Is Yahoo Small Business a Scam? ( Not Really, but There’s a Big Red Flag!)

Is Yahoo Small Business a Scam? (Not Really, but There’s a Big Red Flag!)

Is Yahoo Small Business a scam?


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Name: Yahoo Small Business

Type: Web Hosting, Cloud, Email, and Business Services

Price: Starts from $9.99/per month

Recommended: For Small Businesses

Overall Rating: 3 Out of 5


my #1 recommendation


Here is the deal. If you want to start a business, your website designer or even your friend may recommend that you sign up on Yahoo Small Business.


But, does that mean they are good? Don’t get me wrong, Yahoo is a trusted name back in the day. Most people, including me, had a Yahoomail account back in the 2000s until Gmail suddenly took the market from them.


Nevertheless, it is always a great idea to do your research especially when you are starting a new business online. The reason is not only to avoid scam.


Yahoo is a trusted name. However, what they offer may not be the right option for you at this moment.


I know some people who subscribed to similar plans (in another company), paid over $1,000k in various fees, and yet didn’t make a dime and had to switch to another company in less than 3 months.


The truth is that most problems you experience online can be avoided. The key is to find a good and reliable website where you can always read honest and unbiased reviews.


Fortunately, you don’t have to look far. In this honest and unbiased review of Yahoo Small Business, you will learn everything you need to know about this business.


You will learn how they work and whether they are a scam or not. Keep on reading to find out more.


What is Yahoo Small Business?

Yahoo Small Business has been known with a lot of names over the years. It is possible that you’ve heard of Aabaco or Aabaco Small Business.


Well, Yahoo Small Business used to go with those 2 aforementioned names before finally deciding to stick with “Yahoo Small Business”.


Yahoo Small Business provides a range of tools and services for small business owners. The company provides tools like website-builder, domain and web hosting, cloud services, Ecommerce platform, business mail, and much more.


Yahoo Small Business Services


In most cases, most people are confused about the exact services one can get from this platform. Nevertheless, the above captures exactly what the company is doing.


If you have been into affiliate marketing or online business, you will notice right away that millions of other companies also provide these services that Yahoo Small Business provides.


So, the question is: what makes them different? Below, I will explain how Yahoo Small Business works.


How Yahoo Small Business Works?

Like I’ve already mentioned above, Yahoo Small Business provides a range of tools for someone who wants to start an online business or switch his business to another provider.

Here’s a Short Video on Yahoo Small Business.



To understand how the company works, I will look at some of their most popular services and tools to help you make a decision on whether the platform is good for you or not. Keep on reading to find out more.


Yahoo Website Builder

Back from 2000 to 2010, website builders were popular then. A lot of web host companies had it then. Heck, I even built a couple of websites with website builders. Unfortunately, I have abandoned most of them.


When it comes to Yahoo Small Business, you can build your website for free on the platform. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up.


However, you will be limited to the features you can access. You can upgrade to a Basic Plan for $4.99 or for a professional plan for just $9.49 per month.


Yahoo website builder comes with some really good templates. You don’t need to have a prior knowledge of web design to use them. It is very intuitive.


Here’s a Quick Video on How Their Website Builder.


You can create a website with this web builder in just a few minutes. So, with a great price and nice templates, you must feel tempted, right? I wouldn’t recommend website builders in this age and time.


Using a website builder is like giving someone control over your business. They can decide to increase the price or even delete or block your website anytime as they want.


While Yahoo website builder is great in my opinion, I will actually recommend you avoid web builders and instead, make use of WordPress or other CMS like Joomla to build your own website. Using WordPress may take a bit of learning, but it definitely worth it.


Yahoo Domain Name

Yahoo Small Business also offers domain name registration services. At the time of writing this article, the price for registering a “.com” domain name on this platform starts from $10.99 per year.


You will enjoy a discount if you decide that you want to get a domain name and web hosting services from Yahoo Small Business as well.


Yahoo Website Hosting

Yahoo Small Business is competing with big brand names such as HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and many other web hosting companies for website hosting services.


Yahoo web hosting services haven’t really reached the height the company expected. At the moment, Yahoo web hosting is one of the cheapest in the industry.


I mean, it is not every day that you will see a company that wants to offer you hosting for as low as $6.49 per month. However, before you jump in, there is a catch. You will have to pay this fee annually and at once (i.e. $6.49×12).


Moreover, your bandwidth and other features that come with this website hosting are likely to be on a very low side. Ideally, most company offers a low entry price.


When you sign up, they will now force you to upgrade to higher plans. So, if I were you, I will think twice before jumping into this offer.


When I compared Yahoo web hosting services to other companies such as HostGator, I discovered that their web-hosting service is mediocre at best.


Business Email

Yahoo Small Business also offers business email services. If you own a business and you want to have a professional email address that looks like, Yahoo can provide that for you.


