Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam? No One Told You This!

Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam? No One Tell You This!

Getting extra cash aside from the monthly payments we earn from our 9 to 5 jobs is a dream for many of us. Currently, there are countless online opportunities out there that promise to generate millions with insignificant effort. You have probably heard about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) on social media or through TV adverts.


By becoming a member of any MLM, a user usually earns a commission on downline sales. This commission increases if you get many distributors below you that either sell or consume your products. World Wide Dream Builders is an example of MLM.  It was started by Amway distributors to help members, especially distributors, to become much more successful. Read on to learn much more about World Wide Dream Builders, primarily how it works and whether it’s a scam or not.


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What is World Wide Dream Builders?

World Wide Dream Builders is basically an internet marketing organization linked with Amway that offers training, motivation, and education to assist Amway merchants in growing their businesses much faster, hopefully to the seven or higher figure range. Ron Puryear and his wife, Georgia Lee, started the company in the 1970s and then incorporated it to World Wide Group LLC I 1995. The World Wide Group typically grew due to the success of the famous MLM giant, Amway.


Here’s a Short Video about Amway.


Ron Puryear and his wife reached the diamond rank after just four years and saw it important to share with other independent business owners and distributors how to get to the top levels. Ron learned everything he could from the ultra-successful Bill Britt of Britt World Wide training program. It was after this program that he started World Wide Dream Builders and has enjoyed success since then.  Unluckily, Ron passed away in the summer of 2016, but his son Jim took the leadership of the business and has maintained its status ever since.


How does World Wide Dream Builders Work?

So, you want to realize your dream with World Wide Dream Builders. Before becoming a certified member of WWDB, you need to become a member of Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) first, which costs around $100 yearly. Afterward, you can choose the World Wide Dream Builder’s membership plan to join. First, you can opt for the premium membership plan that costs 49.95 dollars monthly or go for the much cheaper basic plan that costs 5 dollars per month.


In general, some benefits and features are only limited to premium members. As a premium member, you will be eligible for two free non-IBO tickets to Spring Leadership and Free Enterprise events. These tickets are worth an incredible 500 dollars. In addition to this, the premium members get two personalized websites (one for prospecting and one for retail), as well as discounts on all World Wide Dream Builders support materials.


Other benefits of becoming a premium member are that you will have access to the interactive business plan, personal websites, business support materials, and web training. Besides, free access to, e|office, and digital delivery standing order is also available.


How to Make Money with World Wide Dream Builders?

The MLM business model is built on merchants not selling products but bringing other members on-board to sell items, thus establishing a downline. A merchant is usually the upline. Nevertheless, the merchant is also on someone’s downline- the person that registered you to the business. Any member you bring on to the business will automatically be on your downline. In this case, you earn commissions on any items you sell yourself as well as a part of commissions through any items sold by the downline merchants.


Here’s a Short Video on How to Make Money with Amway/World Wide Dream Builders.


Multiple Levels

Besides pins and plagues, there are twenty-two levels in the Amway Reward system. The first award is known as Silver Producer. Members can work their way up to the founder’s crown ambassador. The good thing is that most of these rewards come with rewards and bonuses.


However, the best way of making money with World Wide Dream Builders is by establishing a downline through distributors’ recruitment. This MLM business model is usually fluid since distributors come and go based on their success rate. If this is the case, you may end up in a continuous state of registering new members for your downline and selling minimal items yourself.


All members need to have a specific number of persons in their downline to be eligible for commissions. They also need to have a qualifying number of sales to receive any performance bonuses that are offered monthly. Therefore, your income will purely depend on recruitment and sales.


Basic Commissions

You qualify for any commission if you personally sell sufficient products to earn 100 PV (personal value). Every product is given a personal value. For example, you need to sell at least three products that have a PV of 35.67 to qualify for commissions. Other variables incorporate the products you purchase for your downline. Your commission is also based on these products, as well as their corresponding PV. A commission of 3% is awarded on 100 PV, and this translates to 3 dollars. You won’t qualify for any commission if you sell anything below 100 PV.


World Wide Dream Builders Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Success in the MLM World is Significantly Low

Here is the truth: if you want to be a World Wide Dream Builders success story, you better be more than ready to drink, eat, sleep, and dream this business opportunity. While it is somehow possible to engage in this business during your ‘part-time,’ it isn’t a walk in the park to get into the 1% of MLMers who have made it. Also, do not forget that this industry is all about recruiting new members.


  • Products and Distributors Complaints

There have been reports of issues with some products like shampoo that turns hair brown. There are also grievances from newly recruited distributors that have been asked to stop using their personal products and instead purchase Amway products.


  • Misrepresentation Lawsuit

Back in 1994, Amway was sued! The accusations included misrepresentations around Amway’s affiliations, price-fixing, and misunderstandings around potential incomes. The plaintiffs wanted a jury trial while Amway wished to settle this matter out of court. To date, the final outcome of the case is unclear.


