Is Vantel Pearls A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

Is Vantel Pearls A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

Name: Vantel Pearls

Owner: Joan H. Cabral


Price: $99

Overall: 5 Out of 10

Has someone introduced this business to you of recent? I wouldn’t be surprised if they have.

There has been a lot of noise on the social media and on the internet of recent.

But is this company actually legit or another piece of scam to run from?

If so, we will provide you a complete information about Vantel Pearls, their upside and downside, the company compensation plan and other things that will help you make a good decision.

I will advise you to carefully read the review, to find out whether you will actually make money or if you are better off exploring other options to Making Money From Home.


What Is Vantel Pearls All About?

This company is founded by Joan Hartel Cabral around 1990. The company is situated in Massachusetts, United States.

We discovered from our research that Cabral was on a vacation to Hawaii around 1987 when the business idea of selling Pearl Oyster comes to her.

It was gathered that she initially started a shop and later turn to a company called Vantel Pearls.

This company is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that sells shell oyster, and when you buy the company, Pearl Discovery Kit, you will be given oyster and pendant and you required to open the Oyster to see another surprise, which is the pearl inside of it.

The Heat Cage Pearl Discovery Kit is priced at $49, but the canned oysters and a pearl go for $5-8 price range on Amazon and eBay, so why is the same product as expensive as $49 with Vantel Pearls?

Who will like to waste his money when they can get the same product cheaper?

Maybe those that don’t have the idea that same product is available for less than the price the company is given it.

This is why it will be difficult to sell the product from this company on time due to their high price.

Vantel Pearls also sells necklaces, earrings, jewelry like bracelets, and anklets but still overpriced.


What Is Vantel Pearls Products?

What do Vantel Pearls’ has to offer to the market, the company sells oyster that contains a pearl. They come with different kits with the pearls included.

Vantel Pearls gives an instruction on how you can open it, and it’s very easy once you follow the steps on the guide.

And, if you retrieve it you can fix it into the pendant you got. Heart Cage Pearl Discovery Kit goes for $49 on the Vantel Pearls website.

Apart from their discovery kit, they also offer jewelry, necklace, and earring.



The Cost Of Joining Vantel Pearls?

If you will love to join Vantel Pearl’s affiliates. You will be required to pay a membership fee of $99, which is all they will require from you.


How Do You Earn From Vantel Pearls?

To start earning from this company you will need to join the company with a membership fee of $99. Then you will be able to earn by recruiting others and selling the company products.

See The Following Detailed Structure Below.

The plan to earn from the company is as simple as that. I was surprised when I discovered that you need to make a minimum of $500 worth of sales per month for two months consecutively to be to start earning as the Affiliate of the company.

They also require you to book about three host parties immediately you join in the next 35 days.

Actually, they think this will help you sell their products, but it’s up to you to decide if you will work with them or not.

You are eligible to earn up to 25% on all the products you sell. If you sell $200 worth of products, you are eligible to earn $50 flat commission.

However, the more people you recruit the more money you also make. Below is a various process you earn from Vantel Pearls:

Consultant- (minimum rank level after they certify you to receive a commission), you get 2% on level 1 referrals sales, but your referrals must it the mark of $250 monthly.

Start Consultant- You will be able to earn 6% on level 1 referrals and to qualify for this level, you must have an affiliate selling $500 monthly and downline earning $2500.

The Leader- You can earn 9% from level 1 referrals sales volume, 4% from level 2, 1% from level 3 and you must have at least 3 affiliates selling a product worth $1000 monthly and must have a downline earning at $4000 sales monthly.

Star Leader- As a Star Leader, you are eligible to get 10% from level 1 referrals sales volume, 4% from level 2, 2% from level 3.

To get to the position of a star leader, you must have recruited three affiliates with one of them as and generating $1000 monthly with a downline bringing in at least $8000 volume of sales.

Director- As a Director, you earn up to 11% from your level 1 referrals sales volume, 4% from all your level 2, 2% from level 3 and get to the post of a Director.

You must have at least three affiliates with one leader and another leader as their downline bringing in sales volume worth of $1000 per month. Their downline should bring nothing less than $15000.

Executive Director- The Executive Director, can get up to 11% from level 1 referrals personal sales, 4% from level 2, 2% from level 3 and 1% from level 4.

To reach the position of the Executive Director, you must have at least three leaders as your affiliates and downline under them as a leader with a sales volume of $1000 per month. And your downline should be generating up to $25,000 per month.


The Final Thought: Is Vantel Pearls A Scam?

Vantel Pearls is a business opportunity that sells Oyster and Pearls and other accessories and jewelry.

But it’s very hard to be qualified for the compensation plan of the company, due to the high price of their products compared to the lower price offered by other company.

Their canned Oyster goes for nothing less than $49 which can be gotten from eBay or Amazon for a price of $5-8.

You will only be able to sell these products to prospects that don’t know anything about Oyster and will find it extremely difficult recruit any prospects.

The company is like cheating people since you can get that same product and even better at a lower price.

You will be required to invest $99 as registration fee when you don’t have assurance for success yet.

As for me the company sells real products and they are not a scam, but you can get the same product at a lower price somewhere else.

So I will leave you with the decision based on the information we have been able to provide above.
Do you have a comment or addition contribution to what we have above? Please leave it in the comment box. We love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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