Is VeryDice A Scam? An Honest Opinion

Is VeryDice A Scam?


is verydice scam


It’s safe to say that most people today own smartphones. I’d even argue that more than 95% of the working class own some kind of smart device. Because of this transition into smart devices, we now have the ability to search for whatever we want, wherever we are. Basically, most of us today are carrying supercomputers inside our pockets – and it’s changing the way we do things forever. For instance, what would require a computer 10 years ago, we can do in minutes using our smartphone. Heck, this is such a unique time that it’s becoming possible for some of us to do our work on our phones.


Considering all that, some companies will undoubtedly see the opportunity and grab it as soon as they can. With the explosion of apps, millions of companies are trying their best to figure out how to capitalize on this. Today, we are going to look into one of such companies. The name of the company is Square Two Inc and they currently have an app called VeryDice which is what we’re going to review today.


VeryDice is basically an app that is designed to give rewards to its users for using a simple roll-dice mechanic. The idea is simple. All you have to do is install the app and roll the dice. You get a favorable roll and you win rewards. That’s it. Pretty simple, but is it? In this review, we’re going to go even deeper and give a big analysis of the program to see if it is worth an install or not.


What Is VeryDice?


VeryDice is an app by Square Two Inc that is available on both Google Plays Store and Apple App Store. It’s a free-to-download app. Technically speaking, this app can be considered a game because you’re basically playing to get a prize of some sort. I’ll explain the mechanics of this program below.


The app gives you the ability to roll a digital dice each day from your smartphone. Each roll of the dice earns you some kind of rewards that you can then exchange for gift cards and prizes once you have enough points. The app has a lot of gift selections to choose from. You can even request a gift card as long as it is available on their selection.


At the time of this writing, this app is only available for residents living inside the United States. If you are living outside of the US, perhaps you will be more interested in my other reviews. If you only want to cream of the crop reviews, you can do a shortcut a click down below.


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How Does VeryDice Work?


VeryDice does not actually provide a detailed explanation of how it works. We can only assume what it does and since we already have an idea of how apps make money, we can make a pretty intelligent guess on how it does it.


Like most apps these days do, VeryDice also requests several permissions from your phones. This includes access to your photos, contacts, storage, and whatnot. If you have no trouble blindly trusting apps that requests far too many permissions than they should, then you should have no problem with that. VeryDice makes its money by showing you ads. It could be an advert of any kind, depending on the profile they have on you. Most of the time, the ad can be viewed just below the app interface, which is a bit clunky since it will open into a new page if you accidentally click it.


VeryDice app gets paid to show these ads to people. The mere act of you opening the app earns them money. The more time the app is open, the more they earn. That’s when they thought of a way to make you linger longer – and that is by giving you an incentive to use the program. That’s were their dice roll mechanic comes from.


How To Start Using The App?


It functions just like any other app out there, you open either App Store or Play Store and click install. The progress bar would then show the installation process. Once done, you can now open the program and register. The registration is as simple as standard as it gets. All you need to provide is a working email address and a name and you can start with the game.


You will get an extra 50 dice roll when you complete your registration. To start earning rewards, you will need to start the game and roll the dice. After each roll, the app will display the number of tickets that you earned on that particular roll. Once you have enough tickets, you can exchange them from products that the app has made available for you.


Take note that the number of times you can roll your dice depends on how many rolls you currently have. For new users, that number is 50. If you consume all of that, you would need to wait for it to refill. It refills every day. This gives you an incentive to keep opening the app every day.


How Can You Increase Your Winnings?


VeryDice usually has daily bonuses and daily challenges that you can participate in. If you join these things, you can earn additional spins which could earn you some rewards. Ultimately, your main goal is to increase your number of rolls because the more you roll, the more your chances of winning are.


As for their refilling roll system, it’s not actually as simple as earning several rolls per day. You actually have to roll a dice to determine how much roll is to be refilled into your account. This can go anywhere from 1 – 50, depending on your luck.


Overall, it’s based entirely on your luck, or at the mercy of the RNG (random number generator) used by the app.


How Much Can You Earn?


This can be solved using simple math. However, I feel like I don’t really need to expound on how I got this number, but I’ll do it anyway.


The number of tickets you earn depends on the number rolled on the dice. Their dice is 12-faced, which means that you can get 1-12. Since it’s a probability problem, we’re going to go with 6. You will earn an average of 6 tickets per spin.


As for the number of rolls you can do per day, that number is anywhere from 1-50. Like so, we’re going to go with 25.


6 (average tickets/roll) x 25 (average roll/day) = 175 tickets/day


You can increase your rolls by watching ad videos. If you have nothing going on, you can easily gain 1 additional roll for every 30-sec ad. That could increase your average ticket earnings to maybe 200 tickets/day, depending on how many ads you watch.


How Will I Get Paid?


The minimum payout threshold depends on what reward cards you will opt to. For Amazon Gift Cards, you would need to earn $25, which is around 30,000 tickets. Let’s say you’re earning 300 tickets/day, that’s 100 days.


The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 2000 which could get you an HDMI cable or a pairing knife. I simply can’t list all of their items here since they are so varied. You could get anywhere from a milk frother to a Bluetooth Speaker. Whatever the item is, you can clearly see its value in points on the app. You can then determine how many days will you be able to earn that. That should tell you if it’s worth your time or not.




VeryDice App is a legitimate program that works on a simple principle of basically exchanging your ad viewing into reward cards.


While this kind of mechanic is not new, I’d still have to give kudos to the creators of this program because they found a fun way to make you open their app every day. If you don’t miss a day rolling your dice, you can earn $25 in three months. That may seem like a small amount but remember that you only need to open the app for a couple of minutes every day.


In the end, the worth of the rewards is entirely dependent on you. Maybe you are not so keen on the idea of earning a speaker in 3 month’s time but others are. It really just depends on how much you value a minute of your time.

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