Is Zilis A Scam?- Get The Answers In My Review!

Is Zilis A Scam?

Is Zilis a scam?


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You may have seen tons of “Be your own boss” or “Make millions of dollars working only one hour a day” Ads or other promises from the so-called gurus on the internet.


Nothing can be further from the truth like earning a million-dollar working from home within one month, they are all pure scams.


Zilis is involved “Selling their product from your home and be financially free!” services, the mouth-watering offer from Zilis which promises millions within a few time by encouraging their members to get new members.


Looking at it from the outside sound promising, but the best way to know if a company will deliver anything good to you is to check how they make their money.


In the following review, I will be showing you whether Zilis could potentially be worth your time or if you’re better off exploring other options to make money from home.


Zilis Review: A Quick OverviewIs Zilis a scam?

Name: Zilis


Owner: Steven & Angie Thompson

Price: $99 + Upsells

Summary: Zilis is a legitimate company. It gives you everything you need to be your own boss (BYOB). It has a great products that people want. It has great tools that make it possible for you to work from home, and the support you need to be successful. However, the major downside is that it’s just a company without comprehensive training. So, I would say it a great company, but need comprehensive training for their distributors.

Overall Rating: 5 .2 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but need additional marketing training

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What Is Zilis All About?

Zilis found 415 Highway 377 N STE 2020 Argyle Texas is a company that uses multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy to sell different products mostly health and wellness products. The company is ‘Pay it Forward’ by helping out those in need nutritionally.


The company was established in 2015 by Steven and Angie Thompson. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited at the time of this review. Currently, they have A+ rating on the BBB’s website.


Yep, I live in Texas. Dallas and Fortworth are like my home town. I mean I know one or two things all about Dallas and Zilis.


Here’s a Short Video on Zilis.


Under the leadership the couple and other professional staff, the company is now offering tons of products and becoming one of the successful direct-sales companies in the world.


Compare to other MLM companies out there, you’ll find very little complaints about the Zilis and their products on the internet. On Better Business Bureau (BBB), there are only two complaints closed in the last three years and two complaints closed in the last twelve months.


Zilis also offers the business opportunity for those who want to work at home via multilevel marketing. They offer business opportunity similar to other MLM companies such as Amway, Advocare, Ameriplan, World Financial Group, and others.


A lot of people promote the offers and commissions are paid to the interested promoters. The company pays out its members millions of dollars in commissions, overrides, and bonuses.


Zilis Products Overview

The company offers a variety of products ranging from Zen products (‘electromagnetic energy charge’ mist nutrition) to Ultimate Lifestyle Travel ( some sorts of discount travel service).


Zilis Products Line


Here are some of the most notable categories they sell in:


  • Zen Mist ( “electromagnetic energy charge”- mist nutrition )- Zen mist is a convenient oral and topical spray nutritional product. It has the potential to enhance nutrient absorption and promotes hydration to support natural healthy cell performance. It has a taste of pure spring water.
  • Vera Life Products– Vera is widely regarded as the world’s leader in liquid nutrition. Vera Life products help you to get the energy and ‘feel good’ you need from purely natural products.
  • Common Sense Supplement- This is a dietary and nutritional supplement. Common Sense Supplement is the preferred nutritional line of physicians across America, as the vast majority are sold through physicians.
  • Common Sense Pet Nutrition-This is a dietary and nutritional supplement for pets. The products are ranging for joint support nutrition supplement for large dogs to calm down pets when they exposed to environmental stressors.
  • Elementa Essential Oil- They are essential oils that help a key role in soothing the strains of daily life and enhance vibrant health.
  • Clean Machine Supplement- They are plant-based sports supplement that helps you both healthy and physically fit.
  • Wright Family Organic Skin Care- They are handmade organic personal care products.
  • 7 Hemp CBD Oil
  • Save 4 Cleaning products
  • Aleris Skin Care & Cosmetics
  • Cutting Edge Health & Wellness
  • Ultimate Life Styles Travel.

Zilis claims that they are more than a leader in CBD, they are the ultra home business, their products change lives, their business opportunity give you recession proof income potential all from the comfort of your home.


Zilis products may be able to influence a variety of functions like inflation, anxiety, agitation, and nervousness due to stress, sleep, relaxation, cognitive function and much more.


Currently, the company flagship product is called UltraCell. It is a full spectrum water soluble CBD oil with up 94% absorption. The 1oz bottle provide you with a month supply of UltraCell.


UltraCell is purported to assist with a variety of health function such as anxious mood, pain, seizures and more. Taking 1ml per day is supposed to help you with various chronic conditions. It also help you activate the ECS and promote homeostasis.


Raw material are inspected by the company as soon as the product are delivered to the company manufacturing site. Once the material meet specific requirements, it used in production.


