Is Tai Lopez The ” 67″ Step Program Scam, Legit Or What?

Tai Lopez The ” 67 ” Steps Scam Review- Is It Your Ticket To Financial Freedom?

Product Name: The 67 Steps Program

Website: www.

Price: $67/ month

Owner: Tai Lopez

Overall Rating: 84 out of 100

Lately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet. People are hyping The 67 Steps Program all over the place, including a lot of on social media.

Is Tai Lopez’s The 67 Steps Program a scam? Is Tai Lopez’s The 67 Steps Program legit?

Is it your ticket to financial freedom?

I have the facts!

I’m not a member, so you won’t be getting a big promotion from me here, but rather an honest opinion of whether this program could potentially be worth your time or if this is nothing more than smoke and mirror.

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What Is The “67” Steps Program All About?

The ” 67 ” steps is a video course that claims to teach you how to become successful in your life. It is about what Tai Lopez had learned 67 important lessons throughout his life to become a successful person in Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

Here’s a video on The 67 Steps.

The program is one of the most popular self-development programs on the internet. There are 100 + hours of video lessons lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour long. It contains sufficient information that would help you accomplish what you want to achieve in life.

It is an awesome collection of wisdom that Tai has accumulated over the years from his reading and listening to his mentors.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

He is an investor, entrepreneur, and author. He has his own YouTube channel and websites where he teaches four main things: success in health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Tai is a motivational individual and always chart the path to success for many people. He has lots of experiences over the years and that is why he took his time to speak, share and read.

He has learned a lot from reading, traveling and from sharing with experienced people. He has the experiences of most successful people including millionaires.

Tai has his real-world experience and has witnessed the principles he talks about.

How Does The “67” Program Work?

This is a good and quality program. If you haven’t done many self-improvement courses you’ll definitely learn a lot of new insight. I found the video lessons are fairly informative – both general and specific principles.

Some of the videos were on specific books and how they related. It’s will help you deeply reflect on your own action, life and become more conscious of the action you need to take for a better life.

The 67 steps program is not a get rich quick scheme- the content provided is legit although Tai talks a bit much and not always stick to the topic. This course is geared to on giving you the tools to reprogram the way you think, change your mindset, and beliefs.

However, the course was not really structured and I felt like it was just access to a bunch of videos. It is an unedited and tended to ramble a bit, got off track, or proceeded to anecdotes.

Even though the program price is at $67 for 67 steps – $1 per video, I feel the program is overpriced for a monthly payment of $67.

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What I Like About The “67” Steps Program

  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Collection of wisdom- from the most successful people in history.
  • Provides lots of real-world examples
  • Plenty of detail explanation
  • Real and work
  • Easy and simple to understand
  • Can be used in different fields of endeavors
  • Has useful bonus

What I Don’t Like About The “67” Steps Program

  • It may not be easy to implement.
  • The pricing on the website is not clear- it looks like just members have to pay only $67 for one time, but actually $67 monthly.
  • Canceling- some people have trouble canceling the 67 steps program
  • Some video lessons are long and need to be edited
  • I don’t like his sale tactics- his ads are everywhere such as behind the Ferrari and a big mansion.

Who’s For The “67” Steps Program?

The 67 Steps Program can be useful for anybody who uses it. If you are finding it hard to succeed in whatever you are doing you can go for the system. It contains the ingredients that can help you to succeed.

The program is meant for anybody who wants to achieve success and change. It is not restricted to those who want to achieve financial success. For everything that you want to achieve, the program would provide you with the step and avenues to achieve that.

If you are actually interested in transforming your life, the 67 Steps Program is all you need to achieve that. It was designed in such a way that you can use it to transform your life.

Does Tai Lopez Offer Any Help When You Need It?

One of Tai’s biggest points is that you absolutely need a mentor. And he is entirely correct.

However, his solution to this problem is to sell you a product in which he provides monthly conference calls, which he classifies as mentoring. And a whole bunch of video/audio recordings.

Only attending a live conference or private seminars and dinners are great ways to get in contact with him. Sometimes you may also reach him by email. He doesn’t always respond, but he does check his email from time to time.

You will get monthly phone calls with Tai’s Teams to consult your questions, progress, and ideas.

The ” 67 ” online community is somewhat active. You can post and journal about the questions inside where users can comment and encourage one another.

There are definitely some very successful marketers out there who make themselves readily available to a lot of people in a 1on1 setting, so I know that it’s entirely possible.

Here Is What I Really Think

Now, don’t get me wrong. Not everything that Tai Lopez says is rubbish. A lot of the videos that he uploads to YouTube are absolutely loaded with good messages and useful info.

Overall the amount of information you will get from this program is very vast. The quality of training is not so bad, but the community is little active.

One thing that put me off was the courses are not well organized and some videos lessons are unedited, this may confuse the beginners where to start. So, this program should be approached with a careful and well thought out plan of action.

However, the “67” steps program is still a program I would like to recommend to anyone who wants to change their lives.

If you have any experience (both good or bad) about the “67” steps program, please leave a message below and I will be more happy to get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!


6 thoughts on “Is Tai Lopez The ” 67″ Step Program Scam, Legit Or What?”

  1. Nice review. The program sounds interesting, just not sure about the $67 per month cost. I do like the idea of having the support team, that’s a nice feature of the system. Have you found these lessons to be useful in your life?

    • Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by. The program is consisting the 67 steps and $ 1 for each step.It’s not like other program out there because it covers 4 main areas of life ( health, wealth, love and relationship). I learn a lot from there.

  2. I have been involved in Tai Lopez’s program and I was satisfied with what I learned but I unfortunately did not stick with it. I will say that he is a very bright and successful guy who you can learn a lot from. It has been a few years since I was in and then it was just audio tracks so he must have upgraded. I am still in it(I just contacted them) so I must have been grandfathered in under just the one time $67 fee.

    • Hi Brent, Great you are here! Tai Lopez program is not perfect but still have quality Some video are updated. However, compare to the other out there with the same quality, Tai Lopez Program is expensive where you can get other programs around $37 or $47. In addition, since Tai Lopez program covers 4 main areas of life the information are presented too general then you might loss and sometimes get confused. But if you stick with it, the program works.

      I learn a lot from there.

      Wish you a great success online!

  3. Hi Maun, thanks for sharing your review of Tai Lopez’s 67 steps. I’ve been reading a few reviews about this product as I’ve been quite interested in Tai’s motivation videos lately. He definitely has a way for motivating you with his words, and I think the 67 steps could be very helpful to many people.

    Overall, I think it’s a good program to consider, and I can imagine one would learn a lot from his training videos.

    What would you say is one of the most important things you’ve learnt so far from the 67 steps?

    Thanks again for the review, all the best!

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for leaving a comment here! Many people benefits from this program. First, the program is dedicated only for his employees,but later when they got success they spread these words. It become one of popular on the net.

      Wish you every success!


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