Is the CB Cash Code a Scam? Important Review Facts! READ ON…

Is the CB Cash Code a Scam? Important Review Facts! READ ON…

CB Cash Code


Welcome to my CB Cash Code review!

Has someone just shares with you with this money making program called “CB Cash Code” Or did you hear about this program from somewhere else you’re wondering if it legit or a scam?


You’ve definitely come to the right place because you’ll find all the necessary information to make the best decision and learn the best way to make money online.


In this CB Cash Code review, I am going to share my personal experience with the CB Cash Code with you and some reviews from other users.


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What’s the CB Cash Code?

ClickBank Cash Code is an online system that allows subscribers to earn money with affiliate marketing strategies.


According to the system, subscribers can make money online by selling ClickBank products through paid advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing.


Members have access to free training guides on how to choose products to promote and how to navigate the various elements of affiliate marketing. There is also a tool overview guide that is accessible to everyone on the CB Cash Code site.


Here’s a Quick Video on CB Cash Code

According to the scheme’s promises, you can make up to $8k per day. You just make a few clicks, and you do not need much experience either. You do not have to work hard because the platform will show you how to make easy money within a short period.


The CB Cash Code is a relatively new product from ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate market network for digital products. Clickbank ranks among the top most popular networks for digital merchandise and e-courses.


It is no doubt that CB cash code works and you can earn by marketing merchandise as an affiliate. There are two principal ways you can earn from the site.


The first one is you can create products and sell the products on ClickBank where you are the product vendor.


The second one is by working as an affiliate marketer and earn a commission for every successful sale made through your marketing efforts.


The CB cash code is a product whose purpose is to train you on how to make money as an affiliate on ClickBank. The platform provides numerous products from which select the ones you wish to promote.


Unfortunately, earning the amount the product attests is not as easy as CB cash code wants you to believe. It is important to know that ClickBank is a legitimate network and CB Cash Code works.


Who is it for?

The CB Cash Code program is for anyone who is looking for a way to earn cash. Anyone can join the program and earn by spending a little time on the scheme.


A program is an excellent option for those who wish to work from home, retired individuals as well as stay at home moms.


How much does it cost to join the scheme?

The cost of joining the program is as little as $37. This entry fee is cheap, and you will only pay once when creating your account. The price is more competitive compared to other online jobs.


What I Liked About CB Cash Code

1. Easy to work with

The CB cash code system is easy and straightforward to understand. You will hardly encounter any problems while working with the system.


The member’s area has some easy training guides in pdf format so you can quickly start and find more help whenever you need it.


2. Work from home

If you are employed, you probably spend a significant amount of time traveling and toiling during the day. You also have to keep up with things and people you do not like.


However, the CB Cash Code allows you to work from the comfort of your home without problems. The program is flexible, and you can work at any time you wish.


3. It is reliable

Many people do not trust internet jobs and often perceive such ventures as unreliable. However, this program breaks this myth because of CB Cash Code works. You will appreciate the program as well as its safety and reliability. By reliability, it means you earn enough money.


4. It is affordable

Unlike other jobs, many online jobs will deduct some amount from your earnings. you will not encounter such deductions when working with the program. You will only pay a one-time amount of $37 that they charge when creating a new account.


5. Helpful training material

Everything on the CB cash code site is easy to understand. Once you fill everything, you are good to go. You will find a tool overview that introduces visitors to the system.


Aside from the video, once you register, you will have access to training pdf’s available in the member’s area of the platform.


6. Easy earnings

Earning cash often comes after investing a lot of effort and dedication. The platform works a bit different from real jobs or employment. The notion does not hold once you start working with CB cash code.


What I Didn’t Like About CB Cash Code

1. Take more time than suggested

If you’re outside looking in, the program does not seem to have any drawbacks because everything is very clear. You can work for even fifteen minutes a day.


This seems very easy and fast to earn passive income.  However, you need to be attentive for the sufficient time that you dedicate to the program.


2. No in-depth training

The training available on the website is shallow and only a summary or the strategies, methods, and implementation of affiliate marketing. The training is not likely to help you if you are new to affiliate marketing.


All the methods in the training are legit, and they work. The pdf guide is straightforward but incomplete.


How the CB cash code works

ClickBank Cash Code is very easy if we are to believe their word. The truth is that ClickBank does not reveal much about this product. If you think it is by accident, you are wrong. They just do not want you to know.


If you watch the tool overview on the homepage, you will realize they do not touch on how the program works. The video does not even explain what exactly to do with the tool to earn.


