JetCoin Review- Next Big Thing Or Ugly Scam?

JetCoin Review- Next Big Thing Or Ugly Scam?

Name: JetCoin

Owner: Unknown


Price: 0.5 BTC-4BTC

Overall Rank: 2 Out of 10

Let me guess, you’ve been in contact with a JetCoin affiliate, you’ve seen the business presentation they sent you to, you’re intrigued to know if this a scam or if it’s for real.

I’m glad that you have done your due diligence and you haven’t let your desperation to earn a quick buck get the best of you. Good Move- its a hell of a lot of money they want from you.

Within the following review, I’ll be showing you whether or not this is an awesome investment opportunity for you to start doubling and tripling at your Bitcoin or if this more of a scam that you should stay far far away

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JetCoin A Brief Overview



JetCoin is one of digital currency company that promises you will earn unlimited Bitcoin and get paid directly to you daily. But I promise you’ll save yourself a lot of pain by really thinking this program through before you decide to join.

JetCoin operates very similar to GladiaCoin which turns out to be another get rich quick scheme.

The layouts of these two sites are identical, only different on the number of days for the ROI and how much the binary percentage payout.

There is no info on these sites about where and who runs the company. Some members said they had chatted with the admin of JetCoin, but still, nobody knows the exact owners of these sites.

Accurate information about these sites is not easy to get, even if you were a registered member.


How Does It Work?

The program works by having you to invest into their JetCoin investment plan.

First, you are required to choose their plan, provide some basic information, make your initial payment in bitcoin and then waiting for your account to get activated.

Immediately after your account activated, you’re in and you can start earning your Bitcoin back either by waiting each day or putting some effort in and earning it back faster.

See The Screenshot Below



It may seem like you sit back while a bunch of bitcoin comes pouring into your e-wallet.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And in this case, it is too good to be true.


What Happens When You Join JetCoin?

A couple of months after the launch, they will announce that they are cutting back on the amount of bitcoin that can be purchased, reducing binary earning.

This happens to GladiaCoin and now Jet-Coin does it. They play you on making a quick buck and then take a run.

In a nutshell, these digital currency programs exaggerated their value and the majority of people who become their distributors do not make significant income.

They are selling overpriced affiliate membership, and sell them to their own distributors who are typically aspiring entrepreneur hoping to fill the business.


What Happens Next?

The problem is that many of the people who joined did not understand how the full program works and seemingly no one questioned the validity of the various investment plan sold to them.

In essence, the founder leveraged the idea that JetCoin was going to be the next big thing and able to get a massive following soon after the launch.

It was nothing more than a well-orchestrated pyramid scheme that fooled a massive group of folks into buying into the next big thing.

People had invested a lot of money here and center your business around JetCoin platform. After that, the recruitment will slow down and the top earners will start leaving the company.

Unfortunately, when this happens, the unethical groups that were leading the pack move onto the next best thing.

The vicious cycle of people getting ripped off with the “new big thing” continues, that programs fall, and onto the next big thing people go.


The Pros Vs. Cons Of JetCoin


  • You can make some money if you are the first joiner
  • Nice and clean looking website

Cons :

  • The owners aren’t open with everything
  • The company was established to take advantage of people new to digital currency business
  • You need a decent sized of money to get started with them
  • You can lose tons of money if you’re late joiner
  • This business is not last long


What Is The Cost Of Joining JetCoin?

The cost of joining JetCoin is between 0.05 BTC and 4BTC. You have to choose one of their plan to get started with them.



Can You Really Make Money With JetCoin?

Yes, you can make money, but you must be the first mover because their program allows you to make money from recruiting people into the system.

You will earn depend on the plan you choose and the person you recruit to make the investment into the company.

However, I see with this program is they are close to a pyramid scheme. Early on you make money, but eventually, it turns out of streams and late joiners are just for feed the top guys and then lose a ton of money.

Like many other Ponzi, it was reliant on more people entering the lower tiers to drive the earning of the folks within the upper tiers and this all.


My Final Opinion On JetCoin

After the detailed review, we concluded that JetCoin is not safe to partner with.

Not much is known about the company or the owners and members are kept in the dark about most of the internal operation of the company.

Though it still cannot be labeled a scam, an investor should weigh his options carefully before investing.

In addition, the company seems approaching its end in slow-motion.

Do you think is it still a risk worth taking? If you do so, we recommend you to proceed with caution.

In my opinion, you should protect your hard-earned money and stay away for these kinds of schemes.

We recommend you to proceed to safety and avoid scams by choosing a highly rated and trusted company as My #1 Recommendation below.

Have you invested into any cryptocurrency before or have a comment? Kindly drop it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Please Stay Safe.
















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