Is Traffic Authority Scam? Just A Waste Of Time?

Is Traffic Authority Scam?


traffic authority review


Product Name: Traffic Authority

Author: Unknown

Price: $220 to $4,297

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Verdict: Buying into this program is going to be a gamble, a $4,000 gamble, which is likely to turn sour for you. I’d be wary of getting this program if I were you.


If you’re thinking about signing up for Traffic Authority, don’t go on just yet, at least not until you read this review.


This is a full review of a product called Traffic Authority wherein I’ll discuss the company in-depth to help you know if it’s worth your money or not. I will discuss how it works, its background, compensation plan, and make a just and unbiased conclusion near the end of the article.


But before we continue, I must first congratulate you on actually researching about the product before trying it out. Too many users out there ultimately signs up on the company they are interested in without doing prior research. That isn’t a wise decision at all.


If you want to make sure that the money you spend will all be worth it, you must do a thorough research, just like you’re doing now. Majority of “online money-making opportunities” you find on the internet turn out scam. In order to protect yourself, you must arm yourself with proper knowledge about the industry in general.


In this case, the industry of Traffic Authority is a bit unclear. It is an affiliate marketing training course but also belongs in the MLM industry. In the full review below, you will gain a better picture and understanding of this company.


Shall we begin?


What Is Traffic Authority?


Traffic Authority is an MLM marketing company that mainlines affiliate marketing products. Think of it this way, it’s just like any other MLM companies that you may be familiar with. Only this time, their products are affiliate marketing courses instead of health items like vitamins or body wash for instance.


Once you go beyond their affiliate marketing, you will learn that they prioritize traffic building and business training through the use of their tools. They claim that their tools are going to help you get leads and increase your brand appeal.


If I’m going to be honest here, there’s not much specific information that I can tell you about this company. The information available publicly is very vague in general. They kind of lure you in with incomplete information with the promise of giving all the information once you sign up and become a member.


How Does Traffic Authority Work?


If you know how affiliate marketing works, you must already know how this company works.


Basically, you are given a commission every time you sold a product. You are also eligible for bonuses and rewards if you reach the target amount of sales.


The only real issue that I can find with this setup is that the number of items that you sell is very limited. And you can’t sell these items without becoming a member first and paying a fee. This is where the MLM annotation comes in.


To give you a frame of reference – if you want to sell affiliate products using Amazon Affiliate Program, you don’t have to pay a huge fee to them. You just apply to the program using your credentials and once approved, you can start selling.


That is a stark contrast to Traffic Authority which you can only sell if you pay a fee of $220 (basic package) up to $4,290 (full package). And what’s more, is the product you’re only allowed to sell is just one – this program. Compare that to Amazon Affiliate where you have an option to sell several thousand more products.


Why Is Traffic Generation So Important?


We all know traffic is one of the most important parts of online businesses. For every traffic that you generate for your website, it is an income potential.


Think of it this way – if you open a store, you’d have more success if there is a substantial foot traffic coming into the area. That’s the same thing about online traffic. The more people pass by to your website, the more likely you are to convert.


Now, Traffic Authority promises to make all of this automated. They claim to help bring in traffic almost instantly – just like that. I know from experience that claims like this don’t pan out. Bringing in traffic is not an easy and instant process. It requires work which can take a while. Any program that claims otherwise is only after your money.


There are no shortcuts about traffic generation. If you want to learn more about doing traffic generation the right way, you should check out my review of the program I’ve been using for the past several years.


My #1 Most Recommended Program


What You Need To Know About Traffic Authority


Before you decide to become a member, you must first learn how to spot red flags about the company. If you don’t find any red flags, then that’s a good sign that the company is a good one.


Otherwise, if you find many red flags, that means that the company is not worth it.


For this company, there is a lot to unpack. First of all, it’s a generic company that follows the templates of most affiliate marketing courses. You can say that it’s a generic company that looks like it isn’t worth that much.


What I Like About Traffic Authority


We’re nearing the end of this review. Right before I can give a fair assessment of this program, I must first list the things I like about it, as well as the things I don’t like.


One thing that this company is doing great is they have a good number of webinars. They regularly conduct webinars for their members. I really can’t speak about the quality of their webinars but them having it seems like a good sign.


Additionally, since this program has the same system as an MLM, that means that you have the potential to earn good money from it so long as you have good skills at recruiting. If you fail at recruitment though, you will have a hard time earning even a cent.


What I Don’t Like About Traffic Authority


The first issue I have with this company is the pricing of their package. I will post a screenshot of their pricing below to get you a better understanding of how expensive this program is.


traffic authority package


The explanation given about how Traffic Authority works is not very explicit. It’s actually pretty vague to the point that even after reading their explanation, you will still come out with nothing. They are not very forthcoming in their methods, and that, to me, is a kind of red flag.


They have plenty of claims about earning money, which is not an issue, per se. But it does become one if they can’t provide a concrete proof of it ever happening. That is the case here.


The Conclusion – Is Traffic Authority A Scam?


On paper, Traffic Authority seems like a good program. It claims to automate your money-making by giving you all the tools that you need along with automated traffic generating access.


In reality, this traffic generating stuff rarely works, and it if did, the numbers won’t translate to earnings because this increase traffic is artificial, made by bots, probably.


All in all, Traffic Authority is not exactly a scam. It has the potential to make you money if you everything comes your way. However, that potential is so small that you’re better off just trying out another program. There are plenty of alternatives out there that don’t cost nearly as much.


If you consider the pricing of Traffic Authority which can go north of $4,000, it becomes even clearer that it’s not worth it. And that’s not even comparing it to other programs of the same caliber, which are priced 10 times less.


As I was saying, this has the potential to work but it’s a $4,000 gamble. If you can stomach losing that much, then by all means, go buy it. I strongly advise against it though.




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