Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme? In My Opinion No, BUT…

Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme? In My Opinion No, BUT…

What is Younique? Is Younique a pyramid scheme? Can I make money legitimately through Younique? I will do my best to answer all these questions and more than that I can, through this Younique detailed review.

The beauty industry is fast evolving, and it has made a reputation of being a major money maker. With everyone yearning to look like “Beyonce”, there is a lot of potential in cosmetic products.

About a decade ago, only the big corporations were making money from cosmetics. However, tables have turned and now the industry is filled with opportunities for everybody.

Many companies are coming up every other day, and Younique is one of them. The firm has attracted attention, with many people wondering whether it is a legitimate income earning opportunity or a scam.

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What is Younique?

Younique is a cosmetics’ brand that was established by two siblings; Melanie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield. They sell an array of products such as skin-care creams, mascara, and eyelashes. The products are relatively decent but they are quite pricey.

Younique’s goal is to empower, validate and uplift women from all over the globe. They aim at giving women an opportunity to grow both financially and personally by selling Younique products.

What makes the firm unique and its reason for being popular online is its earning business opportunity. It offers multi-level marketing opportunities since the distributors are known as presenters.

Much like other “recruiting-based business model” type of companies such as Moms Making Six Figures, LuLaRoe, Pure Haven Essential, doTerra, and others.

The reason why this firm is doing well is because of the self-regulating sales force. They market the products across the globe. For you to join the force, you should enter your sponsor’s name and buy one of the starter kits.

What Products Does Younique Offer and How Much Do They Cost?

Younique provides the regular cosmetic products you can expect from any other similar company. It sells eye, lip and face products.

The prices range between $19 and $29 for an item. I would say that the products are reasonably priced. However, face creams are a bit costlier, with the cheapest going for $65.

They also trade in cosmetic tools ranging from $7.5 to $32 for an individual item. Different sets and collections are available for which you can save money.

How Much Will You Spend When Joining Younique?

One of the things that made me like this company is that you don’t have to spend much when joining Younique.

For you to become a presenter, you need to pay for the starter kit. This goes for about $99 and it is a one-time cost. I also liked that Younique doesn’t charge monthly fees.

However, for you to stay active, you must make a specified amount of sales every month. This is usually $125 every other 3 months.

The higher the level you attain, the more the sales you must make to keep up your rank. Failure to reach the limit will get your account closed.

Therefore, you might be forced to buy the product during the low months to stay active.

The successful presenters on Younique usually say that their first months were tough. Although you can join easily, there is a steep learning curve that does not favor the fainthearted.

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The Younique Compensation Plan

Just many multi-level marketing companies, Younique has a plan that guides the presenters in knowing how much they will earn when they recruit many members.

Here’s a Quick Video on Their Compensation Plan.

Something that stands out about the company is that they do most of their marketing on social media.

Every presenter starts at a level known as white. Here, you will earn a commission of 20% on your sales.

After you sell $1,000 worth of Younique products, you will be promoted to the next level, which is known as yellow. Here, you will receive a commission of 25% on the sales you make.

The next level is the pink status. Here, you will have at least one recruit selling under your leadership. This is a major milestone for presenters because the firm works on bringing in more presenters.

When you are in the pink level, you will earn an additional 3% of all the sales made by presenters who are under you, in addition to the 25% commission on your sales.

Therefore, the presenters who bring in the most presenters in Younique make the most money.

Younique Pros and Cons


1. They bet on natural products

Younique claims that its products do not have too many chemicals. They say that the cosmetics are suitable for individuals who want more natural and herbal options.

So the clients are assured of buying a product that will enhance their beauty rather than spoiling it.

2. The starter kit is a huge incentive

Essentially, the return is computed based on the initial investment. Considering that you only require $99 to join Younique, this is a viable investment opportunity that guarantees huge returns.

3. The compensation plan is easy to understand

The presenters are grouped differently depending on the sales they make. The plans are categorized according to colors. This means that you will be able to understand the categories easily.

4. You get paid faster on Younique than most pyramid schemes

Another factor that fascinated me about Younique is that you will not have to wait months to receive your commission.

A survey has indicated that most get paid almost immediately after they sell the product. Therefore, with this regard, Younique MLM is a quick pay option.


You have to recruit to earn good profits and to attain high ranks

Although you can do pretty well in Younique as a pure salesperson, at some point you’ve got to recruit other members. For you to attain the highest rank, you must have at least one presenter under your name.

Recruiting people is pretty easy, but it might be challenging to people who are not very good at convincing others to enroll in a program.

Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme?

From what I have managed to gather so far, Younique is neither a pyramid scheme, neither is it a scam. The company offers products that you can source and sell to your family, friends and strangers alike.

I recommend Younique to people who are passionate about beauty because it takes passion and skill to succeed in persuading people to join and buy the products.

If you are planning on joining the firm, it is not a bad idea. You should, however, be willing to struggle because the first few months can get rough.

Considering that it is not very old, the market is not completely saturated. This means that you can still make money.

Does it appeal to everyone? Well, that depends on the individual’s experience at the firm. All the same, remember that it is not wise to limit your income to one company. Therefore, try spreading the risks as much as you can.

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