List Launch Pro Review ( Don’t Waste $1497!)

List Launch Pro Review- (Don’t Waste $1497!)

List Launch Pro Review


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$5.3 million!


This figure above is what Winter Vee – one of the guys behind this program claimed he made with the strategy he revealed in “List Launch Pro” in just 16 months. Five million dollars is a lot of money. I know what you are thinking, is this true? You will find out soon!


Since I started internet marketing, I have seen people made all sorts of claims just to sell their courses. Winter Vee and his partner even claimed that you can earn $14,000 a month within 90 days with their courses.


Some will even claim you can make $10,000 per week just to sell their high-ticket courses to you. The truth is, most of these big-figures are just scam.


There is no truth behind them simply because no one wants to give away his secret of making money online.


Before you jump into conclusion, the above is not a verdict on this course called “List Launch Pro”. I got to know about List Launch Pro a couple of months ago when one of my followers drew my attention to it.


No doubt, the authors of this program made a lot of claims. Some of the other claims in the course are that you can start making a lot of money within just days of buying this course. Without a doubt, such a claim is bound to raise some eyebrows.


Today, you will get to learn the actual truth behind “List Launch Pro”. This honest and unbiased review will tell you everything you need to know about this course. Keep on reading to find out more.


List Launch Pro Review- A Short Overview

Name: List Launch Pro
Type: Affiliate marketing training
Founder: Winter Vee and Tim Tarango
Price: $1497 One Payment Or $565 Three Payments
Recommended: 7.2 Out of 10


my #1 recommendation


What is List Launch Pro?

Okay… there is no explanation on their website page about what List Launch Pro is. However, I was able to gather that List Launch Pro is an online course that teaches you how to build an email list.


According to the creator of this program, “List Launch Pro training is a comprehensive unit of all the best marketing strategies in the digital world”.


Going further, they described it as “the Done-For-You solution to instantly launch your email list driven lifestyle business”. The authors claimed that their online course is valued $8,995.


However, this isn’t the actual price because they are giving you a discount so you will pay much less than that.


According to Winter Lee – who is the guy behind this program, you will learn how he generated over 1.3 million email subscribers with the strategies you will learn from this course.


You will also be able to generate your first 5,000 email subscribers after going through his training.


How Does List Launch Pro Work?

List Launch Pro made a lot of claims which I found very suspicious. They claimed they generated over 1.3 million subscribers and you could use this method to generate your first 5,000 subscribers and earn $5000 within 60 days.


Here’s a Video on List Launch Pro.


However, before you get access to the product, there is a “discount” price of $1497 if you pay it one-time or you pay $565 three times. After the payment, you will get:


15+ High-Converting and Vetted Product Campaigns

You will receive a “pre-build lead capture pages and “thank-you” page as well as video sales letters that you can use to start your campaign. The authors claimed that they are already integrated with the ClickBank marketplace.


Pre-Loaded Auto Responder with Professionally-Written Copy

Part of what you will get is a pre-loaded 30-days autoresponder email series. While this may sound good, they, however, did not mention which niche will be treated with the autoresponder. In most cases, you will get a couple of generic emails that your audience will find totally boring.


Tracking Made Easy Custom Dashboard

They claim this feature allows you to track your leads, clicks, and opt-ins. However, any serious affiliate marketer already has software that does this.


I cannot attest how efficient their own software will be. Their tracking software is already integrated directly into your List Launch Pro account.


Video Training Series

You will also get a couple of training videos on what email list is all about and how to create an email list. You will get a couple of other training about having “a millionaire mindset”.


They have a video series they called “Next Level” video training series which include 8-part video training that will show you how to get even more value from their product.


The authors claimed that these videos will show you the exact secret professional online marketers use to do fast and easy niche research.


Private Facebook Group

Finally, you will be added to a private Facebook group once your payment is completed. If you choose the one-time payment option, you will be added immediately. However, if you choose the 3-payment plan, you will only be added when your payment is complete.


How To Make Money With List Launch Pro

List Launch Pro only shows you how to build a list. Now, I have to be honest with you. If you want to go into affiliate marketing, it is very crucial you master list building.


This will help you make a lot of money. You will struggle to make money online if you don’t know how to build a responsive list.


Nevertheless, building a list is just one part of the story. You still need to learn the right product to sell and when to sell.


When it comes to List Launch Pro, they only teach you list building. You still have to search for products to promote after building your list. You basically make money by promoting different offers to your email list.


Ugly Truth About List Launch Pro Revealed?

1. The Price is Too High

In this age and time, it is definitely too much to pay almost $1500 to learn list building. With List Launch Pro, you will get the same product that is created for everybody. There is no guarantee that you will succeed after paying such a huge amount of money.


Personally, I learned how to build a responsive email list just by watching a couple of YouTube videos and then getting extra help from this free online program known as Wealthy Affiliate.


If you have $1500 to pay for list building, I suggest you get a mentor. Most top affiliates will be willing to teach you for half of that price.


2. Done-For-You Thing is Not Sustainable

I have seen so many done-for-you products online and they have one thing in common: they crashed after few months.


The truth is that when everybody is doing the same thing, it is only a matter of time before it comes crashing like a house of cards.


It is almost impossible to succeed trying to nurture your email list with the same autoresponder emails everyone else is using.


3. Works With ClickBank Only

They did not mention this but you probably need a ClickBank account before you can use the product. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that you are stuck with ClickBank and you have to pay their monthly fees. You cannot possibly switch to other providers.


4. No Refund

Based on the information on their page, they don’t have a refund policy. This means once you commit your investment, there is no chance of you getting your money back if you change your mind.


What I Like About List Launch Pro

1. You Learn How To Build Email List

If you want to succeed as an online marketer, it is very important that you learn how to build a good email list. List Launch Pro will teach you how to build an email list if you have $1497 to pay. It comes with a couple of good video series that will teach you everything you have to know.


2. Good Customer Support

List Launch Pro provides good customer support. You can have your question answered anytime you run into a problem. They also have a Facebook group where you can also get support from other members of the group.


Is List Launch Pro A Scam?

When you pay for List Launch Pro, you will certainly get what they promised you. You will get a number of videos and tools to help you learn affiliate marketing. You will also get their support.


However, I cannot say for certain that you will be successful in building a list of 5000 subscribers like they said nor even make $5000 like they also promised. The price of this training is definitely too much and I won’t recommend it for a beginner.


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List Launch Pro At a Glance

Name: List Launch Pro
Type: Affiliate marketing training
Founder: Winter Vee and Tim Tarango
Price: $1497 One Payment Or $565 Three Payments
Recommended: 7.2 Out of 10


List Lauch Pro






Overall Quality



  • You can learn how to build email list.
  • You can make some money with their training.
  • Good customer support.


  • The price is too expensive.
  • Done-for-you is not sustainable.
  • Works with Clickbank only.

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