Level Rewards Review: A Ridiculous Recruiting Scheme?

With all the systems and applications out there that allege you can earn significant passive income from performing simple tasks, you are probably wondering what exactly this system (level rewards) is all about and whether it’s genuine or just another scam system to rob your money.


In fact, several users have contacted me via email asking me to carry out an extensive review of this program. The fact that the system has continuously appeared in their emails and social media feed has made them get anxious about the program.


I have been contemplating researching more about Level Rewards for quite some time, but I haven’t found a perfect chance to give you a thorough review until now. You have definitely visited this site because you are a little bit doubtful about this particular software. In this, I am with you guys. You have every right to be doubtful of a new system, and I hope to clear all misconceptions you may be experiencing and offer you nothing but the naked truth in this review.


Without any delay, let me go straight to the point and show you how the system works, the potential income you can make, what you will get upon signing up, the pros and cons of the system, and whether it’s legit or not. Read on to learn much more.


What is Level Rewards?

Level Rewards is an application-based website that, just as the name suggests, offers users rewards for undertaking simple tasks and referring other users to the site. It means that you need to invite new users to the organization’s website if you want to increase your earnings. It incorporates a similar concept used by other organizations in the market. These websites are commonly referred to us as ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) sites.


Here’s a short video on Level Rewards



The system demands you to perform both tasks. With this, you need to undertake tasks and refer to other users, who also must complete their assigned tasks for you to make some cash. Level Rewards may not be suitable for you if you are looking forward to getting paid without undertaking the recruitment process.


The program has been in the market for some time now, and the only bad thing is that it’s only available in four only countries; the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In order to sign up for a Level Rewards account, you need to be at least 18 years old. Else, if you are 16 or 17 years old, you can create an account if your parents or guardians allow you to do so.


Just like the program’s name implies, you will get paid for every level that you get to as well as the level(s) attained by your referrals. I will go into in-depth detail about how this works in the next section to eliminate any doubts or confusion.


In simple terms, Level Rewards sponsors CPA affiliate offers in which you will need to undertake to earn credits to reach the next level and move up in the system. Some offers are free, while others are premium. The premium offers require users to use a credit card to participate and then receive a credit for undertaking the offers.


How Does Level Rewards Work?

The set-up process for Level Rewards is straightforward. First, you register using your names and valid email address. After filling in these details in the registration form, you will be directed to a new page informing you that you need to complete your profile before the account is fully activated.


On this page, you will be needed to add your home address, last name, date of birth, mobile number, as well as your mode of getting your dues. They usually pay via PayPal, bank transfer, Zelle, or Amazon gift card.


Before the registration is fully completed, applicants are reminded that only one account per household is permitted. You should also agree to the organization’s terms and conditions. Besides, you need to be a resident of the countries denoted above; otherwise, your registration won’t be completed.


After this sign-up process, you are ready to start making money by completing offers. These offers usually include trying out online products and services for a given period or registering for a service. Remember, although the program does not cost any penny to join, the offers may require you to give out your credit card details.


Here are some of the offers you’ll find in the member’s area

Level Rewards member's area


The main reason why they may ask your card info is that you are primarily registering for a ‘trial’ account. After the completion of your trial account, the company will assume that you want to continue with its offer or service. If you don’t want the organization to charge your credit card, you will need to cancel each offer before the trial period elapses.


Additionally, if you input your credit card info for various offers, you will be required to keep track of all those trial dates, companies, as well as cancellation details. Missing a couple of them may cost you a lot.


How to Make Money with Level Rewards?

On paper, making money with Level Rewards seems easy, but it isn’t a walk in the park as you would think. Think about this; you won’t receive any commissions from your referrals until they get to level 1. However, one of the reasons why we join such programs is to make money.


Now, you are wondering about how the system can make you a millionaire. From the name of the system, you earn income on a level system. Basically, the higher you move up the levels, the more the chances of making much more money.


Leveling Up

You need to rise to level 1 to start making money. This level is not guaranteed immediately after registration. How does one get to this level? Well, it is by the completion of offers. Every offer credit is equivalent to one level. Also, partial credits can be added to allow you to get to the next level. Here is an illustration of the offers:


Offer Number 1 = .50 credit

Offer Number 2 = .50 credit

Both = 1 credit which translates to 1 level


Now, here is the real deal: you need to ensure that your referrals complete offers to earn money. With this, you will make money whenever your referrals advance their levels.


For example, let us assume that your referral advances six levels, and you are entitled to $ 5 for every level your referral reaches.


$ 5 X 6 = $ 30 in your account. 


If you have 10 referrals that advance six levels each, the amount increases to $ 300.