It processed with a proprietary technology that extracts oil contents into water-soluble form to maximize bioavailability. Once a product is processed, it then goes through more testing before it is allow to bottled. It is then further tested and approved as a finished product upon meeting all specific requirements.


This product meet the Federal guidelines for industrial and is independently verified to contain less than 0% THC.


Here’s new about their CBD oil

Zilis Business & Compensation Plan

Zilis enables you to earn income from selling a wide range of products and registers others as members who do the same. The majority of your earning will be selling the company products and earn money on those sales.


There is a lot of direct selling involved here and there is a big reliance on recruiting people as a brand partner. So, you are are looking for a business opportunity that doesn’t depend on recruiting a lot of under you, Wealthy Affiliate is a good business opportunity.


Wealthy Affiliate is also perfect for your MLM business because the platform will help you set up and running your very own websites. You can use this training platform to help you promote your chosen MLM and set up training programs for your teams.


This is the key to recruiting other people into the company and earn money based on the sale of people you recruit. That’s why you see someone who is considering joining an MLM or who already has is posting about their MLM’s business opportunity ten times a day on Facebook or Instagram.


As a distributor, you are always looking for more people to join the company. You will be using pretty attractive messages such as ” Be Your Own Boss, Earn Extra Income, Work from Home Raise your Own Children, Choose Your Own Hours, Make Part-time or Full-time income and so on…” to pitch your MLM products.


Income potential is highly depend on recruiting others to join your team and buying the company products. This required you to have a strong marketing background if you want to move up the rank quick.


In order to do this effectively, you need to develop a strong marketing plan in order to your direct sales business. If you are lack in natural ability as a sales person or weak in marketing, you will want to seek other business opportunities that provide strong training in this important activity.


As most MLM companies, they will teach new members to heavily market the products to their family and friends and offer little training beyond those warm target market. This can grow tiresome quickly and may damage your established closed relationship.


Here’s a Quick Video on Their Compensation Plan.

Retail Margin

This is where you buy the products at special membership prices and sell them to customers at a price you determine. You keep the difference.


This is your immediate income- the difference between the cost at which you buy the products from Zilis and the price at which you sell to customers.


Performance Commission

Just like other multilevel marketing company out there you can make money through points you accumulate.


These commissions are based on the overall sales volume generated through selling products to customers and through the business organization you develop by registering others.


To qualify for this commission, you are required to either generate 90 PV (personal value) monthly or purchase a monthly auto-ship order that contains 60 PV.


Recruitment Commission

Along with retail margin and performance commission, the company also offers you the commission when you bring in new members onboard.


Three main starter packages and commissions are listed below:

  • Bronze- If you bring in someone at the Bronze level, you will earn a $20 commission.
  • Silver- If you recruit someone at the Silver level, you will earn $60 commission.
  • Gold- If you enlist someone at the Gold level, you will get $130 commission.


Incentives Bonus

This includes Infinity Fast Start Bonus which rewards you for your key achievements in extraordinary growth and helping new members that buy a starter pack.


Zilis member are ranked as Area Ambassador, Regional Ambassador, and National Ambassador.


To qualify for this bonus, you are required to generate at least 60 PV monthly. Infinity Fast Start Bonuses are listed below:


  • Bronze Starter Pack- $8 paid to Area Ambassador, $7 to Regional Ambassador, and $6 to National Ambassador.
  • Silver Starter Pack- $35 paid to Area Ambassador, $25 to Regional Ambassador and $15 to National Ambassador.
  • National Starter Pack- $60 paid to Area Ambassador, $50 to Regional Ambassador and $40 to National Ambassador.


Cost Associated With Zilis

The basic Zilis membership is $99 one-time payment plus $29 monthly fees of back office support. You are also require to pay $49 a year for renewal fee.


During your signing up process, you will want to buy one of their membership package like Bronze membership is for $199, Silver membership is for $599 and Gold membership is for $1299.


The only difference between the packages is the amount of product and income potential in the compensation plan. It is up to you to decide which packages is best suit your needs.


What I Like About Zilis

  • Make Money by selling products.
  • Some quality products.
  • Ten of thousand people promoting the products.
  • A low-cost, low-risk way to make extra money.
  • Work from home.
  • More flexible.


What I Don’t Like About Zilis

  • Zilis products are expensive.
  • Spends money on podcast, books, and seminars.
  • $99 registration fee.
  • Zilis turn you to its customers.
  • Recruiting others.
  • Hound families and friends.
  • You are not building a real business.


Here Is What I Really Think: Is Zilis a Scam?

Zilis is a direct sales Vitamins and Supplements company with over four years in business. It is a good company offering products that are favored by ten of thousand people.


It is a legit company with tons of quality products to back up its business and thoroughly test all products to ensure high quality.


They company provides a great amount of tool to help new recruit succeed. Products prize are a bit high and the compensation plan is bit hard to understand.


