Is Sweatcoin App A Scam? Does It Pay To Walk?

Is The Sweatcoin App A Scam?


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Product Name: Sweatcoin

Price: Free

Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, I can say that this program is a nifty little product that does that it sets out to do. If you can earn while walking, why wouldn’t you?


Today’s review will be a bit different in the sense that it is a very unique product. Most of the products I review are somewhat similar to each other. That makes identifying red flags easier since they follow mostly the same structure. It’s easy to see the issues if you’ve reviewed a similar product in the past.

This one is a bit different though. I don’t think I’ve reviewed something similar. Maybe the structure is similar but as far as the actual product is concerned, it is very unique. The name of the program is Sweatcoin. It is an app that claims to convert your steps into actual currency. And no, I am not joking. That really is their tagline.

To learn more about this product and see if it’s legit, read on further.


What Is Sweatcoin App?

Sweatcoin is an app whose main purpose is to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle by paying them to be active. The way it works is the app tracks your steps and converts the number into a virtual currency that you can redeem for rewards later on.

The idea behind the program is very simple. The founders of Sweatcoin knows that some people need extra motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle. They thought that adding a payoff program into the mix would make people more motivated towards a certain goal.

It actually does make sense. It’s basically a reward system for being healthy. It does make you wonder if there’s a catch for this program because let’s face it, rarely would you run into a program that, for a lack of a better word, offers you free money. What is behind their “convert your steps into currency”? Does this program work as advertised or is it just one big gimmick?


How Does Sweatcoin Really Work?

As mentioned above, Sweatcoin pays you to walk. It’s a mobile app that’s available on both Apple and Android devices. The app basically counts your steps and converts it into a currency called “Sweatcoin.” Once you’ve accumulated enough Sweatcoins, you can convert it to either a gift card, cash, coupon, or donate it to charity.

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There aren’t much technicalities to discuss about this product since the app just makes use of the ‘step-counter’ that your phone already has. You can try to game the system by fake your steps (not advisable) but that’s all there is to it, really – you walk, you get paid.

For every 1,000 steps, you will earn 0.95 Sweatcoins. An average person takes about 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day. This means that earning 5 Sweatcoins per day is easily achieved. If you’re on the more active side, some of your steps would go to waste since they have a limit of 5 Sweatcoins/day.

We’ll talk about these limits in the next section below.


Sweatcoin Upgrades – Do You Need Upgrades?

You have a daily limit of 5 Sweatcoins per day if you opt for the free account, which is what most users choose. If you go over that amount, it won’t count.

If you want to earn more, you will need to upgrade into a Shaker account. This would increase your earning cap to 10 Sweatcoins per day which equates to around 10,000 to 14,000 steps per day. It’s bordering on the side of very active.

If you want to earn more, you can opt for further upgrades. Quaker account would get your 15 coins per day. Breaker account up to 20 coins per day.


How Do You Upgrade Your Account?

The funny thing about this program is they won’t take cash for upgrades. You will pay for the upgrades using Sweatcoins. In a way, it’s a self-preserving cycle that if you’re active enough, you can easily upgrade into the Breaker account in no time, and for free.

The upgrade is not a one-time payment though. You will need to pay a recurring payment for those privileges. The lowest upgrade costs 4.75 coins per month while the highest upgrade is 30 coins/month.


How Does The App Monitor Your Steps?

It works just like any other step-monitoring apps on the market. All you got to do is run the app on the background and let it do its thing.

One key difference though, and I feel like it will be a dealbreaker for some people, is it asks for several ‘permissions’ from your phone. They ask for the usual access to contacts, emails, photos, and many more. Perhaps the biggest ask they have is they want access to your GPS whenever it’s running on the background.

If you are wondering why GPS access is needed, it’s because they only count the steps you take outdoors. If you’re indoors, the steps don’t count. If you’re also thinking of driving around to earn the steps, that doesn’t count either. They check for speed and actual vibrations to prevent that.

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How To Use Sweatcoins?

The most popular use for Sweatcoins is to convert it to actual money. You can convert the coins on your Sweatcoin wallet once you hit the 50 Sweatcoins. If you opt for the cash option, you can withdraw the money on Paypal.

If you’re feeling a bit charitable, you can always donate the money to their partner charity. A gift check for brands such as Amazon, Forever21, and other similar stores is also a popular option for many.


The Things I Like About The Sweatcoin App

Now we have an idea of how it works, let’s discuss all the good things about it.

  • It motivates you to actually lead a healthier lifestyle. Walking 6,000 steps a day is already a great starting off point to be healthier overall. Earning money while doing so is really just a bonus.
  • You have plenty of cashout options to choose from. They have a variety of gift card options that you can choose from.
  • It’s free to join the app. Even their upgrades are free (you only need to pay in Sweatcoins)


The Things I Don’t Like About The Sweatcoin App

  • The app requests way too many permissions from your phone. There’s a big possibility that they are selling your information to some third-party company since they are a free-to-use product. You know what they say, ‘if the product is free, you are the product.’
  • Because of the GPS permission, the app is a massive battery drain. It can cut your usages up to 50% which is huge.
  • It’s not available worldwide, only in select countries. But their list is huge. There’s a high chance that it’s available in your country.


The Verdict – Is Sweatcoin App Legit Or Not?

Based on what I’ve read and researched about the app, I can say with conviction that it is a legitimate app that has its uses. It motivates you to increase your activity levels by rewarding you with gift cards. And while the rewards are not that extravagant, relatively speaking, they are still better than nothing.

What this program has set out to achieve is to make people lead a healthier lifestyle. Did they achieve this goal? Well, yes. They did it in a matter that is motivating and most of all, free.

The only real downside to this app is the huge battery drain. Also, if you are big on privacy, you might want to skip this program for other alternatives. The constant sending of GPS location is honestly a bit weird. But if you can overall all of that, then, by all means, use it as your daily motivator.

Overall, I can say that this program is a nifty little product that does that it sets out to do. If you can earn while walking, why wouldn’t you?


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