Is Team National a Scam? Important Review Facts! Read On!

Is Team National a Scam? Important Review Facts! Read On!

Is Team National a Scam?


Welcome to my Team National non false positive review!


Team National claims to be a source that will help you save more and earn more at the same time. The also claims that if you join them, they can help you, your family, and your business cut down expenses and receive cash rebates.


Do they hold up to their promises though?


In this Team National review, we’ll be looking at what products the company has to offer, how their business is structured and deciding if it’s truly a great opportunity or one that you should stay away.


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What’s Team National?

Dick Loehr founded Team National in 1997 as a network marketing company which sells membership to their savings club. Aside from selling memberships, the company boasts a line of private products.


The US-based company sells its key product via the MLM business model. The company is accredited with Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Direct Selling Association (DSA) and US Chamber of Commerce.


Today, the company runs under the leadership of Dick Loehr’s Daughter, Angela Loehr Chrysler.


What Are Team National Products?

Team National does not have a particular service or product they manufacture or own. The company markets an array of products and services from various partner industries to its members.


The company takes advantage of people’s need to cut price and save money. Team national provides cost-saving products or services to its members.


Here’s a Short Video on Team National.


In summary, a discount membership is their core product. The discounted products and services available to the members include;


  • Vehicles (new and used cars, parts and services)


  • Home furnishing


  • Jewelry


  • Rental cars and trucks


  • Financial services (wealth planning, debt management, wealth planning, and mortgage)


  • Insurance services (health and travel)


  • Health discounts (vision, dental, hearing)


  • Business savings


  • Communication services (digital phone, satellite TV)


  • Team National product line


Team National product line gives a 65% discount on merchandise purchased directly from the factory. The cut is available to various products such as home furnishing and jewelry.


How the Discounts Come About

Team National can offer discounted deals on merchandise and services because they leverage on bulk purchases. The bulk purchase is possible due to the group buying by members.


Partner companies reward team national with great discounts for the extra business that team national provides them. The more members buy through team national, the higher the discount because team national will leverage the numbers for better discounts.


Membership savings

Members can earn in four ways

Factory direct

The factory direct bypasses retailers and wholesalers and makes purchases direct from the manufacturer. Factory direct often deals with furniture and members can enjoy up to 65% discounts.


The products include furniture (both indoor and outdoor) spas, flooring as well as saunas.


Group buying power

A large group of buyers allows Team National to negotiate with manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to secure great deals.


Purchases through Team National’s online program the sear commercial earn members between 5 – 30% savings.


Members can also get discounts on vehicles including recreational trucks, cars, and watercraft.


Online shopping

Team national owns a private label brand that deals with consumables such as nutritional products, kids’ products, and automotive care products.


There are claims that members can receive up to 50% cheaper products compared to the average industry price. Members can also earn commissions on the goods they purchase in the Big N marketplace.


Business exchange

The business exchange program focuses on the participation of small enterprises in your locality. This does not include the big stores and popular outlets.


Members can secure discounts from areas like personal care, home maintenance, automotive, travel, insurance, and construction. It is good to note that not everyone can benefit from this exchange.


Consequently, it is crucial that you research before buying a membership to gain from the business exchange.


How you can earn money

Team National allows members to make money through;


Membership commissions

Members can receive a commission of $ 25 to $100 whenever they sign in a new member.


Here’s a Quick Video on Team National Compensation Plan.



The amount depends on the membership package the new person buys and how the member decides to pay. Members can start earning membership commission until the third sale upwards.


Progression bonus

Team National pays this bonus weekly. The organization pays $1500 when both sides accrue ten points each.


The good thing about progression bonus is it the points keep counting and do not expire on a monthly or weekly basis.


The points keep rising based on the points you accrue and those accrued by the organization.


Presidential director bonus

Members can start receiving this bonus once they attain three progressive bonuses with time. The bonus is cumulative despite the duration it takes a member to accomplish.


Team National offers three presidential bonus structures. The structure depends on how much you and your team accumulate.


The bonus pays more for every new person that subscribes under your every month, and this stops at the next person along with your downline with an equal or higher presidential rank.


The Big N market place

Members stand a chance to earn commission on the products they purchase. However, it is not clear if the members can make a commission from others.


This earning sounds more of a rebate than a commission because they receive from a product they buy.


Other income

There are various ways you can earn. A member can earn from his or her organization’s monthly performance and product purchase bonuses.


The bonus amount depends on the member’s rank and volume in the member’s organization.


The Cost of Joining Team National

Team National does not charge any fees for the basic level as an Independent Marketing Director (IMD). There are no charges for members who wish to partake other optional earning programs.


Team national offers two membership packages for prospective members to buy. The premium is a two-year package that costs $2195.


The membership renews automatically with annual usage until the subscriber cancels the package renewal.


The premium package covers grandparents, parents, children, great-grandchildren and five employees.


