Is Work- at- Home EDU a Scam?- Dream Or Scheme?

Is Work- At- Home EDU A Scam?- Dream Or Scheme?

Product Name: Work-At-Home EDU

Product Owner: Michelle Robinson


Price: $97 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

Gosh, it scams- like scheme such as Work-at-Home EDU pop up almost on a daily basis. It’s the same old sale pitch, aimed at people who are desperately looking for a way to make money from home.

Work at Home Edu said they would make you earn money from the comfort of your room by you posting links for a company on the internet and getting paid.

“Hey, just follow this free simple steps and start making money today”. You can’t help but to check it out because it seems like a good deal, right? Wrong! It’s a scam!

In this review am going explain what the company does in details and various ways you can make money with them.

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What Is Work- At- Home EDU?



If you have ever visited the work at home Edu website, you must be wondering what kind of formula they want to offer you to start making money from the comfort of your room.

Work at Home Edu’s homepage is filled with the promise that they will give you a proven blueprint for how to make money from the comfort of your room by posting some links.

They said that you must have an internet connection and don’t need any prior knowledge to make money from their opportunity since they know you are curious to learn about how to start making money from this blueprint, they will ask you to register with your name, zip code, and email address.

You will then be referred to the page that checks the availability of a position in your vicinity. If you check the top of that page, you will see congratulation!



You have less than 3 spaces left in your surroundings. We have tried other zip codes and have found that the messages are same for each of those zip codes.

They claim the company was founded by Michelle Robinson, which argued that he was one of the top job consultants in the United States of America.

She claimed that she was working on an 8-9 hours job until she was sacked and source for other ways to provide for her daughter.

Then she decided to make money on her on by attending various training where she learned what made her financially independent today.


How Work- At- Home Edu Operate?

The company claim that anyone can work with them irrespective of their background and age. They also claim that you alone depending on what you make from the link you are posting.

The company brings the link posting to three steps listed below:

  • You will need to log into your account to copy the link the company provided you.
  • You will see various customers that want their links to be posted. They always have new customers which will provide enough links posting for you.
  • They will be asked to input some details and submit the ink. Then you can click on the earning tab to view the money you have earned in that day.


The Pricing & Refund Policy Of Work- At- Home Edu

You will need to register with $97. This gives you access to the resource center of work at home Edu that will help you to earn more, they also have what they called Startup Freedom Club, but we couldn’t get the benefit of this club on their website.



Immediately after the registration, you will receive a call from a success coach advising you the various steps you need to follow to earn real money on their system.

Work- at- home Edu will provide the list of companies you can post ads for and this is just 75% of the business you can post links for.

Work at Home Edu has given their customers their money back if they are not satisfied after two months.


What Are The Things You Should Know About Work- At- Home Edu?

From the details provided above on how to earn from Work- at- home Edu. You will need to know some things before joining this company.

What is your experience in Affiliate marketing?

No matter how the company might paint the picture of the whole process of earning from posting links, if you don’t know affiliate marketing, you may struggle to make money.

This is because you must know how to place your ads for people to click on it. And once people click on such link you will get a commission, but without any knowledge on affiliate marketing may leave you frustrated.

And you will need to spend some money to run the ad that will promote the links, and if you don’t have a good grasp of affiliate marketing, you will be losing money rather than earning it.

Who is Michelle Robinson?

They said that Michelle is the founder of the work at home Edu on the website. In the real sense, the founder does not exist, and the rag to a rich story was only painted to make the opportunity appealing to a lot of people.

The various Upsells

The work at home Edu has a lot of upsells apart from the initial $97 initially advertised. Different customers have claimed that after they sign up with the $97 they are offered many other upsell which totaled it to almost $500.

They Claimed ABC and FOX News promote them

Aside the fake story of the founder, the work at home Edu said they are supported by well-known brands like ABC, Fox News, and many others.

There is no evidence to back this up, and we discovered that this is same tactics used by many works at home opportunity to mislead their subscribers.

They Don’t Offer Money Back As Promised

Also, the refund policy promised by this company is yet another trick to make you feel secured investing your money in their scam.

Most customers complain that they don’t offer any refund and the phone number left on this website was discovered to have been used in a website before now.


Final Thought: Is Work- at- Home Edu A Scam?

If you have been reading all the information provided in this review, I think you should have your answer by now.

This is not one online business opportunity I won’t recommend for you because you will only give out your money to a scam and not earn a dime in return.

Our recommendation. Avoid the one at all costs. It’s not a way to make money from home. It’s a system to milk as much money from you as possible. We’ve reviewed much more legitimate companies that will show you the way.

Click Here to see our top recommendation. Best of all, no credit card info required to get started.

Hope I have been able to explain how the company operates to you and if you have any question? You can ask us through the comment box below!

Thanks for reading.

All the best.




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