Is Wealth Academy Scam? Is This Program Worth Its Price?

Is Wealth Academy Scam?



If you search Google using the terms “wealth academy”, you will be given hundreds of results and the most prominent results would point you towards Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy. But that is not the product I am reviewing. This Wealth Academy is a different product. Yes, a similar name, but is actually very different. It is a ClickBank product that is slowly building its popularity because of how cheap and insightful it is.


This product claims to have found a new way to make money online by providing you with this “one unique” way of gaming the system. They claim that their “one cash-rich website” method is enough to help make its members anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 per day. That is a huge claim, and they better have enough proof because if that is indeed true, then this program should be a must-have for any marketers out there. So today, we are going to look into the program to see if any of its claims, especially the one with $8,000 claim attached to it, have merits to them. We’re going to dive deep into the platform to see how it operates and make an assessment based on that.


Now, for the full review, read on below.


What Is Wealth Academy?


Wealth Academy is a digital training module or resource that teaches its users how to make money using affiliate marketing. Earning through affiliate marketing is actually very straightforward because the idea is very simple – you get a unique code (affiliate link) and every time someone buys using that code, you get a commission. This has been around for ages, even when we’re still using the barter system. Only now it has a different name because it’s using the internet instead of a mortar and brick store. Think of it this way, you basically direct someone to a store and the store pays you a commission – that’s affiliate marketing, but this time, it’s done online.


The focus of the program is to make money using Amazon Associates platform using different strategies that highlight social media use and increase conversion rates. Basically, the aim is to make your marketing stand out from the rest by using different metrics to ensure its success. The training materials are given in video and PDF format which is quite handy because you can take them anywhere you go.


The Mind Behind Wealth Academy


Again, this is a different kind of Wealth Academy and not the one with Adam Khoo. This Wealth Academy is owned by a guy named “Richard.” Now, you may wonder if that’s all his name – and the answer is yes. As far as we know, that’s his name. His only name. I am almost certain that it is just an alias to hide his real identity. We’re not even sure if the owner is a “he.” For all we know, it could be some paid actor bought from Fiverr or any other service websites.


It sure does raise some red flags because a company that doesn’t have any real owner can’t really inspire confidence now, can it? To be fair, some legit companies still use aliases for the real owners as some sort of precaution but it does make the company look suspicious. If the owners don’t want their identity exposed, they should accept the fact that there would be questions regarding the legitimacy of their item.


How Do You Make Money Using Wealth Academy?


Wealth Academy isn’t exactly a program designed to make you money, like an automated sales app or something. It’s a training program that will teach you how to make money using affiliate marketing. The idea is you will use what you’ve learned from their product in your quest to make money online. The work is still up to you.


So, to answer the question – you don’t actually make money just by using Wealth Academy. You will make money once you applied the knowledge you got from Wealth Academy.



Honest Thoughts On Wealth Academy


  1. Very cheap program (if you can avail of their special promo of $3)


For that price, you are definitely getting a lot of materials back. I can’t say that on any similar programs because they don’t offer their products this cheap. This makes you rethink the real price range is for all those affiliate marketing programs. If this company can make a product this cheap, how come everybody else is charging 10x more? But of course, the answer will always be because other companies value their product more than $3. That’s not saying that this product is garbage – it is not. It just makes you wonder is all.


wealth academy


  1. Actually has some solid advice and tips in there


While some parts of the training modules need an update, there are some good parts in it. I’ve been in this business for longer than I can remember and I was still able to pick up some tips here and there. Granted, some of the tips are really just common-sense tips that everyone should already know, but being reminded doesn’t hurt. Overall, there is some value to the training materials, and for the discounted price, it’s almost like a steal.


A portion of the training module that I found particularly useful is about social media advertising. They tackle a lot of the issues that many business owners have been experiencing when promoting their brand on social media. They echo a lot of the problems and offer quite an insightful solution that you’d almost feel bad for not thinking about it first. That’s the beauty of this beginner-friendly program – it packages the bigger issues into these tiny digestible sizes that could easily be understood by anyone.


  1. A bit misleading on the sales page


From their landing page, they make it seem like everything would be a cakewalk. Clearly, it’s not. Making money using the internet is tough, and it will only be tougher if you believe their misleading sales talk. Don’t believe that you will get the ability to amass wealth because of some “secret” they tell you. All of it is just talk designed to get you hyped up. The reality is earning using the internet is a tough business, and it’s important that it gets drilled into your brain early on.


wealth academy scam


  1. Some of the training materials need an update


There are some tips inside their training modules that seriously need an update. Some of the stuff that’s in there is already dated by a decade, and that’s not good even for the price of $3. Because of that, some portions of their training materials should be skipped altogether to make the piece more cohesive.



How Much Does Wealth Academy Cost?


Wealth Academy is a relatively cheap program that costs around $24.95 exclusive of tax. But if you do this one trick, you can save yourself a good chunk of the payment and only pay $3 for lifetime access. Here’s what you need to do. You need to move your mouse to the exit sales which will then trigger a “special offer” that costs only $3.


Most companies use some variation of this tactic wherein they would give you an offer you can’t refuse. Most of the time, however, the special offer isn’t much different from the original offer which makes it quite easy to refuse. This time though, the jump from $25 to $3 is enough to make me notice, and actually, consider buying the program right away. It’s definitely an effective method of getting sales.


So, To Answer The Question – Is Wealth Academy Scam?


It’s not a SCAM.


You get something of value when you subscribe to their services, and depending on your outlook, their service could offer a lot of value. I would argue that for $3 (if the “hack” still works), it certainly offers some kind of value. The $3 offer is hard to pass up.


But if I were being honest here, I’ve seen better programs. They’re pricier, don’t get me wrong, but they do offer a lot more value than this program. If you are a complete beginner, you can never go wrong with this product. It’s very cheap. It contains a lot of information. And offers a great jumping-off point for any beginners out there. For intermediate users though, you will find the information inside the training modules a bit old and dated. You will have a better time using alternative programs like Wealthy Affiliates and other more detail-oriented affiliate marketing programs.


I am saying this as a full-time affiliate marketer, and not just some random internet stranger – you’re better off using other programs if you are serious in making money online. This is my full-time job and in all the years I’ve waded through the internet, I can only seriously recommend a handful of programs that have helped me earn a respectable amount of money. I won’t say the name of the product here but I will put the link down below if you want to check it out.


My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program

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