Javita Review: A Painfully Boring MLM Company

Javita Review


javita review


If you’ve been invited to a marketing presentation about coffee, there’s a high chance that it is for a company called Javita. There’s an even higher chance of it being an MLM because most invitations for a marketing presentation are for MLMs. I honestly can’t think of another industry that does business opportunity presentation on the regular.


If you are looking for a review of a particular company called Javita, then you are definitely in the right place. This website is dedicated to reviewing online earning opportunities and I’ve since set my eyes on this relatively new MLM company called Javita.


This company has been on my radar for a couple of weeks now. Many readers have requested that I look into this MLM company because it’s quickly gaining a following after they decided to run advertisements on the most popular social media platforms.


But before we dive in, I feel like I have to tell you that I am not affiliated in any way with this company. As a matter of fact, I never was familiar with this company up until about 2 weeks ago. That being said, I will only be telling you my findings in the most honest form possible.


Near the end of this article, I will tell you exactly what this product is about and if it’s deserving of your money or not. Without further delays, let’s go.


What Exactly Is Javita?


Javita is an MLM company that mainlines coffee products. It is a sister company of another MLM company called Waiora. If you are familiar with Waiora, Javita basically follows the same structure of it.


The only difference is Waiora is about “healthy living” products and overall wellness. If you think about it, Javita is like their little sister, as a sub-category of a much bigger company.


Javita is marketed not only as a coffee product but as a weight loss coffee product. You see, there’s a difference there although not as much. As it turns out, of you put a weight loss label into any product, the demand for it skyrockets. Granted, there are many products that indeed promote weight loss but this weird “weight loss” quirk has been used far too freely in my opinion.


Javita Product Line


Javita’s most popular products are their instant coffees. You only need to add hot water and you’re all set. Once you get a taste of their product, you won’t think much of it as it tastes just like any other instant coffee you find on the market.


The only real difference between their products and other generic instant coffee out there is their claim that their coffee is great for weight loss. They also make all sorts of claims like improved mood, overall wellness, and many other health benefits.


If you’re familiar with many MLM companies, you must already know what I’m talking about. Many MLM companies just slap these generic “promotes (insert some wellness term here)” on their product to jack up its price. The truth is, only a minority of these MLM companies are truthful about these claims. Most of these claims are bogus, misleading, and straight-up misrepresentation of their product.


That being said, coffee is a known weight loss item. So, in a way, what they’re claiming rings true because their item is indeed a known and effective weight loss supplement. It’s a known fact that coffee is an anti-suppressant meaning that it can lessen your hunger, thus, resulting in weight loss.


However, their big claims can be said about just any generic coffee product there is. Can this be considered misleading advertising? Maybe, but then again, it can also just be considered a clever play on words.


The Tough Question – Is It Worth It?


Is Javita worth it of your hard-earned money? This is probably the next question that comes into your mind once you read about their claims.


The answer to that is IT COULD BE. That is if you already love instant coffee in the first place. For many people, brewed coffee is definitely the way to go. Most don’t like the ready-made taste of instant coffee.


If you are one of those people who’s okay with the taste of instant coffee, then maybe this product is for you. However, you might also want to learn about its pricing because I’m here to tell you that it isn’t cheap.


It is priced at $35 for a box of 24 sachets. You can get a comparable product on Amazon for less than a third of a price.


It seems like Javita is banking on its product’s health benefits when they thought of that price because that’s is an expensive amount of coffee. I’m not even sure if I can pay that much even if all their claims are 100% true. It’s just that expensive.


Javita Compensation Plan


To become a member, you are required to pay a one-time joining fee of either $99 or $599. Now, I know what you’re thinking – that’s quite a leap in pricing, and I have to agree with you. $99 is for their basic membership and the $599 contains all the add-ons.


Javita uses the same MLM compensation plan as anybody else. It is just worded differently with different percentages and payment terms, but it’s basically the same as all MLM compensation plans – you can earn through direct selling or recruiting someone.


I won’t even bother discussing their compensation plan because it’s too complex. I honestly think they made it too complicated to understand just for the sake of it. Complexity does not mean that it’s effective. They just made it so, so it looks fancy on paper with so many “Bonus” payouts sprinkled within their payment structure.


Nevertheless, I will still put a quick video summary of their compensation plan down below in case you’re interested.



What I Like About Javita?


I actually have to squeeze my brain to think of something that I like about this product. I am not saying that there are no good things about Javita. It’s just that, nothing jumps out to me. It’s a run-of-the-mill MLM company with the same product as everyone else.


There’s simply not much going on about this product apart from their main item is coffee that is supposedly loaded with rare herbs that promote good health and long life.


What I Don’t Like About Javita


The fact of the matter is, their items are as bland as any. There’s nothing really special about their coffee. The only special thing about their coffee is these claims of health, which aren’t scientifically proven, mind you.


They are mostly just using the idea of adding a weight loss ingredient to their item, they get to claim that weight loss ability, too. That’s not how it works. For instance, you simply can’t claim that your peanut butter can cure headaches if you put a bunch of aspirin in there. There has to be at least some research behind it.


Conclusion – Is Javita Worth It?


I am not a fan of Javita, let me just put it out there.


They seem to follow a cookie-cutter approach to MLM marketing and that’s not good enough in my opinion. If they want to rise above their competition, they need to at least think of unique ways to promote their product. Doing something different like offering a move innovative online marketing plan would’ve been nice, but they didn’t and that resulted in them being a bland and generic MLM company without any distinct characteristics.


In truth, the MLM industry has been suffering from over-saturation of “health and wellness” products for a while now. A lot of MLM companies just slap some health claims on your everyday product, jack the price up, and pocket the change. This Javita company does not look that different. There are far too many alternatives out there.


A better alternative than MLM…


If you are looking for something more stable than an MLM, you should definitely look into affiliate marketing. It’s probably the best kind of marketing today. In fact, the majority of internet marketers, I’d say around 95%, earn their money on affiliate marketing.


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