$ 5 X 6 levels X 10 referrals = $ 300 commission


However, you should note that your levels set your commission amount. So, if your current level is 3, and your referral is in level 5, you will only receive $ 15 from every referral. Why? Because this is the maximum amount, you can make at your level. In order to make a lot of money, it is recommendable to reach your referral’s minimum level or even go higher.


In total, there are 10 levels. So, hypothetically, it is possible to make $ 50 from each member. But this requires you to lure your referrals to reach the highest level possible.


Level Rewards Ugly Truths Revealed!

Limited Availability

I know many of you were excited after reading the upper part of my review but not anymore since the system is limited to people living in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Therefore, if you are from any other country aside from the ones mentioned above, simply ignore this review and go the end part of this review to see how I make a living online.


The reason why the system isn’t available in other countries could be because there is no fantastic trial offers in other countries to make the site valuable. Thus, even if it is available, it could be hard to find decent offers to get to higher ranks.


As I have said above, you must reach at least level 1 to start making money with the system. The referral should also be in level one.


Fortunately, there are options of earning money online. Swagbucks and Fusioncash are examples, and you can also check out my Top Work at Home Recommendation!


Your Referrals Determines Your Earnings

Although it’s a GPT site, you will not get any income irrespective of the tasks you have performed. Instead, you have to invite people to join the system to get paid. This means that regardless of the time spent registering and downloading applications, you will not get any commission unless you refer a new individual to join the platform.


The Offers are Risky

You will attain a specific level after completing various offers. But it would be wise to remember that offers can be extremely risky. There are two major types of offers given: free and paid. What I didn’t like about Level Rewards is that the free offers require members to give their credit card details for the trial period. The platform will charge the card for the full amount if you fail to cancel before the trial period ends.


It is common to forget about the dates, and when you are undertaking several offers, it is typical to easily mess up and end up paying a very high subscription for the items you previously subscribed to. You should make correct notes for all offers and dates when the trial period comes to an end. This can help you cancel the subscription before they start charging you.


Another thing, credit card frauds are commonly happening nowadays because users are giving their information to all companies without analyzing their trustworthiness. You will be risking your bank account when you give your info to a scam company.


Zero Information about the Company

I did not find any irrefutable information about the company, its owner, and whether it is authorized to conduct business or not. If you visit their official website, you will not find the ‘about us’ page. In my opinion, this is a red flag since reliable companies would like the viewers to know who they are and what they do.


Low Earning Potential

The amount of money you can make via this program is way cheaper than what you could make through other money-making programs. Joining the program can be a good side hustle, but this is not an option to replace your regular 9 to 5 job.


The Whole System is All about Recruitment

Many online-money-making programs need some level of referrals or recruitment. However, Level Rewards relies on the skills of your referral. In this scenario, you will not receive any payment if your referral fails to complete offers. And the bad thing is that you need to refer thousands of members to earn some good cash.


No Training

Lastly, you will not get any formal training to start the process unless you get a sponsor. And the sponsor you get must be able and willing to train you. Else, you will find it hard finding referrals.


What I Like About Level Rewards

It is Free

You can become a member of Level Rewards for free. This is a good signal for all individuals who do not have start-up capital but are searching for ways to make money. In fact, you can complete free offers that can help you to get to level 3 or 4 quickly. Nobody is demanded to pay for any offer unless they feel the urge to.


It is possible to Make an Income

You can make some good money per month. It is not the best opportunity in the industry, but you can make cash.


Is Level Rewards a Scam?

LR is not a scam. It is a legit company that genuinely pays its affiliates. Nevertheless, the time and effort taken to gather referrals and move up the levels may not be worth your investment. Also, you will be needed to exhaust your referrals and levels to attain the highest earning potential. If you resolve to try your luck on this opportunity, just remember that you need a high number of referrals to increase your money-making potential.


How I Make a Living Online

Since I started working online, Multi-level marketing has never interested me due to the insane start-up costs needed. Also, in an MLM, you need to do limitless recruiting, and in some cases, you need to attain a specific quota.


Affiliate marketing is my thing, and it has paid my bills for many years now. I prefer affiliate marketing simply because:

  • It does not require any expertise or capital to start
  • It does not need the members to recruit any referrals to make money
  • There is no direct selling involved
  • You only market the products you want on your blog or website, and you get a commission every time the product is purchased. So, in simple terms, you promote other organization’s products on your site, and they give you a commission of the sale.

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Level Rewards






Overall Quality



  • Free to join
  • Can make some money
  • Move up levels quickly


  • Limited availability
  • Offers are risky
  • Low earning potential

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