Is TiDom Inc. A Scam?- Dream Or Scheme?

TiDom Inc. Scam Review- Dream Or Scheme?

Name: TiDom Inc.


Owner: Jonathan Bain

Price: $2000 – $22,000 + (admin fees)

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

A lot of people want to know the truth behind TimDom Inc., and that is why we are here to give an unbiased review about the company.

There have been a lot of mixed reaction about the company on the internet as of recent.

Few conclude that it’s a good way to make money online while others said they will scam you of your money.

If you still doubt how the company operates, the review below will walk you through on how the company really operate.

We’ll be showing you everything you can expect if you would decide to purchase this product as well as whether we would recommend this to you guys or not.


What Is TiDom Inc. All About?

TiDom Inc. also termed “Time Freedom” program is founded by Jonathan Bain for people who are looking for how to make money from the comfort of their Home.

They are top- tier MLM company offering high-ticket informational products ranging from self-improvement to health and wellness.

They have a plenty of tools, training, resources, and community to help you succeed in your endeavors.

The company will offer you commissions ranging from $2000 to $22000 as affiliates. Once you sign up a customer you get paid directly from that customer after you first qualify sale.

They even claim that their business opportunity will make you six figures every month working from home. That may sound mystical, but is that possible?

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What I like About TiDom Inc.

They have some quality training. You will be taught a variety of marketing methods, many of which are geared toward how to sell other people into TiDom Inc. business system.

High commission payout. They allow you to earn commission ranging from $2000 to $22000 per sale which are in fact some of the largest profits available today in home-based business opportunity.

You Don’t need to recruit lots of people to make big money. With Tidom there are huge profit margins because after your first sale you make over 90% profit you get on each sale you make.

You don’t need a long time for the company to pay you. There is no waiting to get paid with Tidom. When you make a sale, payment is sent directly to you (there is no middleman) so you get paid within 24-48 hours.


What I don’t Like About TiDom Inc.

Their products are very expensive. Paying more is not always equate high quality. There are a plenty of make money online programs out there usually ( membership fee $37 or $47 ) with the same quality of Tidom.

You need to buy a product to sell. You will need to spend money on one of their upper tier mode membership in order to earn higher commission, thus you are investing in the system so you can promote TiDom Inc. as your main product to others.

Poor customer support and low level of community. Many of their customers complain about the poor customer support. To be successful online, you get help when you need it in a timely manner is very important.

Very difficult to get a refund. Their refund policy states that ” No chargeback is allowed, no refunds are given and all purchases are final” After they get your $ and your pass-up, they go into the ‘witness protection program’ and you are left holding the bag in the wind.

You must have people skills. You will need to learn how to bring in others to the system and how to build teams in the process. Direct marketing is not for everyone.


Price To Join TiDom Inc. Ready For The Real Price?

Like most of the Multilevel- marketing programs, in the opportunity industry, TiDom Inc. products hierarchy and compensation plan can be quite confusing.

Here is a full list of the product:

Basic Product Package cost $2000 plus admin fee of $195.

Builder Product Package costs $3500 plus admin fee of $295.

Advance Product Package cost $6500 plus admin fee of $395.

Pro Product Package cost $12500 plus admin fee of $445.

VIP Product Package cost $22000 plus admin fee of $495.



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How Do You Earn With TiDom Inc.?

You have four ways to make money with them:

Earning from your personal sales. For the people that don’t know how to earn with the company, you will have to earn commission by promoting their products.

They will offer you a particular affiliate link with your username in it, to track where the sales are coming from.

In the membership area, you will be taught how to drive traffic to that link. This may be by creating a website with a landing page.

The Traffic you are using may be a Solo Ads or an Organic traffic from a keyword research; you really decide the one you want, based on the earning goals you set for yourself.

The traffic on your link will come to TiDom website in form of lead, which is also referred to your potential customers. And most of those your potential customers will be handled by the company sales team.

If those potential customers buy your products, you will earn a commission based on the product they purchased.

The 1-UP Qualifying/Training sale. With 1-UP compensation plan you make your earning by giving your first sales to your sponsor.

For each level, you will need to give equal commission. After giving those commissions you will now be qualified to get sales from every level that you are qualified for.

The Rollup earning. Roll up is when the sales come from the level you are not qualified for yet. Let assume you start with builder package, and you have sales from an Advance level which cost $6500.

This signifies that you can keep almost $3500 and the remaining $3000 will Roll up to your sponsors.

Personal Team member Upgrade. Your goal once you get involved in this program, you will have to sell the expensive products to others and push them forward the higher ticket upsells so you earn more commissions.

If your team members are upgrading to higher membership package, you earn the commission in the process.


Who Exactly Is TiDom Inc For?

TiDom Inc is meant for those are good at people skills and have a decent size of the budget.

If you want to pay lots of money for the privilege of making good commissions, then this program may be for you.

If you don’t have a decent sized budget and you don’t feel like selling the same high ticket products/services to other folks, then may not be the program for you.

This program is only good for those are willing to take the risk because there is no guarantee for any earning. You are totally in control of what you can earn.

This is definitely not for everyone and the price being one of the factors.


Here’s What I Really Think

TiDom Inc. is not a scam but to be safe, I will advise you to stay away from the business opportunity because you are not actually building a real business.

The company only cares about promoting their own products instead of how you can build a business opportunity for yourself.

Sadly, more than 9 out of 10 never make a dime, but they’ll never tell you that. They will tell you how easy it is. It is easy for them( not you) because they have 500 YouTube videos or have 10 to 15 years online marketing experience.

Do you think you can make a killing with no prior experience?

It’s not very likely!!

If you are really dedicated to making money online, I will advise you to look into affiliate marketing.

Because with this business opportunity you won’t need money that will need a loan to start and even affiliate marketing only needs your skills to build a business that will make you financially free.

Do you have any personal experience that you would like to share about TiDom Inc? If you do so, please leave it in the comment box below. I would love to hear about it. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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