The standard package costs $795 and lasts for two years. Members subscribed to this package can renew their subscription once the two years elapse. The package cover is limited to the household only.


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Company financing option to boost new members

There is a financing option for the company for those who wish to purchase the membership but are not able to raise the full amount in one go.


According to the company, those who want to secure some financing from the company should consult with an IMD for more information on how to go about the option.


Team National Membership Packages

Joining Team National is not free. There is a $25 membership that the company deducts from your first payout. The company requires that recruits buy the IMD starter kit at the cost of $55.


There are two membership packages from team national


The standard membership

This is a two-year package that costs $795.


Premium membership

The premium package costs $2915 and gives lifetime access to the member. The premium package has more benefits than the starter package.


Big N Website

This is a subscription product available to the members as well as the nonmembers. The fee for the members costs $99 and $495 for the non-members.


The price offers the following benefits to the subscriber. Two personal Big N websites, hosting, and domain.


What I Liked About Team National

Does not vend physical products

The focus of team national is to sell subscriptions at discounted rates. This eliminates the need to manage physical merchandise.


Those who rank as national consultants do not have to manage products, inventories and logistic complain associated with physical products.


Possibilities of getting significant reductions

Team National partners with various product manufacturers and wholesalers. This is advantageous to the members because they can benefit from substantial discounts if they purchase goods from such partnerships.


The owners of Team National promise a 50 percent discount when you buy their merchandise.


Over 20 years in business


The company boasts.


A good rating with BBB

Better Business Bureau (BBB) avails information pertaining to a business’ credibility based on some criteria including customer reviews and complains.


What I Didn’t Like Team National

Costly products

The standard membership for two years costs $795 and earns the subscriber a single point. Premium membership requires a one-off payment of $2195 earning the subscriber three points and a lifetime membership.


The basic plan alone is expensive, and not everyone can adhere to the different levels in the program. Many people seeking business opportunities do not wish to spend such an amount to get into business and especially if it does not guarantee profits



According to the statistics released by Team National for the fiscal year, 2016 indicate that its consultants earn an average of around $500. This amount cannot sustain a decent life and cannot afford to clear off their bills.


Lack of transparency

The official website of Team National ( has no information on how the company runs, the products, services, how to become a distributor and the opportunities for a distributor.


Despite having a website people still ask; how does team national work? The company seems to limit this information to members only.


People need sufficient information to have the confidence to guide their decision on investing their money and time.


Those wishing to join, have to seek information from an independent representative to understand more about the company.


The website lacks a section that addresses the numerous customer complains about the internet.


No real training

The training program facilitated by Team National is discouraging especially to entry-level distributors. The training is not elaborate compared to that of other MLM companies. Members can only gain access to mentors after making a request.


Distributors can gain access to more leadership materials upon purchasing their own website at $10 per month.


Who is it for?

Team National is for anyone who wishes to make some income as an IMD. Just like any other business or multi-level marketing companies, national team members face an uphill task in making profits.


Making money online or in MLM requires you to spot the right opportunity for you. The major problem arises when one fails to match his or her strengths and abilities with the business into which they want to venture.


MLM’s require that one has the motivation to sell and recruit beyond family and friends to attain the desired profits.


Team National Training Tool Overview

Training and Education for the team are not readily available to everyone. New members find it a challenge to get any training from the company.


Access to training is through a mentor who is available upon request only. Distributors can acquire more leadership training tools after purchasing their own website.


The purchase will cost the distributor $10 per month. This is a major setback to new members as well as distributors.


Final Verdict: Is Team National a Scam?

Team national does not sound like a scam. It is a legitimate business that sells membership at discounted prices.


Its members can get significant discounts on products from team national’s partner industries. Like stated, Team National sells its membership product through the MLM model.


To gain profits as an affiliate, a member must recruit new members. This is the primary challenge to many people because of the complex compensation plants associated with MLMs.


Another difficulty in recruiting stems from the numerous online comments related to Team National.


The major downside to this legit business is that it does not offer the much-desired gains from its claimed investment opportunities and compensation plans.


Distributors take the task of promoting costly business memberships for an enterprise network whose returns may not match up to the savings.


Members that want to earn from the commissions may find it difficult to earn back their money.


Some of the bonuses from the Team National are very lucrative but tend towards unrealistic. Disclosure of the earnings indicates that only a few people are successful.


In 2016, around 86% of active distributors did not receive any revenues. Only 14% of distributors received some form of income. This is disturbing statistics without considering the number of distributors that could not meet the criteria to stay active.


Many people still wonder if their products work. The company does not offer physical products. Membership benefits entail getting discounts on various products.


The downside to this claim is that there are very few positive reviews about the cuts. The concern of many is whether or not Team National is a scam.


Positive reviews claim that the company is the best money-making scheme on the internet. The negative reviews see the business as a scam and a pyramid scheme.

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