Alternatively, most domain name registration companies provide you with this feature once you buy a domain name from them.


How To Make Money With Yahoo Small Business?

Yahoo Small Business isn’t a “make money” opportunity. They also don’t advertise themselves as one. Nevertheless, the company still provides an opportunity for you to make money as an “affiliate”.


This means that all you have to do is refer people to Yahoo Small Business to sign up and you make some money. You don’t have to use their services to become their affiliate.


You will also get access to banners, texts links, keyword lists, and other promotional tools as an affiliate.


However, it is important to mention that you only get paid as an affiliate if the person you refer to make a purchase that is worth $40 and above. Yahoo doesn’t pay any commission for purchases that are less than $40.


Yahoo Small Business Ugly Truths Revealed

Terrible Customer Support

If you are someone who is easily pissed at bad customer service, then I wouldn’t recommend Yahoo Small Business for you. The company has a reputation for replying customers very late.


I can remember that I joined the company 2 years ago. I wanted to cancel my account but it took so many going back-and-forth with their customer service agent before they finally canceled my account with them.


There are horror stories of people who were still charged money even after canceling their contract. The screenshot below is an example.


yahoo small business complaints


What I Like About Yahoo Small Business

Ease of Use

Yahoo Small Business provides customers with an easy website, domain, and professional email. If you want to go with Yahoo Small Business for these tools, you will find it extremely easy to set up and enjoy.


With their website builder, you can build a website in just a couple of minutes and ready to use it for whatever purpose you want.


However, as someone who understands the value of being able to control your business, I will not recommend you make use of a website builder when creating a business website.


I have already explained above that doing so means keeping the control of your business in the hands of Yahoo.


They can decide to lock or delete your website any day. I would recommend using WordPress instead of web builders.


Value For Money

When compared to other providers, I discovered that Yahoo Small Business domain name and hosting is significantly cheaper compared to the one top providers such as HostGator provides.


Unfortunately, HostGator has tons of features that are not available on Yahoo. Nevertheless, if all you want is just a basic website for small business, the bandwidth along with other features Yahoo Small Business provides will be enough for you.


Is Yahoo Small Business A Scam?

Definitely Not! Yahoo Small Business was created to make things easier for small business owners and first-time website builders. I found that their customer service sucks.


However, they deliver on what they promise. Their prices are cheap and services good for beginners.


While Yahoo Small Business is good, it can never be compared to Wealthy Affiliate which is known as the best program for anyone that wants to start making money online.


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1 thought on “Is Yahoo Small Business a Scam? ( Not Really, but There’s a Big Red Flag!)”

  1. (Totally venting from frustration) I disagree with ease-of-use. I have a five-year web hosting plan (having been with Yahoo more than a decade). I’ve read hours of articles from Yahoo and on Google to try and get FTP to work, but it doesn’t. It’s broken at Yahoo (I’ve used multiple computers and service providers – so ruling out their support page BS). Additionally, I wouldn’t be trying to get FTP to work if the File Manager worked (and/or showed permissions). For years, I’ve had issues with I/O errors (trying to delete files from my own directory), and just the response “X could not be deleted.” I can create a new php file, then try to delete it and get an “I/O error” response (I was creating a php file to chmod all these items to 0777, hoping for an invisible permission issue). This could have something to do with permissions (however, I’m thinking hardware), but again I can’t see, as a result of not being able to get either of the FTP programs for which Yahoo provides instructions to work. Credentials – I’m a Chief Engineer at a Data Center with a strong IT background – I live and function in this same world, in addition to my Nuclear/Electrical Engineering background. I’ve changed my login email (which is used as the primary username for FTP) and created accounts through the Password Manager until I can nearly vomit. If I were to guess – my account is sitting on a virtual machine with a bad hard drive and some mis-configured files as a result of Yahoo trying to rebrand this business a half dozen times, and it’s been this way for years. As you mentioned, Yahoo has terrible customer service. For an issue like this, it will never be fixed. It can’t be, because there isn’t a competent person to whom I could speak (directly) who could get me in touch with the person who can actually implement a fix. I used to think it’s because Yahoo runs their DCs hot, to generate savings. Now I just think it’s the most frustrating and terrible service I’ve ever received. Simplicity – install WordPress (fails three times before it installs). Make some minor configuration changes, add a simple plugin to allow uploading files for sharing purposes, and broken. I’ve probably spent 100 hours in the last seven years, trying to make a useful solution on this platform, but the I/O errors and inability to write and delete files as required, using their own File Manager, has finally resulted in me giving up on ever using this platform. I’ve never encountered, in my own experience, such garbage. I maintain my account for a single business email still being used by a client. When s/he finally moves, my entire relationship with Yahoo will end.


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