Lootcoins Review: Scam or Legit? No One Told You This!

A Detailed Lootcoins Review

Lootcoins review: scam or legit?

If you would like to make some extra cash and you’re not into a regular part-time job, the internet provides endless and unique ways to enable you to work on your personalized terms.


With an excellent connection to the internet, you can engage in a wide array of part-time activities – from forex trading to freelancing and affiliate marketing to joining get to paid websites like Lootcoins. The online world has many opportunities that you can engage in to make passive income; you can even purchase and resell items, both new and old items.


Currently, with the growth of the internet and technology, some websites pay users to perform something. If you have researched about these sites, you’ve possibly come across Lootcoins. Joining most of these sites isn’t for the faint-hearted since some of them want to scam users their hard-earned money, and that’s why it’s advisable to read various online reviews before joining an online program.


So, do you want to know whether Lootcoins is a scam or not? Well, read on to find out much more info about this site.


What is Lootcoins?

Simply put, Lootcoins is a GPT (Get Paid To) Program where users can join and make real money on the internet by undertaking various simple tasks. Some of the tasks that you may be needed to work on include watching videos and completing surveys.


Here’s a Short Video on Lootcoins

GPT websites are usually fun, easy, and great when it comes to making that extra cash on the internet. There are thousands of these types of sites on the net, but most of them aren’t worth your time and investment. As a matter of fact, some of these programs are just a total waste of time and money.


How Does Lootcoins Work?

The program is not only easy but also artless. You only require a stable internet connection and laptop or desktop. Registration at Lootcoins is straightforward and free since you only need a valid email address.


At the time of writing this review, signing up with the site was free. Aside from registering via an email address, you can also use either Facebook or Twitter accounts to create an account with this program.


The website does not indicate the number of countries it is available on. As a result, it means that people from all corners of the world can sign up. However, you should not be astonished if people from your country are not allowed to register. It does, seem to favor users from the European Union, the United States of America, and Canada.


Therefore, keep this in mind before signing up. For instance, if you try to sign up and the website does not allow you, it means that people from the country you live in aren’t allowed to join the site. If the website is not available in your country and you attempt to use a VPN, the account will be automatically banned if they detect usage of a proxy.


Lootcoins Ugly Truths Revealed!

Up to this point, the things you have read sounds excellent. But if you have been into online programs for an extended period, you know the significance of getting know-how about the ugly truths regarding a specific program. The ugly truths help you to make a sound decision. Here are things I didn’t like about Lootcoins.


Meager Earnings

Well, this is not new news with many Get Paid To websites. Lootcoins isn’t an exception since you will make very little from the tasks such as watching videos and taking surveys. With this in mind, it is not advisable to replace your 9 – 5 job with Lootcoins.gg.


Poor Customer Service

Some users allege it took more than five days for the organization to respond to their queries. They may be providing fast payouts, but there are instances where they may hold your earnings for unclear reasons.


Little Information about the Owners

There is very little information about the creators of this site. In addition, there is no ‘about us’ page on the website, and this makes it hard to know the business that the site engages in. Even if failure to disclose the owners does not translate that the website is a scam, it is still a mystery that the owners’ info is hidden from the public.


I didn’t find any single individual linked to this website. I only found out that they’re situated in France. So, it’s up to you to determine whether you can invest in the program or not.


What I Like About Lootcoins

It’s free to join – the fact that I do not need any money to join the system fascinated me.


There are several modes of withdrawing your earnings – after completing the surveys and watching the videos.


You can withdraw your earnings via various methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, Bitskins, and Opskins.


Is Lootcoins a Scam?

Lootcoins is not a scam site because I joined them for a week, performed some tasks, and they did wire me the few cents immediately after I requested a payout.


However, it is not a program that you would depend on for dinner date money, let alone a source of passive income. But if you only need to make some cash for the little things that you perform online, then this is one of the few ways to consider.


With this said, the best way to make a good amount of money on the internet is to join various GPT websites. You can join other sites similar to Lootcoins.gg. Who knows? You may come across sites paying a much higher amount for the same surveys and videos.


Here’s what I Really Think

Thanks for making it to the very end of my Lootcoins review. I hope this detailed review has given you a good insight into the system. Based on my research and experience, I would not advise you to leave your current job and start a career with this website.


Instead of wasting your valuable time on this system that does not offer much, why not join affiliate marketing? It is the platform that has helped me become who I am now working as an affiliate. However, in order to make it in this program, you need to dedicate your efforts wholeheartedly.


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Overall Quality



  • Free to join
  • Make some money
  • Several withdrawal options


  • Meager earning
  • Poor customer service
  • Little info about the owners

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