Is Traffic Monsoon Legit or Scam?

Is Traffic Monsoon Legit or Scam?

traffic monsoon review


Product Name: Traffic Monsoon

Price: Free

Rating: 2.2 out of 10

Verdict: This program is one of the worst products out there. You’re better off just trying anything else.


The internet is full of opportunities to make money. It literally offers millions of ways to make money. All you have to do is find the right opportunity and you’re on your way there. If I have to guess, that is probably the primary reason you are here right now – you are looking for a money-making opportunity on the internet.

You are definitely in the right place because I am here to give you information about money-making opportunities on the internet. Not just any information but the kind that can help you determine if the product is worth your money or not. What I am going to present to you is a full review of the product you are interested in.

For this article, I am going to review a product called Traffic Monsoon. At the time of this writing, I’ve reviewed close to 700 online products. I can confidently say that I have a good idea of where and how to look to determine if a product is a scam or not. Most scam companies have the same tactics and strategies anyway, so that definitely helps.

But enough about my qualifications. I want to talk now about this product. Is this product worth it or not? Let’s find out.


What Is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a PTC (Paid To Click) website that claims to help its users earn money just by going to a website, clicking on links, or watching a video. Users will get paid a credit every time they finish a task that is given to them by the system.

Traffic Monsoon is different from GPT (Get paid to) companies in that they are missing a few distinctions. For one, their tasks mostly just centered on clicking things instead of actually doing something productive.

Think of Traffic Monsoon as an exposure mill website. This company will provide fake views, fake visits, and fake clicks to their clients. It sounds counterintuitive because all of it is fake but trusts me, companies do this especially if they want to create a brand.


How Does Traffic Monsoon Work?

Basically, you sign up and become a member. You are now part of their team of view generator. Ultimately, your primary task is to view, click, or browse anything that is put into their system. You will get paid by doing so. The payment is peanuts, and by peanuts, I mean we’re talking just cents here for several clicks.

The way it works is Traffic Monsoon sell these traffic packages to their clients like “10,000 clicks for your website for $50.” The revenue will then be divided by all the members who participated. It’s not that hard to determine how small the payment will be given their pricing.


Other Ways To Make Money On Traffic Monsoon

But it’s not all that, of course. They also offer other modes of making money.

You can refer people to the program earning you a commission (a percentage of what your downlines make, which is literally just cents). You can also buy shares of the company which allows you to earn more.

The best way to earn money on Traffic Monsoon is by recruitment. This should not come out as a surprise because PTC websites are known to be recruitment-heavy. If you only do small tasks like watch a video or click a link, you will never earn much. Even if you are consistent with your use, the largest amount you will probably earn won’t even crack $5, and that’s being optimistic.

In truth, your only choice to make good money off of these types of websites is to recruit.


Recruiting Members – Is It A Pyramid?

That is a fair question given that pyramid scheme relies heavily on recruitment and that’s where 90% of your potential earnings can come in.

The truth is, recruitment is an integral part of most GPT and PTC websites. However, it must be done in great balance, meaning that the system should not rely heavily on recruitment because if it is, it can be considered a pyramid.

As for Traffic Monsoon, I am leaning towards it being a pyramid scheme. This system claims that you can make money participating in their fake exposure clicks but the truth is you won’t. Your only choice then is to recruit people and as I’ve said, that is a problem.


How Much Can You Earn From This?

This company put emphasis on recruiting as many people as possible because if all you do is click and watch videos, you won’t earn. Technically, you will earn but is earning 10 cents for half a day of clicking even considered earning?

Now, from recruiting people into the program, you can earn up to 50 cents per day. They place a cap of 50 cents per day because why not? Even still, that is a tiny amount. Recruiting people into a program is hard, much less a program that pays literally just cents. And all you get from that is 50 cents?


traffic monsoon cents

To give you an idea of how much users actually earn from Traffic Monsoon, just check the image above. That’s a whopping 2 cents for almost a day’s worth of clicking.


Pros and Cons Of Traffic Monsoon


  • Fast and reliable payout with Paypal, PayZa, and other popular online banking sites
  • Fast cash deposits (revenue sharing is awarded once a day)
  • No minimum amount threshold (you can withdraw even a cent)


  • False advertisement (you really won’t earn much here)
  • This is likely a pyramid scheme
  • If you are a client, the traffic that you’re getting isn’t targeted at all (it comes from random users)
  • It doesn’t matter if the payment methods are reliable if you have nothing to withdraw
  • Clicking and browsing offers for a day to earn 5 cents is not worth the hassle


The Verdict – Is Traffic Monsoon Even Worth A Look?


You’re better off doing literally anything else. Earning 5 cents for a whole day of clicking is not much better than earning nothing at all. Perhaps if you go back in 1800 where 5 cent is still worth something, then this program is worth your time.

The truth is, these traffic-generating websites are destined to fail simply because the inherent idea behind it is flawed. Let’s look at it from the client’s perspective. As a client, you are being sold on this idea that you can generate 10,000 ‘targeted’ views for an X amount of dollars.

Now, we all know that this isn’t true because the views aren’t targeted at all. They come from desperate clickers, basically from an army of cent-earning warriors. That’s hardly targeted. It doesn’t matter if you get 10,000 views if you don’t generate leads.


Alternative to Traffic Monsoon

I don’t need to rack my brain to come up with many alternatives to this product. This program is one of the worst products out there that you’re better off with like 680 products out of the 700 I’ve reviewed. That’s how bad this product is.

To check out other products that are better than this, you can visit here . Better yet, you can view my #1 Recommended Program to skip to probably the best program I’ve ever reviewed on here. As a matter of fact, this program is so good that I’ve adopted it as my main source of income.


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