Is Trademiner a Scam? Read This Before You Invest In It!

Is Trademiner a Scam? Read this before you invest in it!

Wondering if Trademiner a scam, you have come to the right place. You will learn anything you need to know about this trading platform in this blog post.


If you are planning out to start a business and invest at forex or stocks trading markets, or you are already in this industry and want to get exceptional information about stocks market software and backtesting tools, you will want to read this detailed Trademiner review.


You are probably wondering, ‘why is it important to have backtesting tools when it comes to forex trading and stocks market?’ It has been shown that forex, futures, and stock pairs work in a cyclical way because they follow a similar profit pattern that repeats itself yearly. When it comes to stocks, they usually present continuous returns annually in the same periods. This unique pattern is recognizable in every forex, future, and stock across all prevailing markets.


In simple terms, stocks, futures, and forex follow a behavioral pattern that repeats itself year after year. Thus, being able to interpret and uncover this pattern will undoubtedly help you get the most beneficial future market cycles by examining the past trends and then invest in the best possible way.


What is Trademiner?

Trademiner is a platform that taps more in-depth into the availabilities in the forex trading market. Instead of the program informing you about how to maneuver the forex market, it instead deals in penny stocks. Trademiner essentially sets up a profile for you and then runs everything on your behalf.


Here’s a Quick Video on Trademiner


Due to its amazing abilities, the program contains a price that is much steeper than other forex market tools. Trademiner isn’t technically a trade system platform, but a tool that helps traders to perform research. The program is mainly used in enhancing the traders’ chances of making a trade.


Now, let me simplify this a little bit further; Trademiner, for those who are still in the dark about what this program is all about, it is a unique program used in the forex trade market. The program searches and gives traders constant patterns that are expected to reappear in the future, so you could use these patterns to make some cash.


The stock trade market is never constant, and it fluctuates without any warning. It may rise now and then drop within a blink of an eye. The good thing about Trademiner is that you can download and install it on your PC, tablet, or cell phone. It incorporates an easy and friendly user interface that scans future, forex, and stocks markets historical data and recognize profitable past trends that are likely to repeat themselves in the future.


How Does Trademiner Work?

After installing the program on your device, it graciously scans the futures, forex, and stock markets. It then gives you patterns and trends that you can effortlessly benefit from, without consuming your energy and wasting a lot of time.


With Trademiner, your workload reduces by over 80% because you will still be needed to implement the program. The fact that the program scans and gives you trends doesn’t mean that you will sit comfortably on your sofa hoping for the program to perform everything for you, or wait for some miracle to occur.


Just like other programs, Trademiner will work automatically if someone does not implement it. If you want a program that gives you money-making trends amongst the market stocks, Trademiner is the real deal. However, you will have to determine whether you need money-making trends or not and then implement your preferred choice.


Here’s a Short Video on How Trademiner Works


Trademiner establishes a portfolio for its traders, enabling them to classify their activity as investors and then compare them to the search inquiries. Forex and futures are set up quickly, where the portfolio and layout are simple to navigate and understand, while the search option works like that of stocks. You only need to input your inquiry and then filter through the results to determine whether you need to trade or not.


Features of Trademiner

The cost of Trademiner comprises 25+ forex pairs, 600+ stocks, and nearly all tradable commodities. This program is an affordable option for traders wishing to recognize trading opportunities based on past price history.


  • Trademiner settings enable traders to filter the search results according to the desired trading markets.
  • You are guaranteed the best possible results because it’s possible to perform an extensive search of data patterns.
  • It is possible to acquire a portfolio based on your selected search results.
  • Access to productive and concise productive patterns with more than 90% correctness over the years is possible.


How to Make Money with Trademiner?

You will definitely be able to invest in the stocks, forex, and futures markets and make money like never before by following these simple steps.


Set Searching Criteria

You can select the stocks, create personalized groups, or even select the actives and forex trading pairs that interests you most. By doing this, the program will give you the correct results of the options chosen.


Scan Historical Patterns and Trends

The first thing that Trademiner does is to identify historical trends and perform a quick scan of the historical market data that fits your searching criteria. The searching criteria that most traders define may include the following items: overlapping trends, minimum historical accuracy, particular symbols every month, the number of trading days, as well as the number of years back to get the past trends.


After undertaking the above-mentioned simple steps, you only need to tap on ‘Dig Now,’ and the program will instantly search through the historical database and give you the trends that match the defined criteria. The search results are ranked in a way where the stocks with less investing risks and high historical profits top the list alongside a green signal. The rink is arranged on an easy-to-comprehend scale and with three different color signals, the green, yellow, and red.


Use the Visual Graphics

In order to make contrasts between various charts, you can consider using graphics as they possess additional details. The graphics that one can see and examine comprise of the following options: historical equity graph, year-by-year comparison, historical risk vs. reward, as well as year-by-year trading details.


