Is Zen Arbitrage a Scam? Check Out This Program!

Is Zen Arbitrage a scam/

A couple of years ago, five years to be precise, I started hearing about the term ‘online book arbitrage,’ which was new to me at the time. Basically, online book arbitrage is the process of searching cheap fulfilled books on Amazon then sell them at a profit on the same platform. Throughout my research on this practice, I wondered whether Amazon would at any time put up some measures to control the online book arbitrage practice or not. Alternatively, I asked if the process can be sustainable or not in the long run.


Four years down the line, the online book arbitrage still works, and it works perfectly for many users. Like other types of online arbitrage (clothes and toys), the process isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Yes, it has become much more complicated than it was a couple of years ago, but this is where using the best software can help you escape the hurdles.


The big problem is, most systems are utter shams. However, one system has kept appearing at the top of Google searches, the Zen Arbitrage, developed by Peter Valley. So, I decided to review this product. Do you want to learn how the system works, what it is, and whether it is a scam or not? Well, if so, read my thorough review of the program below.


What is Arbitrage?

Before I go into detail about what Zen Arbitrage is, I think I need to define the term arbitrage to those folks who probably have never heard much about the term. According to Google Search, arbitrage is the process of buying and selling commodities, currencies, and securities in derivative forms or in different markets to take advantage of rising prices for the same item.


In simple terms, it is the process of buying an item at a low cost, and then sell it at a higher price. This concept isn’t only applied to the forex market, as people nowadays incorporate it into books, clothes, toys, properties, among other things.


What is Zen Arbitrage?

Zen arbitrage is known by several names such as:

  • Book arbitrage software
  • Amazon trade-in arbitrage software
  • Full by Amazon (FBA) book arbitrage
  • Textbook arbitrage software
  • Online book arbitrage
  • Amazon book arbitrage
  • Amazon arbitrage software


In simple terms, Zen Arbitrage is basically a book arbitrage system. The system helps users find profitable books on Amazon to sell them online via the same site. Simply put, you will purchase books at a much lower price than what Amazon is giving you and, in turn, sell them at a much higher price on Amazon for a profit. As the old saying goes, ‘Buy low, sell high.’


According to Peter Valley, Zen Arbitrage is a unique tool that scans amazon for profitable books and then allows you to profit with no experience and no inventory. However, this is just a slight explanation of the system. It has more to offer, as outlined below.


Here’s a Short Video on Zen Arbitrage

How Does Zen Arbitrage Work?

Now that you know what the product is and who the owner is, you are quite confident that this is a legit program, and you are perhaps wondering how does this exceptional arbitrage works? Good to ask yourself such questions. The Zen Arbitrage contains five simple steps as outlined below:


  • You can either hit the search button straight away or configure a search criterion in the Zen Arbitrage user interface.
  • Using the search results that the system gives you, find various books that are quite profitable to arbitrage. From the Zen Arbitrage user interface, you will get the FBA price (your selling price) alongside the lowest price. This is the price you will pay for the book you choose.
  • Purchase the books. You can either opt to have them shipped to you directly or automate the entire process by using a prep service partner.
  • Get the book, list it, ship it, and finally sell. I know this seems wordy, but the good thing is that Amazon will offer you detailed guidelines on how to send the books to one of their stores to sell.
  • Repeat the process, and that’s the trick!


Here is a simple workflow about how the program works;

  • Choose your search options
  • Identify your profit
  • Purchase
  • Receive, list, ship, and sell
  • Repeat the cycle


How does Zen Arbitrage work?

By now, you are undoubtedly thinking, that is wonderful. I know how the software works, but how will I get paid? How will I earn passive income by selling books online? Read on to the following segment.


How to Make Money with Zen Arbitrage?

By now, I guess you have a perfect idea of what ZA system is, but how do users earn income? Or is it possible to create passive income with Zen Arbitrage? These two questions are valid, and they’re probably the reasons why you are going through this review. The answer to these queries is rather simple and elegant, and it might even stun you. You simply purchase the book at a low price and sell it at a much higher price. The difference you get upon selling is your profit, and that’s it!


For instance, let us assume you performed a search in ZA, and the system told you that bookstore ABC is selling a particular book at $ 20, and Amazon is selling the same book at $ 95. You then buy the book at bookstore ABC at the said price and sell it to Amazon for $ 95. Here, you get a profit of $ 75. Imagine doing this regularly, anytime, anywhere in the world. There are few opportunities where you can make these types of profits while working at home, or while on a summer vacation.


The few business-minded persons that have fat pockets but less time can use Zen Arbitrage to create a new passive income stream. To accomplish this, the owner has checked out a prep service to help you. You just need to look out for profitable books in ZA and send them to Peter’s reliable prep service team, and they will handle everything from there.


