Is The AZ Code A Scam? Absolute Not, But There Are Pros And cons

Is The AZ Code A Scam? Absolutely Not, But There Are Pros And cons!

Name: AZ Code

Industry: E-commerce

Author: Andrew Peterson

Price: $37





Are you wondering is AZ Code is a scam? My honest and unbiased review of AZ Code will expose everything you need to know about this program. I have gone over and beyond to ensure you know what exactly this program is all about.

I’m sure you pretty much know about Amazon. You might have bought tons of items from Amazon right?

Now, each time you make a purchase on Amazon, you are making the owners of these products rich. Most of these owners are selling from the comfort of their home.

All they need to do is set up their store on Amazon, then relax and wait for your order, once you make a purchase, they will ship it out and make money.

Awesome, right?
Now, what if you too can make money this way? Does this sound like what you will love to do? Selling on Amazon doesn’t require any skill. You just have to know how to set up your account and how to ship out products once someone makes an order.

Right now, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce websites in the United States and in the world. On daily basis, this e-commerce website receives millions of buyers.

Instead of just being a buyer, you too can be a seller on Amazon or at least Amazon affiliate and make money while selling your product or reselling other people’s product. This is what AZ Code is all about.


What the heck is AZ Code?

AZ Code is a course created to help anyone make up to $3000 a day from Amazon. The course teaches you everything you need to know about selling on Amazon.


Every day, thousands of people all over the world purchase products from Amazon. Now, you don’t have to own any product. You just need to learn how to promote Amazon products. This course will teach you the exact steps you need to start promoting products from Amazon and making big money from it.


Who Created AZ Code?

AZ Code was created by an affiliate marketer known as Andrew Peterson. Peterson has been promoting products from Amazon. According to him, he made fortune simply by promoting Amazon products.

After a while, he decided to let out his secret for the very first time ever. According to Peterson, he struggled with making a living before he discovered this sneaky way of promoting Amazon products and earning as much as $3000 per day from commissions.

He revealed the exact steps he used in his promotion. If you have been dying to learn how you can make serious cash just by recommending Amazon products, this is your opportunity. You can learn from the exact steps Peterson is using when you purchase his course.


How Does AZ Code Work?

If you have done affiliate marketing before, then you will find this program easy. If you have never done affiliate marketing before in your life, there is nothing to fear, this course will also teach you how to do affiliate marketing with Amazon products.

When you purchase AZ Code, you will get full access to the compilation of techniques Andrew Peterson is using. The information on how to promote these products is in available in the videos. Some of these videos include:


Video 1: This video is an introduction to Amazon affiliate marketing. You will learn how to design a website you can use in promoting a product. If you already have knowledge of how to design a website with WordPress, you should skip this part.


Video 2: This also teaches you how to design a website. However, he talked about using automated website builders which I don’t find effective. Instead of using automated website builders, I will recommend you learn how to create a WordPress website.


Video 3: Here is where the magic begins to happen. You will learn how to get traffic from the software he will provide for you. This software will help you to spread your link on various social media platforms. You make commission anytime someone follows your link to make a purchase on Amazon.


Video 4: This video is summary of what you have learned from videos above. Once you start using the traffic generator to make money, you will need to scale it up so that you can double how much you are making. If you have followed all the steps above, you can start profiting from this system by the time you finish this video.

Ideally, I think the main secret of this course is that you will learn what you can use to create the most profitable Amazon store. Peterson will also give you his auto traffic software which will help you generate traffic to these products you are promoting. When that happens, you can make money from your promotions.


Who Is This Course For?

To be honest, I think this course is more suited to beginners. If you have been into affiliate marketing, you will already know most of the steps taught in this course. The only thing you will need is his traffic tool.

Part of the training in this course is how to create Amazon website using automated website builder. A beginner who has no knowledge of how to use WordPress may find this useful.

However, if you know how to create a website with WordPress, I will recommend you make use of WordPress instead of these automated website builders.

This is because most automated builders create similar spammy websites that won’t do well in terms of SEO. You will be better off creating a WordPress website from the scratch.


What I Like About AZ Code


No doubt, AZ Code tries to teach how you can make a lot of money promoting Amazon products. The course promised that you can make as much as $3000 per day if you follow all the steps recommended in the course.
Other benefits include:

  • Tons of videos modules that will teach you everything you need to know about Amazon Affiliate marketing
  • You don’t require experience to get started
  • It is very easy to follow
  • The program and the software is beginner-friendly
  • It provides step by step instruction, tips, and techniques on how to grow your online business
  • It provides traffic generation software


What I Don’t Like About AZ Code


  • You will need an internet connection
  • You may not make as much as the author claimed
  • You may need to use other traffic sources other than the one recommended here


How Much Does AZ Code Cost?

AZ Code is really affordable. To get this course, you will only have to pay $37.


Is AZ Code a Scam?

To be honest, I did go through this course. AZ Code is not a scam. However, it is not a silver bullet either. Promoting Amazon products is not that easy. Most experienced Amazon affiliate marketers don’t makeup to $3000 in some days.

I found fault with the claim that you will make as much as $3000 per day even as a beginner when you get this course.

However, if you are just getting started, you can apply the steps here and they will help you make some money. It is now left for you to know how you can leverage those steps to scale up your business and make more money.


Verdict: Should You Invest in AZ Code?

If you are just a beginner with no knowledge of how Amazon affiliate marketing works, I will recommend you get this course.

However, if you had prior experience promoting products online, you won’t need this course except you want to take advantage of the traffic tool that comes with the course.

Besides, the course is affordable. You can get it for as low as $37. It also comes with one-month money back guarantee. You can always get your money back if you don’t like it.


The AZ Code At A Glance

Name: AZ Code

Industry: E-commerce

Author: Andrew Peterson

Price: $37


Overall Rank: 7.8/10

Verdict: Legit, But Not for Advance Marketers


Thank for reading this review. Do you happen to have any prior experience with this program that you would like to share with everyone else here today?

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