Is Weed Millionaire a Scam? Here’s The Ultimate Truth You Need To Know!

Is Weed Millionaire a scam?: Here is the Ultimate Truth You Need To Know!

Is weed millionaire a scam?


Hi folks, thanks for stopping by to check out my Weed Millionaire review. Is Weed Millionaire a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to make money online. You’ll learn the ultimate truth about the program in this blog post.


When you open your news app, you are most certain to come across news that certain states in the United States or Canada are about to legalize weeds.


Of course, such a bold move will certainly open opportunities for a lot of people to earn money. You certainly don’t need to be a Wall Street investor to figure this out. But not every investment is for you.


While there may be a potential to earn money from a new trend, it is very important that you don’t invest in what you don’t understand.


Here is the thing: 8 out of 10 people have no clue how weed trading works. Of course, everybody knows that there is a huge potential to make money by selling weeds legally or at least, trading it.


However, most people have no clue how it works. This is the reason why most scam programs are coming up nowadays.


Most of these new programs know that you think you can make money from weed. They also know that you don’t know how it works.


Thus, they want to exploit the loopholes in your knowledge and greed to take your hard-earned money.


Within the past couple of days, I have received numerous emails from my blog readers who want me to review this new program known as the “Weed Millionaire”.


Today, you will learn everything you need to know about the Weed Millionaire in this honest and unbiased review. Keep on reading to find out if Weed Millionaire is scam or not.


Name: Weed Millionaire
Type: CFD Trading Software (weed)
Price: $250
Recommended: 0/5

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What is Weed Millionaire?

If you have been online recently, it is likely you stumbled on a blog or ads that say you can make thousands of dollars per day trading weed.


Weed Millionaire is a new CFD trading software which the creators claim that it works in automation to manage investors’ fund and return profits by trading weed stocks.


Here’s a Quick Video about Weed Millionaire.


The software, according to them, is capable of a fully automated CFD cannabis trading as well as semi-automated trading.


The creators also claimed that you can recover your investment in just one day of trading weed. This means it is either that they are not saying the truth or they must be so generous and crazy to give out such secret away.


Either way, you are going to find out very soon in this article. Keep reading to see how the Weed Millionaire works.


How Does Weed Millionaire Works?

From the name of this software, you will get a hint that you will become a millionaire once you start using the software. Expectedly, that is the exact message the guys who created this program are passing on their website.


When you log onto their website, the first thing you will see is various cut and paste news telling you that weed has been legalized in various states across North America. You will be prompted to sign up as soon as possible.


In fact, there is a count-down clock on the website which tells you that you have only 10 minutes to sign up or miss out on the registration.


The guy behind this program never revealed his name. Nevertheless, they claimed that you can become a weed millionaire in 3 easy steps that include:


Sign Up

Fund Your Account with $250

Get your free coaching call


Weed Millionaire Registration process


After you make a deposit, you suppose to get a call from a coach who will now teach you how you can use the robots to make some trade. Of course, you are expected to make further payments to your coach.


The creators claim that their software has a 99.7% accuracy rate. This means that if you place 10 trades using the software signals, you are guaranteed to win at least 9 out of the 10 trades.


No doubt, this sounds ridiculous. You have to be a very greedy person to believe that it is possible to get a software that gives you a 99.7% accuracy rate.


Overall, the website did not mention how you can withdraw your earnings. It focused too much on telling you how much you can make just by investing $250 into weed trading.


Of course, I personally suspected this is a red flag which I will talk about in the next section.


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Ugly Truth About Weed Millionaire

Weed Millionaire has so many red flags which is why I researched further and noticed that the program has some ugly reputation.


This is not the first CFD trading software to claim you can make millions of dollars. Unfortunately, most of these programs have already crashed.


Despite the hype, I believe that it is only a matter of time before this program will crash too. Some important red flags you should take note of include:


No Creator Mentioned

This is the first red flag. Most scam programs don’t usually reveal the name of the person or persons behind the program. In some cases, they use fake profiles.


In the case of Weed Millionaire, there is nowhere on the website that you will see the name of the guy that created this software. Thus, there is basically no one you can hold accountable in the case you lost your money in the program.


Too Much Emphasis On Deposit

Right from the moment you log on their website, they will continue to pressure you into making a huge deposit of $500 or $250 which they described as “a little investment”.


In fact, they have a fake timer that tells you to register and make a deposit within 10 minutes or you miss out.


Fake Testimonials

The website of Weed Millionaire has so many fake testimonials from people that don’t exist. All these testimonials claimed they have made thousands of dollars using this software to trade.


With a little research, I discovered that none of these people actually exist. This is a huge red flag which suggests that the program is a scam.


Indicators Instead of Signals

In the first place, Weed Millionaire is not even a trading program although it claimed to be so. The only thing you will get when you invest in the program is a bunch of indicators combined together to some gambling in the market.


What I Like About Weed Millionaire

Honestly, I don’t like anything about the program. They have some well-designed landing page.


However, since I’m already experienced in online marketing, I was able to detect right away that the program is not what it claims to be.


During my review, I cannot see any opportunity to make money with this program. In my opinion, you will be losing money if you decide to go ahead and invest in the program.


Is Weed Millionaire a Scam?

Yes! I believe that Weed Millionaire is a scam. I have seen so many scams like this one and Weed Millionaire is not even different from them.


If you invest in the program, the only thing that you will be getting is just a bunch of indicators you can use for online gambling.


Apart from it, there is no way you can make money with Weed Millionaire. I’m very much convinced that it is only a matter of time before this program will crash.


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Weed Milloionaire






Overall Quality



  • None


  • No creator mention.
  • Too much emphasize on deposit.
  • Fake testimonials.

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