Is Writing Jobs Online A Scam? – Important Review Facts!

Writing Jobs Online Scam Review- Important Review Facts!

Name: Writing Jobs Online


Owner: Glen Anderson

Price: $1 for 7 days trial and then $ 27/ month

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

If you are looking to start your online career as a writer, it can be an amazing way to make money on the internet.

By considering the millions of blogs we have on the internet today that needs a content for their site, you can make a good money if you can write up contents for them. And you may also consider joining Writing Jobs Online.

They claim that their an average member earn nothing less than $700 a month while their top earners are making nothing less than $5000.

This actually looked pretty interesting to me and I thought I would review it for you guys and give you my honest opinion as to whether they can help you earn $700- $5000 + per month or not.

They even promise that they will train and provide you everything you need to make such income in the comfort of your home. The question is are they true?

Within the following review, I will be showing you whether Writing Jobs Online can be a good place to start your freelancing career or if you are better off exploring other options to make money from home.


What Is Writing Jobs Online All About?

The company is created by Glen Anderson. It is a freelance marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of service provided via the internet. They have small jobs, large jobs and anything in- between for freelancers.

They offer you all of the opportunity to start earning good money working as a writer. They have a fixed price or hourly terms for you related to your specific skills.

The company claims that you can earn as much $30 – $120 per hour, get paid up to $50 per article and even get paid $ 500 – $1000 for short ebooks if you are registered with them.


They have a database of writing jobs, tools and software and more…that will help you earn more from your writing.

Here Is What You Will Be Getting As A Register User:

  • Getting Started- You will get 4 ebooks
  • Writing Jobs Database.This is where you get a list of writing jobs that are available on the site.
  • $50 – $100 Writing Jobs- A list of sites that accept articles
  • $100 – $200 Writing Gigs- Another list of sites for writing jobs
  • Writing And Online Magazine Writing Gigs+ – More websites that are looking for writers
  • Writing tools-The tools they offer you are Skype, Word Press, and Flickr.
  • Writing Software- The tools that can be useful to you as a writer  such as Google doc, WordPress, Evernote and more
  • Online Video tutorials- A selection of 9 videos
  • Writing Jobs Online- A list of jobs for positions such as editors, programmers and more.
  • Writing Online News- A list of links to articles to other sites.
  • Premium Surveys- A list of survey sites
  • Other Online Opportunities- Another list of more survey sites
  • Tips And Trips- Learn more about writing jobs
  • Over $400 in sign- up bonus!- Another survey sites that offer a sign-up bonus.


How Does It Work?

Once you’ve created an account, completed your profile, and update your portfolio, the next thing you have to do is to find a project that matches your skill set.

It is simple. You will want to choose the particular job you want to do, submit your work after completion and then receive your payment.

The reason why you have to pay for a monthly fee is Writing Jobs Online doesn’t take the project commission- the rate that a site takes from your earning.

Most freelance sites take project commission in addition to the registration fees. For example, Fivver takes 20% project commission, has registration fees range from $5 – $30 a month.

Even a giant freelance site like, members have to quarterly fees as much as $130, but the site still charges a commission fee per project deducted from your earning.

With Writing Jobs Online, if you make $1500 per month, you will receive all of it. No project commission.


What I Like About Writing Jobs Online

  • $1 for a 7- days trial
  • 60 – days money back guarantee because they are listed their service in Clickbank marketplace.
  • They don’t make a 20% cut of your earning.
  • A list of features writer’s jobs currently available
  • They use PayPal to pay your earning
  • Receive payment bi-weekly
  • You can actually earn as a writer
  • You have access to the training that can improve your skills to earn more.


What I Don’t Like About Writing Jobs Online

  • The owner of the site is using anonymous to hide their identity
  • Expensive membership fee.
  • After 7 days trial, the monthly fee will be charged
  • Some of their training tools are readily available for free online
  • The site is not updated regularly
  • It is hard to make a decent income.


How Much Does It Cost?

When you sign- up you will want to input your credit card information and pay a $1 for  7 days trial. After that, you will be charged $27 monthly.

Many people are getting suspected with this membership fee because most freelance sites are free to join.

Even some people term them a scam because they fail to inform you the charged after that trial offer.


Who Is For Writing Jobs Online?

Anyone can write for this company as far as you have a good command of English and grammar.

The only issue with them as a company is that you have to pay to start writing.

And if you think that you don’t want to pay to start writing, then this company might not be for you.

If you think the price is fair compared to some of the freelancing sites out there that charge for both registration fees and take projects commission. You may go for it.

It’s all up to you.


Here Is What I Really Think

There is increased in the need of articles in recent time due to millions of blogs we have today. And as the demand for content increases, so the need for the writers goes up.

A company like Writing Jobs Online exists because most writers search for writing gigs online and they are just one out of many writing companies out there.

Many term them a scam simply because the company is using marketing techniques very similar to those of scam sites.

In my opinion, I don’t think this company a scam, because the company is now 8 years and 72 days old and use PayPal for a business transaction.

Even Clickbank stats shows that the company is making good sales every single month. If just one of customer gets scammed, you will find all that information easily on the Internet.

However, freelancing work online for a writer is not an easy to make a living because it is very hard to get hired full-time.

Do you think is it possible for you to make $ 30- $120 per hour with no prior experience?

It is not very likely!

An alternative

If you are serious about making money from the comfort of home or make a living online, I recommend you to check out my #1 Recommended Program at the bottom of this article.

This is the only program that takes me from pennies to earning full-time online. It is completely Free. No credit card or bank details required.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with this company that you would like to share with everyone else here today?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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