Is VSN Cash System A Scam? Is $5,000 A Day Possible?

Is VSN Cash System A Scam?


vsn review


Product Name: VSN Cash System

Price: $37 one time fee

Owner: Anonymous

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

Verdict: An absolute disaster of a program



Hello there! If you are here, you probably are doing research on a company called VSN Cash System.


But before we get on with the review, I’d like to offer you my sincerest congratulations because you actually took the time to do research about a company you are interested in. Not too many people do their research about a program they are interested in. And you being here means that you care — and that’s good!


You are curious as to what other people are thinking about this company so you made a quick Google research which got you here.


Fortunately for you, this article is going to offer you an honest and unbiased look into this system. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what this company/program is all about. Is this program for you or not? This article will help you with that.


Let’s start now, shall we?


What Exactly Is VSN Cash System?


VSN Cash System is an affiliate marketing course that claims to have found a way to help you earn money online. It’s a pretty generic tagline, I’m going to say. But that’s generally the trend with these programs because a big and ridiculous headline gets the clicks. Think of it as clickbait.


The main hook or sales pitch of this program is “make $4k – $5k per day with a small investment of $37.99.” I should say that that’s a pretty bold claim. If I’m being honest here, it’s actually not that bad, especially when compared to other affiliate marketing courses out there.


VSN Cash System seems to focus on Facebook ads and other social media marketing. On their main website, you will see plenty of “automated systems” lines which sort of implies that this company is big on passive income.


The truth is, there are no automated systems, at least to my knowledge, and I’ve been doing it for almost a decade now. If automated money-making systems are legit, no one would be poor as everyone would be using that. Think about that.


What Exactly Does VSN Cash System Do?


As I was saying, automated systems are a myth. The only automated systems I know of that actually make money is bitcoin mining but you would have to invest thousands of dollars on hardware and software.


VSN Cash System claims to help you get passive income in just under $100. That seems a little bit fishy.


I think I dwelled enough on this “automated” claim so we’re going to look into other facets of this program to see how it really works.


The gist is….


You just run ads. That’s it. You run your affiliate marketing links to your social media and wait for visitors to click the link. If they buy something using your link, you will get a commission.


Well, this is the simplest way I can put it. But of course, there’s more to it than that. I’ll discuss it in the next section below.


Can You Actually Earn Using VSN Cash System?


The answer is YES. Yes, you can earn using any affiliate marketing program, provided that you can convince someone to buy the program.


The real issue here is would someone actually pay for the item you’re offering?


For this company, the product that you are going to offer in this program is the very same product that you just bought, the VSN Cash System affiliate course – the same program, yes!


Now, the question becomes, “can I sell this product to someone?” If your answer to that is YES, then you can earn using this program. But if your answer is NO, then I don’t need to spell it out.


Personally, I don’t think you can sell this product to anyone. There are just too many issues that plague this product for it to be marketable. For a product to be movable, there should be a demand for it. The way I see it, there’s absolutely very little demand for a product like this one.


Honest Thoughts About VSN Cash System


This program can’t make you money automatically


A part of me dies inside whenever I see people fall for the “automated money-making system” claims. These are just myths and fake claims to lure in desperate people. If you want to earn money online, you still have to put in the work. There are no shortcuts.


You actually pay for the traffic


Should you decide to become a member, you will need to pay for the traffic. What this means is your ads won’t be shown unless you pay an additional fee to this program. That seems like a bad idea to do marketing because paid traffic doesn’t convert into sales at all.


Big upsells


The basic pricing for this product is a middle-of-the-road $40. Compared to other affiliate marketing courses, this is like the average.


Once you get approved, you will be offered a $200 upgrade and another $1000 all-in upgrade. Both of these offers are huge leaps in price, which I am not a fan of.


Low-quality landing website


One look and you can already see how uninspired their website is. As a potential user, would you actually consider buying something for $1000 from that amateur of a website? The answer is, of course, NO.


vsn landing page


Misleading claims


The claims that they made on their website quickly disperse into nothingness if you actually try to become a member. It’s as if they’re slowly washing their hands off all the ridiculous claims they put out there.


The Unsurprising Conclusion




Would I call it a scam? No, but it’s really close to being one.


It actually has some useable information in there but the presentation and explanation are so bad that to me, it feels like a SCAM. Can you imagine a product so bad that it’s as bad as actual scam programs? That’s what this product is.


I would never recommend this product to anyone. If you see this product on your social media feed, STAY AWAY. There are literally thousands of better alternatives out there – you just have to look.


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