MedexAds PTC Review- Can You Make Money with MedexAds?

MedexAds PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with MedexAds?

Welcome to my detailed MedexAds review. If you are looking forward to joining the MedexAds PTC site to start making some passive income, you are probably wondering whether this site is a scam or legit. Read on to find out the truth about this PTC site.

MedexAds is a reasonably new PTC website that promises online income via referrals and clicking ads. You may not like PTC sites because the potential to make a lot of money is typically low, and making a living from these sites is quite tricky.

But is MedexAds PTC site different from other sites you come across on the internet? Well, let us read on to find out.

Before we go into detail about this review, I assure you that this review is authentic, unbiased, and genuine. My primary mission here is to make sure that you avoid joining scam websites.


MedexAds PTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with MedexAds?

Name: MedexAds


Owner: Not Disclosed

Price: Free to Join

Summary: Yes, you can make money with MedexAds. You are free to join and make some money in several ways. The site has several modes of payment and the autopay feature is great. However, the major down side is that you earn a minimal income per click. So, I would say it is great, but it is not the best way to make money online.

Overall Scam Rank: 3.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Not Really, There are Much Better Options Out There

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What is MedexAds?MedexAds Logo

As stated earlier, MedexAds is a relatively new Paid to Click site that gives you money in exchange for clicking or viewing ads.

At the time of writing this review, the PTC site has been in the industry for less than a year and is just shy of 10,000 members. Today, MedexAds has paid out a total of about $7,800 according to info on their website.

MedexAds seems to be Evolutionscript ( based, and it is typically a clone of similar Paid to Click websites. Evolutionscript is a framework that enables companies to design a GPT (Get Paid To) site easily and fast.

It is essential to note that most of these PTC sites do not differ a lot when it comes to the methods of making money. As a result, MedexAds offers all the common types of earning opportunities.

Here, you can make some money by viewing ads, through Clixgrid or even offerwalls. The offerwalls include Offers4all, Mediumpath, Wannads, and SurveyWall.

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How Does MedexAds Work?

MedexAds is totally free to sign up, and you can get paid via various methods such as Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Skrill.

Now, how does MedexAds really work? Well, the first thing you need to do is to sign up into the system. The registration process is free, and all you need is a valid email. After registration, you only need to verify the email address, and you are ready to go.

Here’s a Short Video on MedexAds

Afterward, you can start making some money by viewing ads on the View Ad page. MedexAds offers several types of advertisements, like tiny ads, standard ads, and fixed ads. You will get several of these daily.

While the site promises to pay up to $0.02 for every click, you will mostly come across ads that pay between $0.0001 and $0.0011.

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How to Make Money with MedexAds?

There are several ways in which you can make money on this platform. MedexAds will pay you up to $0.02 for every ad you click and up to $0.02 from every click by your referrals.

What you need to know about MedexAds is that it offers an incredible anti-cheat system such as AntoDDOS and Comodo SSL.

In addition to these security measures, it also runs on a dedicated server. Here is how to make money from the platform.

Viewing Ads

The primary way you can make money on most PTC sites is by viewing ads, and MedexAds is no exception. On this platform, you will make money by viewing ads.

The best thing about MedexAds ads is that they come in various types such as Fixed Ads, Standard ads, and tiny ads.

All of these ads pay differently and are available at different times of the day. Thus, you need to log in regularly to check whether there are ads to view.


MedexAds offers a game named MedexGrid to allow you to make some more cash. You will love the fact that MedexGrid is incredibly easy to play.

You only need to click any space on the grid picture and make up to $1.000. This amount is directly credited to your account’s balance.

Every time you tap on any grid on the picture, the action triggers the site to open a sponsor’s website. On the opened site, you need to view the available ad for up to ten seconds.

When the time elapses, you will know whether you are a winner of the said amount or not.


Offerwalls is another method in which you can make from MedexAds. MedexAds’s Offerwalls has different types of tasks that you can undertake, including surveys, offers4walls, Mediumpath, and Wannads. You can make up to $0.49 by completing tasks on this category.


Finally, as always, you can make money at MedexAds by referring your friends and family members to the site. You will earn a commission from every individual you have referred to the system.

The referral program is quite similar to the popular multi-level marketing. However, in order to make a commission from your referrals the next day, you need to view at least four advertisements daily.

It is also possible to market your website or company via MedexAds. You just need to remember that you’ll perhaps get clicks to your site, but converting them is quite tricky since the company is publishing the ads to make money, and not out of interest to market your ad.

Here’s Payments Proof

MedexAds Payments Proof

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MedexAds Ugly Truths Revealed!

A Minimal income per click

Since you are going to get paid a tiny amount to view an ad, it will require a miracle and luck to make a living out of this PTC site. In order to make the minimum amount to cash out, you may take up to three months.

Your account may be terminated after a month

You need to login to your account at least once every month to prevent account termination. If you fail to sign in to your account for thirty days, the account is terminated.

The dismissal means that any points, balance, memberships, advertising credits, and referrals are forfeited.

High Withdrawal Fees

Considering that you will not make a lot of money from the site, it would be wise to charge nothing or a negligible fee when withdrawing your earnings.

The charges are indeed high. For instance, the site charges you $0.10 + 5% when withdrawing via Perfect Money, $0.10 + 5% when cashing out via Payeer, $0.10 + 5% when cashing out via Bitcoin, as well as $0.5 + 3% when withdrawing via Skrill.

Your Account can be Terminated Abruptly

Your account can be terminated abruptly due to various reasons. It may be due to a violation of terms or a recent transaction that is under review.

Besides, sharing a computer with a downline or sponsor is not allowed, resulting in account termination. Chargeback, claim as well as payment processor dispute leads to permanent account closure.

Also, using VPN, VPS, proxies, shared networks, as well as using auto-click software, is not permitted, and it leads to permanent suspension.

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What I Like About MedexAds

Free to Join

Joining MedexAds is totally free, and you do not need to invest in the site to start making cash. Also, you will love the fact that you do not need any skills in clicking the advertisements. All you need is a valid email address, and you are ready to go.

The AutoPay Feature

MedexAds has an AutoPay feature that’s very popular among the members that work with rented referrals. This feature maximizes the profit made from rented referrals for a specific period, usually longer than thirty days.

Whenever you toggle ON the AutoPay feature, it adds an extra day to the rented referral expiry date. However, it only functions when you have sufficient funds in your purchase balance.

Several Modes of Payment

When it comes to withdrawing your money, you can cash it out in many ways, such as Skrill, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Ethereum.

Several Ways to Make Money

In addition to viewing ads, you can also make some good money via ClixGrid, surveys, as well as referrals.


Is MedexAds a Scam?

No. MedexAds is legit. It is indeed a clone Paid to Click site that uses a similar framework utilized by the other PTC sites on the internet.

The only thing you need to worry about this site is that it gives no info about the company owners. However, they do seem to be paying their users since there is payment proof on the website.

Since these sites actually make money from the promoters and sponsors, it would be unprofessional to fail to pay their members. However, your earning here very minimal.

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MedexAds at a Glance

Name: MedexAds


Owner: Not Disclosed

Price: Free to Join

Overall Scam Rank: 3.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Promising, But Not the Best Way to Make Money Online


Free to Sign Up





Overall Quality



  • Free to Sign Up
  • Several Ways to Make Money
  • AutoPay Feature


  • Minimal Income Per Click
  • High Withdrawal Fees
  • Your Account Can Be Terminated Abruptly

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