Is The Elevation Group A Scam?- In-depth Review Reveal All

Is The Elevation Group A Scam?

Is The Elevation Group a Scam? In-depth review reveal all

The Elevation Group Review

Name: The Elevation Group

Owner: Mike Dillard


Price: $197 per month

Overall Rating: 6.0/10


Nowadays, the challenge that many average people face all over the globe is getting money and investing. Many people are living a hand to mouth lifestyle because either they do not have genuine sources of income or they do not know how to invest their money properly so that they can generate wealth.


If you are one such person struggling with amassing wealth, chances are you will try to look for a solution online. When you do, that is where companies such as The Elevation Group come in.


These companies will want to give you tips and lessons that will enable you to become a “better person” and “realize your dream quicker.” While some of these platforms offer genuine support, some are out to defraud you of your genuinely earned small cash.


So, is the Elevation Group a Scam? I have taken my time to go through how the platform works and today I will share with you what I think through this detailed review. Follow me to the end for more insights.


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What is The Elevation Group?

Before going into deeper details, I want to describe to you what The Elevation Group is so we are all on the same page. The Elevation Group is an online platform that uses the website URL to reach out to people who may want to amass wealth faster.


The company was founded by Michael Dillard in October 2010 and is headquartered in Austin Texas. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited. They have an A+ rating at the time of this review.


The company promises each of its visitors that it is able to give them tips and strategies that will help them gain wealth in the shortest time possible.


The Group takes it upon itself to conduct research, study how the already wealthy people attained their powerful financial positions and find influencers who will give you tips on how to succeed.


The platform takes the trouble of doing all these just to ensure that you are well set into a financial path that will see you grow.


Here’s a Short Video on The Elevation Group


Basically, The Elevation Group is an online platform that takes it upon itself to give you the tips and guidance throughout your financial journey that will see you become wealthy in as short a time as possible. From what they say, all you have to do is follow the strategies that they provide.


How The Elevation Group Works

I have personally visited The Elevation Group’s main website and I can attest that there are over 20 wealth strategies lessons that have been created by successful people in the society.


I must admit that the lessons and strategies I found here were similar to none in all the other platforms that I had visited prior to this. The strategies are well-designed to help you focus on what matters in the path to success.


Upon my first visit, I was presented with an informative 90-minute video that explained to me the history and the current financial trend strategies. Obviously, this video was there to tell me what I might probably have been doing wrong and what the right channels to success are.


From what I also realized, even though most of the lessons, varied from one another, they all tried to link to one thing, which was; starting small then growing gradually into what I wanted to achieve.


The first thing that I learned from the platform and I realized that is what the Group advocates for is the importance of protecting my money in a bid to create a stable financial future.


Here’s a Screenshot of the Member’s area

The Elevation Group Member's Area: What you will find inside


The strategies here also aim to give the user a proper mindset of achieving what he/she wants. I also found the EVG lessons very helpful, especially when it comes to making investments.


They taught me how I could reduce my tax by over 30% in a bid of realizing my financial dreams. I also found the five little-known secrets about how I could use IRA’s to boost my returns significantly.


By adhering to these strategies, I was assured that my family and I could amass the wealth we so much needed regardless of what our situation was.


Why Become a Member of The Elevation Group?

While you do not have to sign in for you to know what The Elevation Group does, you will have to be a member to access some of its major services. From what I was meant to believe, joining the group gave me access to the following things:


    • If I chose to become a member of the Elevation Group Member for the remainder of my life, I would have access to regular tips and strategies on how to adapt to the new demands and live a life free from taxes.
    • From being a member, I would learn of the assets that will ensure I live tax-free during my retirement
    • I would learn how to boost my credit score and use the resulting situations to build my wealth
    • Within four months, I would be able to increase my score by more than 100 points
    • I would gain access to all the lessons provided by the platform and understand the simple strategies of becoming wealthy.
    • I would learn how to protect my family from any politicians and have an established family trust.
    • I would gain access to strategies that will see me building homes sooner than I anticipated.


What are the Pros of Joining The Elevation Group?

By joining the group, I was in line to receive the following benefits:

    • I would learn how all the strategies for earning more money than before
    • With the learned strategies, I would grow my wealth without any effort
    • All the information that the platform provides are from successful and proven people in the society
    • The strategies available on the group suits everyone, including me
    • The lessons are simple to adhere to because they come with videos and diary formats
    • I would access the video lessons from anywhere in the world through a live stream.


What are the Cons of Joining The Elevation Group?

