Is Writing To Wealth A Scam? Is It Worth Trying Out?

Is Writing To Wealth A Scam?


writing to wealth scam


Product Name: Writing To Wealth

Author: Anonymous

Price: $34 + Upsells

Rating: 3 out of 10

Verdict: A misleading product that promises one thing and delivers another completely irrelevant thing. Stay away.


If you’re like most people, you probably have made a quick search about ‘online money making’ on Google. In your search, there’s a good chance that you would run into some earning opportunity through article writing. This isn’t surprising at all, because one of the most popular money-making opportunity online is through article writing.


You see, the internet is full of content and these contents don’t write themselves. The internet needs writers and they need it fast. This is the main reason why there are so many writing opportunities on the internet today. There’s just too much information to share!


In today’s review, we’re going to look into a company that claims to have found a way to help you get paid by doing article writing. The company is called Writing To Wealth and they boast of strategies that could boost your writing career.


But first…


Before we dive into the full review, I’d like to introduce you to the product I’ve been using for the past several years. The reason I am introducing it right now is you would probably wonder how I am able to do this job – and that’s because of affiliate marketing.


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Now, onto the full review.


What Exactly Is Writing To Wealth?


Writing To Wealth claims to have found this secret trick to boost your online writing career. This company claims that most writers on the internet aren’t earning as much as they should, and this is because they are failing to find the right employers or opportunities.


And this is where they come in – they claim to have thousands upon thousands of writing opportunities that pay way above average. If you become a member, they will give you access to this database which would allow you to earn more than usual.


But at what cost, you might ask? The joining fee is $34, which is pretty reasonable. However, if you play hard to get and try to close the pop-ups, you can get this program for $12 right now. It’s one of the most popular tactics that infomercials use called ‘scarcity marketing.’


Once you’re on their website, it doesn’t look similar to most writing companies. Matter of fact, it looks way different than what you would expect. It looks just like an affiliate program, which is what it is.


What Are The Claims?


As I’ve said, Writing To Wealth claims many things which can be summed up into ‘we can help you earn money online through writing articles.’


If you pay the joining fee, you will get a writing seminar add-on which they claim can make you write more efficiently.


You will also get access to thousands of writing opportunities online, which they claim to pay more than the usual rate. But you will still need to apply for the job, of course. They are only listing writing gigs and it still up to your qualifications.


In short, Writing To Wealth is going to give you access to plenty of writing opportunities for the cost of $34.


Do all these claims have merits though? Or are they just hype claims to lure in poor users all over the world?


Writing To Wealth Add-ons


Writing To Wealth have add-ons available but they aren’t necessary. For this section, I am only going to give my insight for the basic add-ons.


If you become a member, you will get access to Nick Daws interview. This is a two-hour interview with Nick Daws, the author of “How to write any book in 28 days or less.”


You will also be given access to Novel Writer Software, a software that helps with writing long articles. Another free add-on is Maxtype Lite Typing, a typing tutor. There are additional tools as well but you probably won’t need those anyway.


In case you hadn’t noticed, all the add-ons seem to be focused on novel writing. Even the two-hour interview only talks about writing a novel. You don’t need that. The writing opportunities only require you to write 1000-1500 words, which is way lower than a novel.


The Truth About Writing To Wealth


At a glance, it would seem like Writing To Wealth really does complete all its claims plus more. They really do have a list of job opportunities you can apply for if you become a member.


But there’s one thing they don’t want you to know — and that is, they are just the middlemen!


job listing review


Yes, you read that right! They’re just the middlemen in all of this, masquerading themselves as the actual employers. If you do your research right, you will notice that most of all their listings are from FREE job provider websites.


They’re just listing all the jobs and passing it off as theirs. What’s worse is you can easily search for those jobs yourself. You don’t need to have a masters degree in Google searching to be able to get to those free-to-join websites. They’re free!



Is Writing To Wealth Worth It?


It depends on how you define worth it for you. If you think that $12 is not much, then, by all means, join this program.


But you must remember that you can easily search for those job openings on the first page of Google. If anything, Writing To Wealth saves you just a couple of clicks. If you think that those saved clicks cost $12, then it’s going to be worth it for you.


Personally, I don’t think it’s worth much. You can find many writing gigs online. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Textbroker, offer much more varied job listings if you are keen on scoring a writing gig.



The Conclusion – Is Writing To Wealth A Scam?


NO. Writing To Wealth is not a scam.


Instead, it is a misleading company that promises its users one thing and delivers one different thing. It’s not a good model for business because its premise is based on a lie.


They are built on the promise that they can find their users a good earning opportunity but we all know that those aren’t true. They are just creating a directory of all the ‘average’ job listings from the most popular job listing websites. In short, even if you get accepted, you will still earn an average wage.


So much for the well-above-average, right?


The takeaway here is you probably won’t need this program anyway. If you want to find a good writing job, just stick to the most popular online aggregator sites. There is no secret source of high paying writing jobs – those are just hype words or sales pitch to get you to subscribe to their almost useless program.


Now, if you want to earn money online, you should try affiliate marketing instead.


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