Is Writers Work A Scam – The Unadulterated Truth About This Program

Is Writers Work A Scam?



There was probably a time when you actively sought out a side hustle using the internet. This has probably led you to the world of online money making opportunities which ultimately bombarded you with advertisements saying that if you want to earn money, you should sign up for this or that. While programs that could help you earn money using the internet exists, it actually is pretty hard to find one that works as advertised. More often than not, you are only being led on into a scam and they only want your money for themselves. What I mean to say is that they sometimes present “too good to be true” earning opportunities but once you have paid your membership, you’ll soon realize that you will never earn as much as advertised. What’s worse is they are literally thousands of programs like these on the internet and in order to get to the ones that do work, you have to wade through all of them.


Lucky for you, I am going to do that for you. You don’t need to test out any products anymore. You just have to read my reviews and make an informed decision before diving in on a product that you saw through the internet.


Today, we’re reviewing a type of money making scheme that is popular to students and even young adults that are seeking to supplement their income with easy work. I am talking about a writing gig. The name of the product I am going to talk about is Writers Work.


What Exactly Is Writers.Work?


Writers Work is an online content mill service that provides writers an avenue to post their work, training materials, job listings, and other types of writing work to help them land a client. Writers Work does not actually employ their writers but only serves as a showcase website for writers, so to speak. Despite what their advertisement says, they are not actually employing any of their writers which means that everything the writers do while using the website is considered freelance work.


Writers Work will give you access to many writing tools that will help you showcase your skills. We’re going to talk about these features later in the article. But for now, we’re going to focus on what Writers Work doesn’t want you to know. There are several red flags that I have observed in my time in Writers Work. They are actually very clever in their advertisements which makes it seem like it is an online marketplace for articles when the fact is, it’s more of a membership site for aspiring writers.


How Does Writers.Work Work?


Before you can create your working profile on the site, you need to buy a membership. Yes, that’s right. You need to pay the site a membership before you can offer your services on it. Once you pay, you will get access to their many tools which they claim to help you improve your writing in ways that other writing programs can’t.


Additionally, you will get access to their training videos, allowing you to further enhance your writing and select a niche or industry that would fit your writing style perfectly. If you think you are ready to be hired, Writers.Work will then give you a list of websites and other writing jobs that you can choose from. These clients can then hire you provided that they liked what they saw on your profile.


As you can see, unlike other free writing gig websites, Writers.Work will give you training along with assorted writing tools to help you improve your writing. However, it does beg the question if the product is indeed worth the price? Do their training materials justify the membership fee? There are many products out there that are “free” that would not require a membership payment. See here, that is a tricky question simply because the value depends on the user. For amateur writers, getting a writing training would prove to be invaluable. However, for seasoned writers, their training would only help out a smidge and will not be worth the price. To help you decide if the price of the membership is worth it, I will list the cost of membership below.



How Much Does Membership On Writers.Work Cost?


You will be given 2 membership options, lifetime or monthly payment. For the lifetime membership, you will only need to pay $47 and you will have access to their website forever. When you browse through their website, you will soon notice that this $47 is their “sale” price and the actual price is actually $94. To tell you the truth, that seems just like a sales tactic to get you to buy it now, similar to those seen in infomercials.


The monthly membership would cost you about $15/month and will give you access to everything, as long as your membership is active. Unlike the lifetime membership, this seems like the constant rate of their monthly subscription.


writers work scam


Unfortunately, the website does not offer a sneak peek on their membership site so in order to get a feel of their membership program, you need to be a member first. Luckily, you can get a refund in 30 days, provided that you only use it for the basic membership. Any upsells or add-ons you bought within those 30 days aren’t refundable so keep that in mind.


How Easy It Is To Get A Writing Gig?


You would think that getting a membership would make landing a writing gig much easier. However, I find that in my time using the website, getting a writing job with a reasonable rate could very well be a job of its own. It’s a very tedious process that ultimately takes half of your work time.


Fortunately, they have a cool program that will help you with that. They have a “Magical Job Finder” that would show you all the job listings available. You can even filter out jobs based on many categories, just like when searching for an item online. You can set your budget along with the industry of your choice. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it makes the “finding gig” a hell of a lot smoother.


There are other features here as well that you may find helpful in landing your first writing job, should you decide to get a membership. They have a deep focus editor that shows the readability score of your article. It has other features as well to help tighten up your writing style.


You will also have a profile that would show your portfolio. If you have a great portfolio, the chances of you getting hired are increased exponentially. You need to make your profile pop-out if you truly want to have a great writing career.


Basically, all of these things make Writers.Work great and in effect, better than many “free” writing websites on the market. The value of the training and additional features depends on the users though. For some, it’s just a waste of money. For others, it’s an invaluable tool to help them get hired.


writers work scam


Negative Things About Writers.Work


The most jarring negative thing about Writers.Work is the tons of negative reviews about the program. If you type the company name on Google, the suggested string of words is usually related to the word “scam.” That is quite an image they have on their hands and while not all of them are true, it does shake the reputation of this company by a lot.


Another bad thing are the upsells. As I’ve said above, Writers.Work offers refund but only for the basic packages. Once you have bought an add-on, consider it lost money. Those aren’t refundable. Surprisingly enough, a good chunk of the negative reviews points to that as the culprit of why they hate this company.


There is no owner. I’ve talked a lot about companies not having a public owner is a huge red flag. There isn’t even an “About” page for this company. Who knows who owns this program? The reason this is a huge red flag is they can just pop out of existence one day and there’s no one to be held responsible because they are operating anonymously all this time.


Another worrying thing about this company is it has an “F” rating on BBB. I know some of you folks don’t put much stock into these ratings but I find it actually helpful in determining whether a product is good or bad. A rating of “F” does speak volumes, so take that as you will.


The Final Verdict


Writers.Work is technically not a scam.


But upon closer inspection, it could almost be considered as one. It is run by a group of unknown people which should almost always constitute as it being a scam. However, to be fair to the company, it does pay its users consistently and is actually alright in providing work for its users.


Based from all my points above, it’s all up to you, honestly. You can earn with this program, no doubt. But you better temper your expectations because finding a job using this platform isn’t as easy as it makes it out to be.


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