Wait for the Perfect Time to Trade

As you already or probably know, the stock market usually changes very fast. Thus, you can always depend on Trademiner to make a trade as a seasonal trader. This aspect allows you to observe the markets over a given period and then make a calculated move. It is possible to miss out on the prospective profit you would make by trading regularly, but in the end, you will enjoy an added layer of security.


Trademiner Ugly Truths Revealed!

It Contains a Limited Number of Stocks

Trademiner ignores some stocks such as ETFs because they are new in the industry. The program only contains a list of Dow industrials, NASDAQ, as well as S&P. It is a fact that most businesses fall under these categories. However, it does not mean that traders don’t require other stocks to trade with.


It is Limited in the Mentoring Area

The program may be exceptional in providing guidelines on how to implement the program, but it fails to offer a helping hand when it comes to showing users how to trade in stocks. This indeed foes hand in hand with the forex mentors. With this, the program fails to play a considerable part in a trader, which is supporting the traders and showing them how to go about stock trading.


The Program Lacks Stock Charts

Trademiner does not incorporate a stock chart. The lack of a stock chart is quite a nuisance, and maybe a massive mistake on the designers’ end. This small issue makes Trademiner uncomfortable to use. I am sure that this minor defect will be addressed soon.


What I Like About Trademiner

Easy to Install and Use

This program is a very stylish yet simple program that is easy to install and run on devices in no time. It needs an internet connection for the program to be installed, but I don’t think this is a big deal. However, you will not require an internet connection again to operate the system after the installation.


Audio and Webinars Guidelines are Available

The program provides a series of audio and webinar guidelines/interviews aimed at the amateurs who are still new to the stock market. These guidelines give the traders a much better understanding of what to do as well as what not to do in order to make huge profits and succeed.


It does not Require Monthly Subscriptions

As opposed to other programs utilized by forex traders, Trademiner does not require any payments to be made to keep the program running. You should not worry about setting aside a specific amount of cash every month in order to enjoy the fruits of this program. This aspect saves you a lot of trouble.


It is an Evidence-Based Program

Trademiner does not stupidly guide traders into choosing a pick. It gives the traders confident reasons why it thinks that is the appropriate pick to select by offering them applicable data from the previous stock market records. Most traders, myself included belief in the concept of history repeating itself continuously. With this in mind, the program offers you a firm prediction.


Is Trademiner a Scam?

Trademiner isn’t a scam, but you have to understand what it is and what it is not. The program is basically a research tool, and not a trading software. Traders can use the program to enhance their odds of a specific trade. However, it is essential to remember that just because a stock followed a particular pattern in the previous years doesn’t mean that the pattern will reoccur with 100% afterward. If a program such as this existed, there is no single person that would sell it. Inventers would just sit in the white sand beaches with a smartphone or PC and make millions of dollars.


How I Make a Living Online as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is an exceptional form of self-employment because it requires very little overhead to launch and does not need a person to make, ship, or stock product inventory. Affiliate marketers usually are paid for referring new customers and clients to other businesses, products, and services.


The Truth of Affiliate Marketing

The predominant issue with affiliate marketing is the culture of the so-called ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes that have established around this unique sales model. The notion that affiliate marketing can be quickly upped and with insignificant effort is a contradiction.


A financial gain via affiliate marketing is generally predicated on hard work, research, as well as continuous engagement with the brand and product networks that an affiliate opts to endorse.


What do You Need to Succeed as an Affiliate Marketer?

  • Perform exhaustive research on the history of affiliate marketing and the successful personalities and brands within the market.
  • Purchase the items you plan to endorse so you can individually attest to the quality. Since you will be judged by the items and services that you market, it would be beneficial if you focused on the quality of your personal brand and recommendations and not just focusing on the earning potential.
  • Research all the affiliate programs you plan to join so that you get an overview of when and how you will earn a commission.
  • Start social media channels and blogs to market your affiliate links.
  • Go for affiliate products that suit your niche and match your blog’s content.
  • Avoid depending on social media channels and SEO alone to drive traffic to your affiliate referrals and website. It is vital to understand where to get your audience, where your target market is, as well as how to entice visitors on your website. There are countless cost-effective strategies to advertise your affiliate business.
  • Consider using a funnel system and lead page to market your affiliate business. Prospects can be enticed to your email list via free offers or through links to the affiliate product pages.
  • Always assess the success of your affiliate programs, especially if you have a couple of them. One can use Google AdSense to monitor the progress. Having a lot of advertisements will undoubtedly dilute your site and lead to low performance.

In conclusion, if you plan to join the world of affiliate marketing, or want to incorporate affiliate marketing to a prevailing business, you should remember that it is not automatic, fast, nor without effort.


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  • Does Not Require Monthly Subscription


  • Limited Number of Stocks
  • Limited Mentoring
  • Lacks of Stock Chart

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