Is Viral Dollars Scam – New Program Guarantees Free Money Or Does It?

Is Viral Dollars Scam

is viral dollars scam

The internet has always been a good source of information and will continue to be. There are literally billions of pages on the internet and in there, you will find whatever it is you are looking for. However, not all of the pages on the internet are used for good. The internet can also be used to deceive people for their money, and while good information is available to help you identify these scams, not all internet users are familiar with them.


The power of the internet lies with the free exchange of information almost instantly. But with this power comes a dark side, and this part, you probably don’t know about. A huge chunk of the internet is designed to scam people out of their money. This has become a part of internet culture. There’s always a website that wants to scam you out of your money and you have to know the tell-tale signs to easily spot one.


Making Money Online


One of the biggest scammers is found in the “online money making” industry. If you do a Google search and type these words, you will be rewarded with thousands of companies promising you money just by using the internet. If you’ve been browsing since the year 2000s, you probably already know that most of them are just scam and are only in it to get your money. However, even with the bad image associated with this niche, there are still many companies that allow you to earn money online. The only real trouble is finding them because, to be honest, there’s not much legitimate online money making companies out there. The main reason being, is online companies are very easy to dissolve. One day, they’re there, then the next day, they can easily pop out of existence, taking all the investments they got. When this happens, there’s a fat chance that you will get your money back.


Having said that, not all of them are bad. Spotting bad online companies is now made easy because of many guidelines on the internet. Fake testimonials, fake videos, too good to be true promises and non-registered trade names are only some of the things you need to check when looking for a legit online company. But if you want an easier time spotting an online product or company, you should just read reviews online of the people you can trust. In case, you’re wondering who that is, that’s me!


What Is Viral Dollars


Today, we are going to review Viral Dollars to see if it is really a legit company. Viral Dollars sees themselves as this big Influencer Network that can help social media users turn their followers into instant cash. We are going to talk about big promises because this company certainly talks big!


What Viral Dollars claim they do is they give people the opportunity to get social media users to make money online by completing a series of tasks like getting clicks or referring someone to their platform. All of these so-called tasks are very easy that even a child could do it, which is why it is an enticing offer for many people.


The truth is, this company is designed to get your data and sell those data to spam farms. Those offers for referrals are just them trying to increase the available data on their hand exponentially – and it’s working.


is viral dollars scam


Is Viral Dollars Legit or Not?


When you look at the opportunity they offer, this company isn’t what you consider an influencer network. The only reason it’s called that way is that they claim that they are. But the fact is, they never were. This is a major red flag because this is but a scratch on the surface of this company. Upon closer inspection, you can see major cracks forming through the surface and inside it, is a pandora’s box of lies. Now, what’s inside the Pandora’s box, let’s find out.


One of the many things you will notice about Viral Dollars is the seeming lack of owners. Not even their “About” page contains that information. Usually, this means that the company is not actually legit but it’s also possible that the owners do not want their name being used by their company, which is never a positive sign. In any case, the absence of ownership is another major red flag for this relatively new company.


Another key thing that you also need to look out for are the reviews for the company. The testimonials all look fake as if they’re not even trying to hide that fact. Most of the reviews are just “general good reviews” that could basically apply to any company in existence.


is viral dollars scam


If you are looking for a legitimate online money making program, you should start looking to other companies out there. There are still many legit ways to make money online but from the looks of it, Viral Dollars seems like a total scam. For reference, here’s one of the most raved products available on the market. My #1 Recommendation.


Who Can Use Viral Dollars?


If you think that you can somehow make a miracle and make money using this product, then sure. However, for most users, earning money using this program will almost be impossible. For once, they haven’t actually shown any proof of payment for their members. All they have are testimonials and those aren’t proofs but rather a feeble attempt to make their company seem legitimate.


All of the activities they promote seem to only have one goal in mind. That is, to get your information, in one way or another. One task that pays the highest is the video marketing process. This is where you are tasked to subscribe to their YouTube channel then create your own video praising their company. In turn, you will get $50 worth of cash. Sounds good, right? Well, not exactly because as the time of this writing, there has been no proof of this company ever paying someone for their video.


If you take into account all their requirements before they get you paid, you need at least 30 working days before anything could be processed. By then, they can just rebrand and shut the company down, leaving you hanging with no money to show for your work.


So, to answer the question – who can use Viral Dollars? Only those that have at least a month’s worth of free time on their hands. There’s a high chance that they would also not get paid so keep that in mind.




Viral Dollars is undeniably a scam. There’s no doubt about it.


This company is just a rebrand of a site that was already labeled as a scam. This is basically just a re-skin version of the same exact scam. They just want to collect your data and sell it to bigger companies. This is becoming more of a problem today because there’s a lot of value in selling valuable information and there’s almost no risk involved in collecting it. No one’s actually doing anything about it so these companies are free to roam the internet collecting information in any way they can, illegal or not.


What’s even worse, is companies like these can just rebrand and rename their company to avoid persecution. And because they are only getting information, most of the users won’t chase after them. Most users think that their information as an individual doesn’t offer that much value, and that’s where they’re wrong. Your personal information can tell a lot about you. The companies they sell them to can then use that to influence your life in ways that you can’t even comprehend. Your shopping history can be checked using your online cookies along with a lot more imperceptible information. Using this information, companies can target ads to you and convert you into a sale. That’s a scary thought especially in this climate where privacy is no more.


Overall, you should avoid Viral Dollars at all costs. There have been so many companies that use the same tactic. They promise you money in exchange for your information and will offer more if you can recruit others to do the same. It’s the same story but with different skins each time. If you see anything that resembles this kind of business practice, it’s best to run away from it. You could report the website as a scam, of course, but you shut down one, there will sprout two more. It’s a never-ending cycle. It would be fitting if all of these companies can be shut down but the truth is, they can’t because that’s the nature of the internet.


In any case, what you can do is just opt for an online money making scheme that is proven to work. Here’s my #1 recommendation. Plus, it’s free to use if you don’t have the budget.



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