyone can enter the survey. You need to belong in a certain demographic that the survey calls for before you get approved as a participant. This is the reason why it pays more than average.

To begin earning, you need to become a member of the survey site first. Becoming a member is quite easy and straightforward. You just need a working email address, a US citizen, a medical professional, and of the right legal age, and you’re all set.

us citizen required

If you’re not in the field of medicine, you can still register as a patient. But since this website is made for medical professionals, the survey opportunities as a patient are very limited.


How To Get Surveys From MedSurvey?

Unfortunately, there really is no easy way to guarantee your survey opportunities. It’s about luck, really. If you belong in a demographic that needs research upon, you may get contacted. Apart from that, you really have no way of securing a survey.

That being said, you must fill out your profile with honest and reliable information about yourself because that’s what they would use to determine which members get the surveys.


How Much Does MedSurvey Pay Its Members?

Since this is a niche market, the payment for each completed survey is higher than the market average. The answers that you provide carries a lot of value since it comes from a medical professional point of view. That means a lot to many companies around the world.

The smallest amount you can get paid is a meek $10. It’s really not that much but when you compare it with the usual $1 that other survey companies pay, it’s considerably more. You also have to consider that that is the smallest amount you can get paid. There are questionnaires that can pay as high as $140.

Let’s say that you are able to participate in 1 to 2 studies per month, that would average out to $100 extra money per month. While not a life-changing amount, it is still a respectable amount of pocket money. In today’s economy, that would definitely help a lot.

Another difference from survey websites is this company does not require you to withdraw using a third-party app like Paypal. Once you finish the survey, you will be paid via check, the standard way. You will get the payment once you have completed the study.


What I Like About MedSurvey

There are plenty of things to like about MedSurvey as evident by all the statements I said above. In this section, I will list all the positive things I found about it in an orderly fashion to make things a little bit easier to digest.

  • It pays considerably higher than other survey websites, like way more, a hundred times more in some cases.
  • It pays as soon as your answers are accepted. No more waiting around to hit a certain payout threshold. None of that. You get what you earn as soon as possible.
  • Free membership. If you are a medical professional, you can easily become a member and earn extra money just by answering questions.
  • It is available on your mobile phone is very convenient especially if you are always on the go.

medsurvey mobile


What I Don’t Like About MedSurvey

While most of what I already discussed about this company is good and all, there are still some things I would consider negatives about this company.

  • MedSurvey earning opportunities are only available for US residents. If you live outside the states, then you are in no luck.
  • There really is no way of knowing how much you can expect to earn from this company. MedSurvey gives a figure of $10 – $140 per survey but does not discuss how many times you should expect to get a survey opportunity.


The Verdict – Is MedSurvey Worth Your Time?

After reading and learning more about MedSurvey, I am included to say that it is a great opportunity for those who can meet their somewhat exclusive requirements. A few dollars here and there certainly won’t hurt given that you will likely just spend several minutes answering the questions.

If you compare it to other survey companies, the difference is that much more pronounced, especially when you look at the pay rate. To be fair, you are required to be a medical professional before you can become a member. It only seems fair that you get compensated more.

Overall, MedSurvey belongs in the upper echelon of survey companies. It pays well. It delivers on time. I would recommend it to anyone who meets its requirement.

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