KnowledgeNuts Review: Is It Just Another Freelance Writing Program?

Knowledgenuts Review


knowledgenuts reviews


In today’s review, we’re going to look into a new kind of content website that encourages its freelance writers to submit a “nut” to their site. A nut, which is a weird and obscure name by the way, according to their site, is anything that contains information and knowledge. The name of the website is KnowledgeNuts, which is pretty self-explanatory if you know what they meant by nuts. There are basically three main types of nuts that a freelance writer can submit to the website:


  • Common misconceptions
  • Differences
  • Facts and other information about anything under the sun


Basically, all the articles that you submit as a freelance writer should contain valuable information that is interesting. It has to be intriguing and informative enough that people would actually spend time reading it. Maybe think of it as a clickbait-y article but instead of just the title being the clickbait, the whole article serves as a clickbait


With all the being said, that should already paint a good picture of this company. But that’s only a summary, a small portion of what the company is all about. To give you an honest opinion of the company that is rid of all the biases, we should take an even deeper dive into the inner workings of the company. From there, we’re going to formulate a review to see if this company is worth checking out or not. Here’s my full review.


What Exactly Is Knowledgenuts?


On the surface, KnowledgeNuts would seem just like any other content website there is, and it is, in a way. What I meant by that is it’s run just like any other content directory you see on the internet. Freelance writers would submit articles to the site and the site would decide if that article is worth publishing or not – pretty basic, right?


The only thing that makes this website unique is the quality of the articles they approve. According to them, they only approve articles that pass their stringent quality control. Apart from that, they also have very few categories (as pointed out above) and all those articles make for a very good and interesting read. It’s not just that the articles are informative, but KnowledgeNuts wants them to be intriguing and entertaining to entice their readers.


How Does KnowledgeNuts Work?


If you are planning on becoming a writer for KnowledgeNuts, you need to understand their process. This will help in your articles getting approved much quicker, and overall increase the quality of your writing.


The first thing you need to do is to register on their website. You actually won’t find any “register” button on their website but it is easily reachable when you click their “Submit A Nut” option. Basically, when it’s your first time submitting an article, you need to have a profile to get everything in order because you will need it in case you get paid for the work you’ve done.


You will need to fill out their pretty basic form with the following details:


  • Pen Name
  • Email address
  • PayPal Email Address
  • Title of Your Article
  • Content Of Your Article


As you can see, it’s not your typical registration form. It’s actually a submission form for their website. It’s a pretty straightforward submission form that is self-explanatory.


How Much Does KnowledgeNuts Pay?


Once you have filled out and your article gets approved by their moderators, you will receive $10 for each Knowledge Nut article that gets published on their website. The PayPal address that you inputted on their form will serve as the account where they would send the money you earned.


Take note that the articles need to be of high quality. It will be checked by their team of moderators which are pretty strict about quality as I’m told. Also, the article needs to be at least 500 words long. You also need to give out your sources, and they are pretty strict about that, too. You can’t use Wikipedia as your main source of information, as they deem that website unreliable.


Additional Information


I haven’t submitted any kind of article to their website but in my research, I have learned that they are reliable payers and would always be on time. At first glance, $10 may not seem much but for a 500-word article, that’s a good rate, especially if you consider the absurdly low pay-rate of writers on the internet.


If you scour that internet to look for a much better paying content website, your search would likely turn out a dud because that $10 is actually pretty good. But you have to remember that they are paying for the quality so your article must be unique, factual, and most of all, interesting. If you are able to find the perfect blend of all those things and put that in your article, yours will get approved almost all the time.


Conclusion – Is KnowledgeNuts Worth Your Time?


I am going to go right out and say that KnowledgeNuts is certainly a legitimate website, no question about it.


As for the question of “is it worth your time?” It certainly is. If you’ve been writing articles on the internet for some time now, you must already know how hard the game is. Most employers would cheap out on their writers, hoping that the surplus of writers is enough justification. Now, this website aims to change that as long as you do a good job of writing an article. You submit a good article, you get paid – it’s as simple as that. And that is most evident in their submission form which is as basic as it gets, which isn’t a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, it is one of their best features.


If you are a writer that’s been finding it hard to get a gig, KnowledgeNuts is definitely worth your time.


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