Distributors are required to maintain a minimum 50PV auto-ship order or at least 75PV worth of products to remain active for any given month.


Their compensation plan is built heavily upon recruiting business model. It appears to be a good opportunity for those who are passionate about product and are willing to spend money on product purchases whether or not you sell them to others.


Whether you believe this is the type of organization you want to get involved with is up to you. If you have a decent size of the budget to invest and think that you are the next best recruiter, then this program may be for you.


If you don’t have a decent sized budget and you don’t feel like selling these expensive products to other folks, they may not be the program for you.


An alternative

There are much better ways to make money from home without recruiting others. A couple of years ago I gave up the multi-level marketing and joined a training program where they offer step by step training that teaches you how to set up your business.


Ideal for newbies, you can join for free and often a few days, you will have your own a free website, free hosting, free resources and a ton of free training.


So, if you are really serious about earning money or want to build your very own business, I recommend to check out My # 1 Recommendation.


What is your thought about Zilis or have you had any experience with it in the past? Why not share it and let us learn from it!


All the best!



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Zilis at a Glance

Name: Zilis


Owner: Steven & Angie Thompson

Price: $99 + Upsells

Overall Scam Rank: 5.2 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, Need to chase down sales to make a decent income







Overall Quality



  • Quality Products
  • Work for Home
  • Low-Risk Way to Make Extra Income


  • Expensive Products
  • Recruiting Others
  • You are NOT Building a Real Business

7 thoughts on “Is Zilis A Scam?- Get The Answers In My Review!”

  1. Maun,

    Thank you for reviewing this product. There are tons of “get rich quick” schemes out there. It sounds to me like in order to excel in the zilis program a large amount will have to be invested in order to see any kind of returns.
    Your alternate seems like a better way to go. If a company asks for your credit card info upon sign up it is not a good sign. My question about your alternate is do they really allow you to start for free?

    • Hi Lance,
      Thanks for visiting my site.
      Zilis is a good company and offer quality products. Like any business though, you’ll need to learn and build your business. If you put in enough time and effort, you’re definitely see the results.
      My alternate, Wealthy Affiliate is you can join for free. No credit card or bank details required. You can stay as a starter member as long as you want. If you want advance training and premium support you can upgrade to premium membership. This is optional.
      All the best!

  2. Not to sure what to think about Zilis. It definitely has some ups and downs. I like the products, they seem neat but a little expensive like you have mentioned. I find it beneficial that you can set your own prices of the products you would like to sell to people. But for me, I would rather invest into a program with more security and something more individual. Thank you for this review.

    • Hi Bod,
      First of all, thank for leave a comment here!
      Every business has ups and down. Their products are excellent, but they are quite expensive compare to other products out there. This is the nature of MLM’s products.
      The only issue is their business model is based on recruiting. Recruiting and building team is hard if you’re lack in people skills. That’s why I gave up MLM and do affiliate marketing!

  3. Thank you for the review. I have done some research and the only thing I would say that is different from this review is that the sign up fee is $10 more than the retail price of the product you are receiving for the $199 price if you do the bronze. The member only $99 sign up does not make sense as you do not get any product in return only access to the business and products at wholesale. There is not a monthly fee of $29 unless you want to upgrade to the cloud pro back office for additional, more detailed reports. Support is free along with your website each month.
    I did become a member after some research with this company. There is potential to make money with hard work, especially in the Hemp industry. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme by any means. you have to touch it each day and work harder than others in sales as most are not coming to your door to buy.
    My initial research was for hemp oil benefits for my children. They released a new Ultracell, a water-soluble Broad spectrum hemp oil, in November, 2017. I have two children on the spectrum, and I settled on this one as the best for my family. It has made an amazing difference for both of them. I wanted a quality oil, a reputable company that likes to give back to others, and one of integrity.
    Zilis has all of that. I would rather help other women and men by buying into this kind of company than a chain store or pharma.

    I appreciate your honest and straight forward review.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for stopping by sharing your positive experience with Zilis with us.

      I agree with you. There is potential to make money with hard work in MLM industry. I had been in MLM businesses before so I know one or two things about it.

      Wis you all the best!

      Ps. Did you know you can generate more leads for your MLM business by following this free training?

  4. I am a Zilis Ambassador for over a year and do not make amazing money at this time but am helping people make amazing health differences in their lives. I have 2 torn rotator cuffs and arthritis. I have full range of motion of both shoulders and able to move easily. This is a supplement and not a treatment or cure. Many find the products helpful and become business associates. This is a truly helpful and caring company and I am proud of all the good they do in helping other people with nutrition, helping to stop malnutrition in children who would otherwise be dying early from heart and other diseases related to poor eating/nutrition. They are able to absorb nutrients because of the packers provided by our company through product sales. You give good information in your review. Thank you.


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