Neither is there clear information about the product you are purchasing nor what to expect from the training. To me, this is a bad sign that should make anyone doubt the outcome.


Many products that resemble CB Cash Code use similar tactics. They claim the ease of making fast money within no time and with little or no skill at all.


The aim is to excite you and lure you to purchasing the product without questioning what you are buying. Think about it, if the product can help you earn $8000 a month working for fifteen minutes a day, don’t you think it should cost more than $37?


What is included in the program?

Four PDF documents

Am sure you are wondering if there is more, but now that is all there is. The pdf provides very shallow training about affiliate marketing and they only cover ways to earn through ClickBank.


The pdf titles are as below

“CB Cash Code Main Guide” this is the main products that cover the basic information about ClickBank. It introduces you to affiliate marketing, how to register, how to select a product, refund rates and more.


The document also covers how to get and increase traffic via methods such as SEO as well as paid advertising.


“ClickBank Cash Pro” -This document entails the main sources of traffic. It covers traffic sources such as pay-per-click, pay-per-view, and email marketing


“ClickBank Book Plus”– This focuses on social media with emphasis on Facebook. It entails information such as how you create Facebook pages and how you can drive traffic into your landing pages.


“ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method” This is the final guide, and it covers personal branding and the various ways you can use social media to build your personal brand.


Well, I doubt you expect that four PDF documents will make you an expert and help you earn $8000 per month. My opinion “It is not possible” The training even though decent, can disappoint.


It only covers the basics of affiliate marketing and does not go deep into affiliate marketing. After going through the guide, you will find no guide on implementing the strategies.


You will probably end up with more questions about the topics covered in the pdf documents.


Is The CB Cash Code a Scam?

Whether or not the scheme is a scam is a source of debate. Here is why I think it is a scam


1. You can earn money on ClickBank

Yes, you will definitely make money on ClickBank as an affiliate. ClickBank has many products you can promote and earn a handsome commission.


However, the CB Cash Code system will not earn you a commission. The product is just a couple of PDF documents. I doubt you can earn the amount they claim by reading the documents.


If you want to earn, your focus is to learn how affiliate marketing functions. Such knowledge and understanding will help you identify the right products to promote and in turn earn you a commission.


The information contained is insufficient to guide a beginner to pursue a successful affiliate marketing venture.


2. Fake testimonials

In my opinion, there seem to be no real people that can boast success and attest the same to the CB Cash Code products. These people do not exist. This is the reason ClickBank has to source actors from Fiver to record their sales videos.


I believe these actors lack any idea about what the program is all about and they have never used the product to earn any cash. The actors just read a script, and they perform flawlessly to make things look as real as possible.


I would expect real people who purchased and used the products to earn the claimed amount in a month to do the testimonial. The truth, they do not exist.


3. Who is the owner?

We cannot verify that the real owner of the product is George Patterson as claimed. Is he even a real person? George Patterson does not show up, and I have not also seen his pictures. I am yet to find information about him.


The Internet does not give any result of any marketer by the name George Patterson. This gives me a reason to doubt his real existence and think it is just a name created for the sole purpose of selling the pdf.


Think of it, as a successful product, a proud owner will show up to market and stand by his or her product.


4. Overhyped earnings

The video claims you can earn thousands of dollars starting the first week. There is no way this is true, and you cannot make such amount of money as an affiliate marketer working ten minutes per day.


They just want to excite you and have you purchase the product without a second thought. You will not earn $80K in a month, this is quite an exaggeration.


Affiliate industry is a big industry today, and I doubt a few pdf documents will lead you to earn $80k each month.


5. The red flag in the disclaimer

I do not understand why the disclaimer fails to mention CB cash code but goes ahead to mention a product called – A product similar to the CB Cash code.


This made me think that the person behind is the same person behind CB cash code and he just forgot to update the disclaimer.


The product on the disclaimer has a very low rating for the reason that they make earning money sound very easy.


6. Untimely testimonials

The CB Cash Code is a relatively new product. As soon as the product was out, there were testimonials of people claiming to have made profits after using the product for only three months.


However, by that, the time the testimonies were out the product was hardly three months.


Here’s What I Really Think About CB Cash Code

I cannot recommend CB cash Code. The topics in the product contain flaws. The documents do not cover affiliate marketing to sufficient details.


The product is thus low quality and does not deserve the much hype the creators drive towards it. The product is overhyped with fake testimonials and unrealistic claims.


Affiliate marketing remains one of the top ways of earning money online. However, products like CB Cash Code make people believe that affiliate marketing is a scam.


The CB Cash Code resembles the many low-quality affiliate guides you find online and thus deserves a rating as one of them.

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