  • What Nobody Says

As a distributor, you will have to pay the shipping fee for the ordered products. This is a hidden cost that nobody talks to you about! You may dry your pockets before you even make a sale if you are ineligible for commissions yet.


  • The Products aren’t Elite

Amway products aren’t elite because they can be purchased on Amazon. It means that there is no insufficiency of products, and this could make these products much more difficult to sell.


What I Like About World Wide Dream Builders

  • It acts as Amway IBOs’ Support Group

Starting a business empire is hard and lonely. It is even much harder if you are starting a business as an individual. You have nobody to get help from when things go south, and you have no one to speak to when something is unclear. World Wide Dream Builders does not only provide business tools, books, training materials, and DVDs. It also serves as a support group for Amway members where it mentors members.


  • Several Years of Experience 

WWDB has been in the industry since the late 1970s. If the number of years one has been in the industry measures success, then World Wide Dream Builders is a success. Over the years, the company has survived Amway’s economic crises, legal issues, as well as the founder’s death. Presently, the business is run by a team of high-ranking Amway members. If you are registered under Amway, and you are searching for an all-in-one training program/support group, then this organization suits your demands.


  • It is the Most Successful and Largest Amway Motivational Organization

WWDB is indeed responsible for assisting more than 500 merchants to reach the diamond status in Amway. The group boasts a lot of motivational resources that can help members get to the best level in the MLM business. The group also holds various events throughout the year to keep members inspired and motivated.


  • It has a Good Status with the Better Business Bureau

World Wide Group, LLC, is rated as an A+ business by the BBB at the time of this review.

Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam?

A company that utilizes network marketing or MLM as a business model is not primarily a scam. However, the fact remains that MLM is a controversial business model that has received many jeers thanks to the distributors’ scheming tactics. World Wide Dream Builders is a useful support group and source of training materials for members who need a network of fellow Amway Independent Business Owners.


However, people should note that World Wide Dream Builders and Amway aren’t for everyone.  Some individuals join WWDB and end up losing some cash because they don’t have talent in sales or vast experience. Not everybody wants or can sell motivational books or nutritional supplements. Some people are easy targets for MLM businesses because they are looking for ways to make money fast, they’re easy targets, or they don’t have much info regarding MLM business.


Although WWDB’s compensation plan is attractively ethical by MLM standards, it means that you can end up using a lot of money monthly before you even start noticing any decent perk. You can make millions with World Wide Dream Builders, but most people won’t.  If it’s financial freedom you are looking for and you like automated and straightforward ways to build a passive income, there are much better ways as outlined below.


How I Make a Living Online through Affiliate Marketing

Let me begin with the general definition of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice where you refer online shoppers to various items and gaining a percentage of the sale in return. Affiliate marketers are offered personal links known as referral links to a product to enable the seller to know when a referred consumer purchases their product.


Several online shops provide affiliate programs. By signing up for an affiliate program, I usually get a particular tracking link that I use whenever I write about the merchant’s products. Various affiliate programs utilize different payment terms.


  • PPC (Pay Per Click): I make money online based on the number of visitors redirected by my affiliate site to the marketer’s website.
  • PPL (Pay Per Lead): I earn money online whenever the visitors give their contact information on the marketer’s site.
  • PPS (Pay Per Sale): I make some cash online whenever a purchase is finalized. I am usually paid a set percentage of the total sales.


As you can see, affiliate marketing is basically a passive income source. Yes, it is true! You can easily make money online via affiliate marketing. In order to be highly successful, users only need to learn what really works and what doesn’t when marketing products. Here are some tips that can help you become a proficient affiliate marketer:



Countless affiliate marketing programs work. So, it is essential to be patient. You can consider feeding your website with high-quality content to get high ranking positions and raise awareness. Else, you can join a discussion forum, attend affiliate marketing seminars, webinars, or marketing events, and join online communities to meet new persons. Generally, you will be much more passionate about generating money from affiliate programs after these contributions. 


Go for the Attractive Products

It would be a big mistake to market everything by signing up with different affiliate programs. It is impossible to focus on each of them intensely, and this would lead to disappointments. Instead of marketing everything, one is only needed to market a couple of products that are profitable, unique, or those products that can reach large masses. With this, it is essential to understand the market desires and demands and advertise your items accordingly.


Incorporate Several Traffic Sources

The more the traffic you direct to the sales page, the more the chances of making a lot of money. The best practice involves using Google Adwords as it makes your sales page receive targeted traffic from multiple channels.


Research the Product Demand

As I said above, it is vital to understand the market demands deeply. If you have good traffic, you should view it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly in order to explore the consumer’s choices and behaviors.  If not, you should research more info about how the product you’re planning to market satisfies the users’ demands.


Final Words

There are steps that one must follow in order to make substantial money via affiliate marketing. Since it allows us to make money from our homes, affiliate marketing is incredibly attractive. Just design a website, publish qualified content, attract members, and sign up with affiliate programs. It may seem easy by word of mouth, and it is thus essential to remain patient until you get to the right point.


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