IX Web Hosting Review: A Worthy Budget Hosting Service?

IX Web Hosting Review


IX Web hosting service


Product Name: IX Web Hosting

Price: Starts at $1.95/month, $6.95 thereafter

Rating: 4.2 out of 10

Verdict: If you can stomach a few inconveniences for a much cheaper web hosting service, then, by all means, use IX.


In today’s article, I am not going to review our usual online money-making opportunities. I am going to review web hosting service now. I know, this isn’t my usual review but it’s related to online money-making gigs online.

If you own a website, having a reliable web hosting is a necessity. If you have a web hosting provider that is subpar, your website is going to experience plenty of downtimes and slow load times. We all know that reliability is king when it comes to the internet. A website down is money wasted.

With all this reliability talk, it is apparent that you need something reputable. But as these things go, the more reliable the service, the more money you’re going to shell out. If you are on a budget, you definitely should look at other alternatives because the biggest ones can be a money-drain which is bad news if you’re just starting out.

The web hosting we’re going to review today is called IX Web Hosting. It is a relatively new web hosting provider that offers competitive pricing. If you want to learn more about it, read on further.


What Is IX Web Hosting?

IX Web Hosting is a budget web hosting provider that mostly targets small to medium businesses. It’s not exactly a popular budget web host but it’s gained a following after its inception in 1999 because of the competitive pricing.

If you own a website, you must already be familiar with how much web hosting can run you down. It also depends on the size and popularity of your website. If you have significant traffic, it’s a must that you opt for a bigger web hosting provider.

I am assuming that you are only looking for a web hosting provider for a medium-sized enterprise which is exactly what this web hosting is for. Well, we still have to make an in-depth check to ensure it is really worth the money.


IX Web Hosting Pricing

Since the main selling point of this company seems to be their cheap pricing, that’s the first thing we’re going to assess. I will post a screenshot of their pricing below.


ix pricing


I must say, they really are cheap compared to the most popular web hosting providers out there. If you just started your website, you can probably operate using their $1.95/month service which is a bargain. To give you a perspective, other web hosting services would quote you $10/month for the same service.

The only real concern you should have here is the reliability. For the major league hosting providers, their reliability is around 99.99% which is a super high number to strive for. For IX Web Hosting, they don’t really make their figures available to public.

We can safely assume that it is lower than the 99.99% reliability. How low is anyone’s guess but if you believe their figures, they have a 99.9% uptime, which I have to say is pretty high considering the pricing. Relatively speaking though, it’s definitely not the best out there in terms of reliability.


IX Web Hosting Features

You can opt for plenty of add-ones when subscribing to this company. Of course, you will need to spend more money to get those add-ons. It depends on you how much you value reliability vs pricing. Just remember that website down = lost revenue, and I don’t mean that figuratively. You’re literally going to lose money if your website goes down.

IX Web Hosting offers VPS hosting. This would cost you $54.95/month which is pretty much the industry standard in terms of pricing. For their other add-ons like cloud hosting package, you will learn that they are also priced within the market average.

If you examine closely, you will soon learn that their ‘cheap’ tag really only applies to their very basic package. Once you go beyond that, you will still pay the market average – so much for their competitive pricing, yes?

Like other web hosting platforms, they have all the one-click installation feature. It’s a neat feature but let’s be honest here, this one-click installation feature is not really considered a feature especially when literally everyone already offers it.


IX Web Hosting Dashboard

IX Web Hosting uses a different dashboard than what you’re used to, probably. They run a different kind of dashboard which is easy enough to understand but there is still a learning curve.

They don’t use the most popular control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, or vDeck. If you’ve been using any of these three control panels, you should not expect too much in the IX control panel. It’s not user-friendly at all. If you are a first-time website owner, you will definitely run into some issues entirely because of their user panel.

control panel


The main thing about the most popular control panels is you can easily find tutorials anytime and anywhere. If you run into some issues, you can YouTube that issue, and 95% of the time, you will have the solution.

I can’t say the same for IX control panel. Should you run into some issues, your only option is to call customer support, figure it out for yourself, visit their FAQ, or start over again.


IX Web Hosting Pros and Cons

Don’t get me wrong, even a good company will have their cons. The key thing right here is to have a good balance between the two. The pros should outweigh the cons to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth. If the cons out scale the pros, then you should probably just look elsewhere.

Advantages of IX

  • Generous with their bundle offers
  • Affordable especially when compared to similar services
  • Customer service is easy to contact
  • Boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • They have a money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of IX

  • Their control panel is not user-friendly
  • Their add-ons are priced based on market average
  • Uptime is not the best (but considering the price, it’s passable)

The pros, as you can see, outweighs the cons, number-wise. However, that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. Perhaps you value control panel ease of use much more highly and IX having that terrible control panel is deal-breaker. It’s entirely up to you do interpret these pros and cons.


The Conclusion – Should You Use IX Web Hosting?

Unfortunately, this question is not answerable by a quick yes or no.

There are too many factors to consider to be able to form a solid single answer. We value different things and as such, this leads to our opinions becoming very different.

In my opinion, if I was asked if I should use this service for my website, my answer would be yes, but only for my websites that aren’t as popular. For my bigger websites, I will opt for the tried and tested companies that I’ve been using for years now.

IX’s control panel requires too much work to use and it’s going to be a dealbreaker for some. Many of us are too busy to learn another dashboard. Overall, if you can stomach a few inconveniences for a much cheaper web hosting service, then, by all means, use IX.



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