Is Youngevity A Scam? What The Internet Is Not Telling You!

Is Youngevity A Scam?



If you are here, chances are, someone you know has introduced you to this company, probably a colleague or a family member. If that’s the case, I am glad that you did your research because getting into a company without researching it first is not a bright move. You are definitely doing the wise thing, searching for reviews of the company online. In this case, you probably searched for “Is Youngevity A Scam?” which is one of the best search keywords you can use when researching an MLM company.


Yes, Yougevity is an MLM company. It’s pretty obvious, too. The fact that you will only hear about this company from your friends and relatives is almost a dead give away that this company is in fact, an MLM. In the world of MLM, it’s pretty hard to tell which companies are good because of the devious nature of the industry. It’s almost always a toss-up between the company being a scam or not, which leaves a bad stain on the reputation of MLM companies. If you ask someone their opinion of MLM, they most certainly would answer “pyramid.” That is not an unfair judgment seeing as some MLM companies are really just pyramid schemes using the MLM structure as guise. That being said, in this review, we’re going to find out if this company, Youngevity is worth your time and money. At the end of this article, I will tell you exactly what my thoughts are about this company.


Here’s the full review.


What Exactly Is Youngevity?


Youngevity = Youth + Longevity


I still can’t decide if I like or hate that name. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but at the same time, it’s too simple and bordering on witty and stupid. In any case, it’s an eye-catching name, which is what most companies strive for. Now, enough with the name.


Youngevity is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that claims to help people live a healthier and much fulfilling lives. They claim that that is possible through the use of their products which caters to all kinds of people, promoting wellness and youthfulness.


If I were being honest here, Youngevity almost looks like a clone of most MLM companies on the internet. For one, MLM is already saturated with so many health and wellness companies that 8 of the top 10 MLM companies are all health-related. If I say that this company is similar to most MLM health companies, I am not lying. Even their products are the same, claiming all kinds of benefits. However, when you look closely, you can find those products easily on the web for a much lower price, like considerably lower. Now, what makes Youngevity unique?


What Separates Youngevity To Most MLM Companies?


If I were being honest here, Youngevity is very similar to most health-related MLMs. It’s almost as if the companies are following the same template. After all, if it already works with other companies, why even change?


Well, here’s the thing, using the same formula over and over again, while effective, is going to stagnate the industry, which is already stagnant as it is. If they want to be unique, they need to do some innovation and you can’t do that if they’re reluctant to moving away from the template.


So yes, the answer here is nothing much. There’s nothing much that separates this company from others. Most of them even have the same claims of health benefits, albeit in different phrasing.


How To Sign Up With Youngevity?


To join them, you need to buy their $25 Welcome Kit, which is really just a starter package for users of the program. It has some materials and training modules to help you get started.


However, that doesn’t include any products. If you want to try their products, you need to buy separately, but it’s not compulsory. But if you think about it, it’s almost compulsory since you need to have samples to get clients to trust the item. In a way, you are forced into buying their products.


They have other packages, too. Their packages range from $115 to $500 which they refer to as “CEO Starter Pack.” If you get invited, you most certainly would be pushed into availing the $500 package. They will say that this would be a good start for your business. This isn’t true at all, and let me tell you why.


The only people who can succeed through MLM are special kinds of people, truth be told. Most of the members would not get their money back, and if you get $500, you’re likely to go into an even deeper debt.


Compensation Plan


There are many ways in which you can earn using their compensation plan. However, those are just variations of the same thing. What you need to do is to just sell and recruit. That’s it! No “starter” bonus, or any other kind of bonus. It’s basically just – you get sales, you get a bonus. Get a referral, get a bonus. It’s as simple as that. But if you are curious about what their compensation plan looks like, check down below.


  • Retail Sales
  • Fast Starter Bonus
  • Infinity Reward
  • Status Rewards
  • Car Bonus
  • Global Revenue Pool
  • Refer 3 Get Yours Free
  • Residual Bonus
  • Vacations Rewards


If you read their compensation plan, you are likely to get confused. It’s too complex to comprehend and it’s as if they try to make it that way. Their compensation plan is far too complex than it needs to be. If you want to see how complex their plan is, check the video down below.



Honest Thoughts


  • Their Products Are Not FDA-Approved


Say what you want against other MLM supplement companies but at least they have funded studies backing their claims. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Youngevity. FDA almost always never certify supplement companies for the reason that it’s hard to prove most of their health benefits.


Truth is, some of the research that’s done for their products are biased and unreliable.


  • Misleading Claims


If you read their claims, you would think that their tablets are literally magic pills that can cure anything from a simple cold to lung cancer. The fact of the matter is, these are just misleading claims to make you buy their product which you won’t otherwise.


  • Expensive Startup Cost


Most MLM health supplement items are extremely expensive to the point that it would make you double-take. You can easily find a generic product if you want to. Just search Amazon for a similar product and you would be greeted with items less than half the price of their Youngevity counterpart.


  • Too many items


They have too many products which are mostly redundant. All of their products can improve your health but there are some items that are twice as effective for twice the price, or products that are more diet-oriented. Needless to say, the number of items is quite confusing.


  • Huge growth potential


Youngevity has reported continuous annual growth for several years in a row now, and from the looks of it, they are on an upward trend which means that there is still a huge potential for money-making.


  • It Is A Publicly Traded Company


Youngevity is a publicly-traded company with a symbol of YGYI. This means that it has to maintain a good appearance if it wants to gain the confidence of potential investors. It gives it more credibility compared to your average MLM company.


Is Youngevity A Scam?


Youngevity is not a scam but a simple MLM company. It is very similar to many MLM health companies which makes it somewhat less innovative than advertised.


One good thing I can say about this company is it is DSA-approved. DSA, short for Direct Selling Association, is a third-party company that checks the legitimacy of any direct selling company, which is what this company is.


You definitely can earn from this company but you have to put in the effort and make sure that you understand what the company is all about. You also need to trust the product that you’re selling because you really can’t sell an item if you don’t believe in its efficacy.




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