In as much as I enjoyed what The Elevation Group had to offer, here are some things that I found not very pleasant:

    • The strategies here are not a guarantee that I would make wealth. If anything, they are just classes like any other. It was up to me to grab what I wanted and leave the rest that I thought were not useful and they would not care.
    • For me to access these services, I had to connect to the internet. While I can afford this, I do not think many other people in the world would. This makes the Elevation Group services hard to reach.


Who is The Elevation Group for?

The Elevation Group was founded about a decade ago by two entrepreneurs who were tired of seeing the rich growing richer while the less privileged (including their parents) suffered in pain, fear, and loss during the 2008 financial crisis.


The duo took it upon themselves to start educating people all over the world on the strategies of amassing wealth. They took a camera crew and started a worldwide mission involving the willing successful entrepreneurs to teach the middle-class people how they could achieve their financial dreams.


A successful entrepreneur and online marketer knew as Mike Dillard is responsible for creating this website.


In less than 3 years, the Group had received over 50,000 members from more than 60 countries. Today, the platform boasts being one of the fastest-growing financial education firms. The Group is for anyone in the middle class who wishes to gain wealth and achieve his/ her financial dreams.


How to Get Started

Getting started on this website is very easy. All I had to do is visit the Group’s main website and chose my preferred payment. Two payment choices are available; monthly and annually. Different modes of payment are available as well with the major one being credit cards. I also found the payment process easy, straightforward and secured.


Because many of my audience were pressuring me to do a review of The Elevation Group, I had to pay the cash to see whether the services they promised were available. After making the payments, I hit the “complete my purchase” and that was that.


What amazed me with this platform, unlike many of the previous platforms that I had reviewed prior to this, The Elevation Group was amongst the few that had a 30-day, money back guarantees in case I did not like their services.


They promised to refund my money without asking further questions. This to me was a very good sign that I was dealing with professionals.


The Elevation Group Support

Because I did not want to leave anything to chance, I visit the Elevations Group’s support page on their website. I must admit that I was pleased with what I saw.


The platform has a support team that is willing to hear from its users, at any time of the day every day. If you have a question, you can contact The Elevation Group’s customer care team and they will reply to you in the shortest time possible. You can do this through emails or calls.


If you choose to send an email, the maximum amount of time that you will wait is for a response is 48 hours.


You can also subscribe to the EVG newsletter where you will get weekly investment advice from the rich. All you have to provide is your first name and your email address.


What is the Price of Joining The Elevation Group?

As aforementioned, if you are interested in joining the Group, you will have to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription to access its premium services. For a monthly subscription, you will have to part with $197. For annual subscriptions, you will cough up to $1497.


In my case, I decided to go for the annual subscription, which is by far better as compared to the monthly subscriptions.


Can You Make Money with The Elevation Group

In my opinion, I will say that whether you make money or not with The Elevation Group will depend on how you use the information that you get from the platform.


For me, the tips and strategies provided here are very good and realistic to anyone who wants to find success. By adhering to what the already successful entrepreneurs at The Elevation Group say, there are higher chances that you will you will succeed.


On the other hand, if you are not willing to learn, or you do not take the teachings seriously, you might not make it. In the end, you may have to think the Group as a scam or develop a negative vibe.


Here’s What I Really Think

At the end of the day it all narrows down to two things, it is either The Elevation Group is a scam or it is legitimate. Which is it? For me, I think that The Elevation Group is by no means a scam.


Looking at the services that it has to offer, everything is straightforward. Nobody forces you to pay anything and if you do, you will receive all the services that you have subscribed to.


Another important aspect that I noted is that The Elevation Group has been on the market for more than a decade. Had it been a scam, it would not have been able to stay for such a long time without being shut down by the authorities. If anything, the Group continues to attract more users who are success oriented.


The prices set for their services are also reasonable given that they are in the form of savings. With the 30-day money back guarantee, you can revoke their services and get a refund. Not many companies that are out to defraud people can do this.


Finally, The Elevation Group provides all the services that it purports to. It provides videos and strategies that have helped many people basing on the number of feedback that is present online.


For customers who are unhappy about something, the platform has an ever-present support service. You can either call or email them and you will be sure to receive your feedback within 48 hours. With all these features, I am convinced that The Elevation Group is not a scam.


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The Elevation Group






Overall Quality



  • The Program Suits Everyone
  • You'll Learn Investment Strategies
  • You'll Make Money from Investment


  • Risk Your Hard-Earned Money
  • Take a Lot of Time
  • They're Not Guarantee Your Return On Investment

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