Make Money With No Money

Make Money Without Money

Earn money without investing a dime is something that many people do want it. People are often afraid to invest money because they don’t want to risk their fund on something they won’t be sure of.
Therefore making money without money is an interesting way to earn extra money and especially risk-free. But how can you do this? How can you easily earn money without needing to invest anything?

Why Money without Money?

When you invest your money in the stock market by buying shares, two things can happen:

  • The value of the share drop
  • Or the value of the stock rise

When this happens, you either lose your money or your money loses value.

There are numerous stories of people that invest and lost a fortune. But, Investing is definitely a sure way of earning big, but it is also a risky lane.

So be cautious on what you put your money on. Therefore, in my opinion, the best way to earn without investment is on the internet.

Many have done it without investing a fortune.

They do this with affiliate marketing and freelancing. The beauty of this is that you have a complete freedom. All you need is a laptop and Internet connection.

Making money on the internet is not a rocket science, and there is no discrimination between men and women, ethnicity, age or whatever.

So, even if you are in Africa, all you need to be successful is your command of skills.

Bellow are ways you can Earn from the Internet without investment.


Affiliate Marketing

The first and most popular ‘money’ technique I am going to explain is probably the most common, and you should definitely familiarize yourself with the term – affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products in return for a commission. So, you need to have products. Also, you do not have to do with customer service. Affiliate marketing is easy

However, before you can become an efficient and successful affiliate marketer online, you need to understand what your role is, you need to understand the numbers of the game, and you need to understand the revenue processes.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works

This affiliate model is very simple, but most people tend to overcomplicate things. Affiliate marketing allows you (AFFILIATE) to promote products or services online for companies (MERCHANTS).

Suppose you have a website on tech. On your website, you compare the Phone prices by different providers (you can dedicate time to do this). People search on Google for the cheapest phones, and so they will surely find you if you offer a competitive price.

Through your website, they click through to the website of the provider and then bought a phone or other things. You’ll get commission based on contract. In fact, the visitor or buyer won’t be aware that you are an affiliate at all.

No costs and hundred percent risk-free. All you need is just a domain name, hosting. All this does not cost a fortune per year.

If you have that, you are ready to earn big without having to invest a fortune. Once you have gotten the seed money, you can invest more from the earnings and create more websites to earn more money. It is as simple as that!

Your website is the starting point for your affiliate promotions. This can be done within absolutely EVERY NICHE imaginable. There is an affiliate program for everything!

Seeing the potential here?

How Much Can YOU Earn as an Affiliate?


As much as you like….seriously!

Your revenue is typically very closely tied to the amount of traffic you can get. And remember, in order to get the traffic you need a website.

I will give you an idea on some of the lower end averages numbers here so you can get a good idea of the earning potential.

Let’s say you get 1,000 clicks to your site in a month. This is 33 clicks per day and once your is up and index by the search engine.

Out of this 1,000 clicks, you get a 20% click-through rate on your affiliate links.

1,000 x 0.20 = 200 affiliate clicks

Scenario 1: If 1:50 (or 2%) of these people end up buying something, you will make 4 sales.

Scenario 2: If 1:20 (or 5%) of these people end up buying something, you will make 10 sales.

If you are promoting a product that pays $30 per sale, you will earn $120 in the first scenario and $300 in Scenario 2.

These are very conservative numbers, and this is in just one month! That same traffic is going to convert for you year round and is going to be working for you 24 hours per day.

Let’s look at some realistic, but bigger affiliate $$$!

Within time and as you work on building out your authority site, you will reach a point where you are getting much more traffic, 100+ unique clicks/day.

There are many products out there that also offer $100+ per sale in affiliate commissions.

100 clicks day = 3,000 clicks per month

Let’s keep the 20% click-through ratio. 600 people each and every month will be clicking through to your affiliate links. Let’s say you are promoting something that leads to $100 per sale and you are converting at 1:20 (30 overall conversions).

That is $3,000 in profit in ONE month. That is a $36,000 profit each and every year.

And this can be scaled to any level you like and will only continue to grow cumulatively over time as you build out your sites. This is a reality from your affiliate marketing efforts alone.

You will hear stories about people earning $1,000/day off of a single keyword. This is true and this is possible.

Now that you understand the process of how affiliate programs can earn you money.

Here are some common affiliate networks you could join

(1) Commission Junction
(2) Affiliate Window
(3) Clickbank
(4) ShareASale
(5) LinkShare

Want To Become Super Affiliate?

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You will hear stories about people earning residual income year-round from home. This is a reality and this is typically accomplished through affiliate marketing in one way or another.

Like the saying always goes that “if you want a thing you only accept the result and not excuse”.

All you need to get started is a tough decision to succeed and learn the rope about affiliate marketing.

There are many materials on YouTube and Google to help you get started. Educate yourself from either of the two and stop saying I don’t know how. Take action and not give excuses.

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There are many platforms to get started today and earn as much as you want from the internet, all you need is a skill to start with or sell for money.

The site I will talk on is Fiverr is a freelancing website or an online marketplace in which buyers are connected to the seller.

You as a seller create a Gig and the buyer buys from you if they find your service compelling enough. The least you can earn is $5 in which Fiverr get $1(20 % of your earning) from it from being a middleman.

Many have gone all the way to make thousands of dollars on Fiverr with zero investment.

What do I need to get started?

Well, all you need to start is a computer, internet connection, and your skills.

Skills: Design, programming, article writing, marketing and so on…

All you need to succeed on Fiverr is your determination. Many top rated sellers have created a brand around Fiverr based on the skill they sell.

And there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from Fiverr.

Here are my own methods of earning without investing a fortune. Do you have any other methods? Please feel free to share it.

Thanks for reading.




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