If you don’t reside in the US, you must set up a particular prep service due to factors like shipping time. Peter valley has significantly simplified the process of setting up a prep service, and it only takes twenty-four hours or less.


Zen Arbitrage Ugly Truths Revealed!

It is Hard Work

This is not a walk in the park. It is tough work indeed – perhaps tougher than purchasing books locally at thrift stores and bookstores. I am sure that upon testing the system, many will agree with me. You may have a valid point and sat that sitting at a PC is physically much more straightforward than going to a bookstore and scan books for hours.


In my opinion, I think using this software is much tougher than physical search because of the many hours you require to be intensely staring at a PC screen, checking thousands and thousands of Amazon product pages, and skimming through limitless ZA search result pages. This type of work is not for the fainthearted.


If you cannot tolerate sitting on a computer for long hours, you are probably not going to like this exclusive system. However, you should give Zen Arbitrage a try if you prefer sitting at home on your PC.


You need Investment to Make some Good Cash

If you don’t have sufficient start-up to generate a massive return on investment, you are not going to love this online book arbitrage. One of the leading differences between local sourcing and online sourcing is that online books cost way more than $1 and $2. For instance, you should expect to buy books at anywhere between $ 5 and $ 80 when purchasing via Zen Arbitrage. It is going to be tough to earn a full-time living from the system, especially if you don’t have a good flow of cash.


What I Like About Zen Arbitrage

It Can Actually Make You Money

Zen Arbitrage genuinely works. The price gap between the buying price and selling price can be quite high, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs can take advantage of these big discrepancies. The system will definitely work with the right guidance and support, and the owner of the system will be there in every step of your journey.


Countless Opportunities to get Profitable Books to Sell

I cannot guarantee this, but I assume that the number of books in the world suppresses that of humans. Besides, within your small circle of friends, how many of them are buying books to sell? Probably a few or none at all. You can see that the competition isn’t stiff and the market is projected to increase.


It might not be the best business, like selling the latest diet trend and fashion, but it will surely help you realize your dreams if you use the Zen Arbitrage system. Instead of paying out your mortgage in 25 years, why not reinvest in online book arbitrage and buy off the mortgage in 5 years.


You can sell the Books Anywhere and at Anytime

If you get a prep service immediately after signing up with the system, you can virtually work anywhere and at any time. I say virtually because you require an internet connection to access Zen Arbitrage. So, ensure that the beach you are planning to visit has functional Wi-Fi connectivity.


Unlike the 9 to 5 job where the management demands you to clock in and clock out at a specified time, this system gives you the freedom to work on your book arbitrage business any time anywhere. If you are a night owl like I and would like to wake up around 11 AM to start your day, this program is the ideal companion for you.


You can Purchase Money-making Leads

Imagine for a minimal price, a person comes to you, and informs you about a profitable book arbitrage lead, would you disregard this info? This is an exclusive offering that no other opponents out there have. You can purchase the leads if you don’t want to search for the opportunities manually. The Zen Arbitrage system has all the whistles and bells to make sure that the leads are legit and valid.


Is Zen Arbitrage a Scam?

It is not a scam! The system works, and you can genuinely make a lot of money. Sourcing books online is a profitable and legitimate venture, and many Amazon sellers will find the process to be fun and welcoming. Even if you have never sold any item on Amazon previously, the ZA process is straightforward and simple to understand.


This is not to say that it is automatic or easy. To make some good cash with this system, you will need to dedicate some time to find profitable books from the databases. Luckily, you will get free training videos upon getting a subscription at Zen Arbitrage. You will undoubtedly make time within a short period if you are more than willing to work hard and learn new strategies.


How I Make a Living Online

Now, let me give you a secret about how I have been making passive money online over the years. I make money via affiliate marketing. Now, you need to join affiliate marketing if you want to earn passive income online. Affiliate programs can unquestionably make you quick and easy money online. For instance, I earn a living doing nothing other than selling affiliate products through the internet. As you can see, it is possible to succeed.


Let us start with a definition of affiliate marketing. Not the Google definition but an actual definition that differentiates publishers from affiliates. Publishers create products while affiliates sell these products. It is that simple. This is why affiliate marketing is vital for many individuals. You don’t need to manufacture your product, employ a sales force, store that product, or even pay any overhead. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is look for items you wish to sell and market them.


Affiliate products are typically sold by publishing an affiliate link on your blog or website. Else, you can post affiliate links on your forum posts or articles. Whenever a client clicks your link and purchases the product, you will earn a specified commission.


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  • Need investment to make good money

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