Is Zintro Scam? A New Job Platform For Expert

Is Zintro Scam?

zintro review


First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to join me today in the review of the Zintro.


If you’ve been unemployed, chances are, you are aware of how hard it is to land a job nowadays. With the market being as unstable as it is, and most of the jobs getting outsourced in developing nations, it is extremely hard to find a job that is both fulfilling and career-oriented.


Today, we are going to look into a new website that aims to connect businesses and people looking for jobs using their state of the art algorithm to make sure that both will match. The name of the company is Zintro.


If you haven’t heard of this company, don’t worry because it’s actually a fairly new company. With so many job listing websites on the internet, it is understandable that you haven’t heard of this company, especially with it just getting started. It’s just like any other job listing website out there.


The business will create their account on Zintro, post their job listing, and browse the candidates. They can also just let Zintro find the right candidates for them, foregoing the tedious screening process altogether. This would save them time and money.


Now, is there something special about this program – something that separates it from the rest. That’s what we’re going to find out. I am going to check the merits of this program to see if it is worth using it. After all, there are literally thousands of job listing websites out there – so why even use this one?


Without further delays, here’s my review of this program.


Zintro Review: A Quick Overviewzintro scam

Name: Zintro

Owner: Stuart Lewtan


Price: $99.95- $359.40

Summary: No Zintro isn’t a scam. It is a great employment platform that specializes in connecting business clients with experts consultants. It ideals for business owners who are looking for experts consultants. It also a good place for those are looking for a full time job. However, the major downside is that you won’t easily land on a good job, yet it is charging a whooping $99.95 for basic membership. So, I would say it is a great platform but very expensive.

Overall Scam Rank: 6.7 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but a bit expensive

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What Exactly Is Zintro?

Zintro is a global directory for jobs that are available worldwide. Most of the jobs available on this platform are related to consultation and marketing. Businesses submit their requirements to Zintro and they give out recommendations based on the requirements given by the company.


Here’s a Short Video on Zintro

It’s very similar to many job listing companies already available on the internet. The only real difference is this company claims that they have a proprietary algorithm that allows them to select the best fit for the job.


Apart from that, they also claim to put more emphasis on applicants, giving them more avenues to showcase their skills, which isn’t that common in job listing websites because of the surplus of labor.


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How To Get Started On Zintro

If you are looking for a job, you will find that creating an account for this platform is quite easy. All you have to do is go their website and click join. Once you get redirected to their registration page, you just need to fill out the form to the best of your knowledge.


After that, you will need to upload a professional photo of yourself to the site. Take note that profiles with photos get clicked more often than those without. Even better is if the photo is taken professionally. That speaks a great deal to any potential employee.


You need to be extensive on your profile. However, make sure that it is still presentable and easy to read. The better looking your profile is, the more match you would make. Keep in mind that you have to be honest about your profile. You can, of course, add a few things, or add flair to your title but keep it tidy and honest if possible.


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How Does Zintro Work?

Zintro acts like a middleman between the business and the potential employee. Their main clients are the businesses and they are going to supply them with qualified employees.


They basically give you a rating based upon the details you provided in your profile. Users are categorized into four groups: Premium, Bronze, Silver or Gold. Your rating is based on your skills, and the number of successful consultations you have completed under them.


Once you become a “premium-rated” member, you will get better offers because your profile will now have a nod of approval by Zintro. This means that you are trustworthy enough. It’s like a positive feedback look. You get a good rating, you will receive better offers from companies, which would get you another good rating.


How Does Zintro Pay Its Users?

Users don’t have anything to worry about paying Zintro. Only the clients of businesses are tasked to pay for their membership.


Before a business can hire an employee, they must successfully deposit funds into an escrow account. They won’t be able to hire any employees if they fail to deposit money into the escrow account.


Users would get 100% of the payment from their employers. That is, until they reach the “Premium” rating. When that happens, Zintro will take a fee from your pay. Think of it like a managerial fee. 


The company pays through Paypal. If you want to, they can also send out checks but that is only if you live in the United States. Just take note that you will need to do your own taxes if you are self-employed. The company will not be responsible for your tax filings – keep this in mind.


Can You Really Find Work Using This Program?

It depends on how good your profile is. It’s just like in any other job listing website. The more thorough your profile is, the better your chances of getting hired. Think of your profile as an advertisement. If you can present a good image of yourself at first glance, companies would want to hire you.


What I Liked About Zintro

  • Great opportunity to learn new things
  • User  friendly platform
  • Communicate with industry leaders worldwide
  • Great management support


What I Didn’t Like About Zintro

  • It is expensive
  • The customer service is not so good
  • The time it takes to get paid


Conclusion – Is Zintro A Good Platform To Get A Job?

First off, let’s answer the question, “Is Zintro A Scam?”


The answer is a booming NO. Zintro is not a scam. It is a company that is highly rated by many.  Sure, it isn’t as popular as other job listing websites but it has its own special little place on the industry.


Whether the company is worth using or not depends on your taste. Truth be told, it’s just like any other website wherein you have to sell yourself to business owners.


If you fail to do an eye-catching or interesting profile, businesses won’t bother with you. If that’s the case, you really can’t blame the company since the burden of creating a good profile is still up to you.


Nonetheless, if you want another avenue for your job hunt, this website is definitely worth looking at. Who knows, this may be where your next employer come from.


If you are not looking for a consulting job like the ones available on this platform, perhaps you would want to take a look into my most recommended program. It’s not exactly a job listing website like this one.


It’s more of a marketing website, an affiliate marketing opportunity if you must. Obviously, there’s a lot to unpack in the affiliate marketing industry but that’s for another article.


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Zintro at a Glance

Name: Zintro

Owner: Stuart Lewtan


Price: $99.95- $359.40

Overall Scam Rank: 6.7 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, But a little bit expensive


$99.95- $359.40





Overall Quality



  • User-friendly Platform
  • Communicate with Industry Leaders Worldwide
  • Great Opportunity to Learn New Things


  • Expensive Service
  • The Time It Takes to Get Paid
  • Poor Customer Service

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