Is Wake Up To Cash A Scam? Are You Sleeping On This Platform?

Is Wake Up To Cash A Scam?


Today, I am going to review another website that makes big claims on how it can help you earn big money through automation and nothing else. They claim that you don’t even have to do much of anything but they can guarantee you a success rate of 100%. Obviously, this sounds ridiculous but since this is a review website, before we make any sort of conclusion with regards to the program, we’re going to first examine the inner workings of this platform and make our verdict based on that. The name of the program is Wake Up To Cash.


Wake Up To Cash, just like its many contemporaries, makes ridiculous claims – this one claiming to help earn your $397 per day, all of it online, 100% guaranteed. I will jump the gun on this one and tell you now that this figure isn’t possible at all. I’ve seen many products claim even a fraction of that and nothing was worth checking out. This one does not look so different at all.


Wake Up To Cash certainly looks like a scam website but it would do me no good if I won’t be able to substantiate my claim. After all, I am all for unbiased reporting and I can only do that if I dive deep into the inner workings of this program. We’re going to research the origin of this company, its compensation plan, feedbacks and reviews, and many other things that would paint us a good picture of what this company is all about.


Welcome to my full review of Wake Up To Cash.


What Exactly Is The Wake Up To Cash System?


Wake Up To Cash System is yet another “big claim” marketing system that is being advertised on all social media platforms. The taglines seem to have the words “secret” and “earn online” in there, which to be honest, makes the whole thing more intriguing. Once you click into any of their ads, you will be taken into their landing page which you will present or sold with the “earn $397 per day” sales pitch. It’s a pretty traditional marketing gimmick as far as gimmicks go. It follows a certain formula that many other similar marketing systems have used over the years.


Perhaps the only real unique thing about this company is it’s the somehow mediocre number, at only $397 per day. Most websites that have used the same template for their marketing use north of $500 per day as their main selling point. Other than that, Wake Up To Cash is designed just like any other hit-and-run marketing systems out there on the market.


As for its background, this system was put together by a guy named James Wendell. But upon closer inspection, you will learn that James Wendell is in fact not a real person but only a person built to give a face to the program, and to make it seem like a legit program even when it’s not. It’s the first real red flag of this program, and there are plenty more of that.


The Mind Behind The Wake Up To Cash System


As I’ve said, James Wendell is the creator of the program but actually isn’t. It’s a lot more complicated than that. James Wendell is not a real person and only a figment of the imagination of the real creator, Corey Lewis. Corey Lewis is a known internet marketer that frequents several internet marketing forums.


The reason I know that this is Corey’s product is the fact that he accidentally left out his personal YouTube channel on the about page of this website – talk about outing yourself. From then on, you can clearly see that he is promoting that product on his personal YouTube page which does not looks natural at all. Also, he also has several products that are out similar to this one so it’s within the realm of possibility that he owns this platform. I’m actually pretty sure he owns this one.


What Does Wake Up To Cash Really Do?


The truth of the matter is, there’s not much is known of what is the true nature of this program. Some are saying that it is an affiliate marketing training guide but I can’t really call it that. It’s like a website that promises you tons of cash only if you buy your way into the program. What this means is you will need to pay them a fee for them to teach you how to earn easy money. Once you pay though, they suddenly will have another “secret” up their sleeve wherein you need to pay another fee on top of the first one you just made. This goes on for as long as you keep paying them or until you realize you’ve been suckered out of your money.


How Much To Join This Platform?


The cost of joining this program is $47 but that isn’t telling you the whole story. The better phrasing would be “it starts at $47.”


You will receive training modules and videos for this basic package but you will soon run into some roadblock. When this time comes, you will need to pay for a coaching session to get you out of the slump. Can you already see where I’m going with this?


Ultimately, this will happen again and again until you notice that you are spending way more than the $47/month you’ve been promised. And I’m not talking about twice or thrice that – I’m talking about potentially spending $10,000 for their products. It’s absurd. This can’t be called upsell because upsells actually shows you how much you will spend. This method is much more sinister. They would introduce hurdles into their programs to make sure their members get roped into buying more of their product. After all, if they’re already in too deep, what’s a thousand dollars more, right?


Red Flags About This Company


Fake Testimonials


Fake Testimonials are rampant in this industry simply because of the fact that members would not talk very kindly about this company from their experience. The only people that will talk positive about this company are those paid for by them. As you can see from the screenshots, all the positive reviews are created using Fiverr’s services.


  • Misleading Claims


I’ve never actually reviewed a single program that came close to fulfilling their outrageous claims. These hundred dollars per day online work rarely work especially if they claim to do it automatically. In my experience, in order to get to earning that much, you will need to put in the effort. Those numbers aren’t possible using an automated system, period.


  • Upsells


Wake Up To Cash system is built on the premise that it will get you to spend more money once it got you subscribed to their program. They will always introduce new programs or training modules that ultimately costs more. They will make it seem like you’re missing out if you skip on these add-ons. This is by design to get you to spend money that you otherwise won’t.


Honest Thoughts About Wake Up To Cash


This program certainly looks like any other program on the market, and those similar programs aren’t exactly good either, which means that his program isn’t good as well. There are a lot of better alternatives you can find on the internet. It just so happened that this program gets a lot of exposure because it runs ads on the most popular social media platforms. They also use all kinds of big claims for their ads to make sure they get clicks.


I’m going to give it to you straight and tell you now that Wake Up To Cash is not worth your money, period. It is built on a platform used by scam artists to leech their members off their money using shady and predatory sales tactics.


If you want to have a better shot at earning money, you need to look into other industries like affiliate marketing. I have a separate section on this website for affiliate marketing but if you want to skip to the good part where I write about my recommended program, you can click here – my #1 recommendation.

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